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  1. Kohler carburetors

    Changed Price to $375
  2. Kohler carburetors

    Selling as a single lot, carburetors for Kohler K-Series, single cylinder, horizontal shaft engines. 4- #26 1- #30 2- #30 body Some extra internal carburetor parts. Several gasket and rebuild kits. As Is Please email thirdroc17@mail.com
  3. Selling stuff

    I've been told at other places I'm supposed to "man up" and accept disrespect and rude remarks. If that's the nature of this country, then it has pretty much diminished to chaos. I've been told I'm not supposed to express an opinion of asking for respect. Therefore, I'm more set on throwing in the towel, and selling cut up pieces at the scrap yard. I have no intention of haggling with someone with 4 times my income so they can profit off me. Looking at what most of you drive and your garages, I know it's not from my $1500 a month income. I can't find a leave button, so if the moderators want to remove me, there are plenty of disrespectful people who will be happy to see me go.
  4. Selling stuff

    It's those whole bunch of a-holes that I'm tired of. I simply stated, or thought I did, I was tired of them, tired of their games and was done. If you enjoy it, enjoy on. Haggle away. Don't call me names when I don't want to play your game. There are more peaceful sources of pleasure without the a-holes. I'm moving on. When I state my selling terms up front, that I don't want a bunch of crap to wade through, I expect the buyers to be able to respect that, and not bother me. WHY insist? WHY call me names when I stick to my original, stated up front, terms? It's called respect. I feel the only feathers rustled by my desire of honest selling and buying.....................
  5. Selling stuff

    Call me Honest Dale
  6. Selling stuff

    Save Old Iron: Most items bought involves a single price. Do we dicker at the gas pump? Grocery store? Clothing store? NO, you simply buy it at asking price, or you don't buy it. So simple. So easy. So logical. Mike: YES! Has respect totally disappeared? For many, yes.
  7. Selling stuff

    When I list something for sale, which isn't very often, I list it for what I believe is true market value. To list it higher expecting a lower offer is, in essence to me, a lie. I would be lying about the price and it's up to you to catch me and by how much. That is NOT the way this kid does business. I start fair, will entertain reasonable offers, anything else is dirty dealing in my book. Since this is obviously, judging by most of the comments, how things are done, I'm not going to participate. It's that simple.
  8. Selling stuff

    When a polite no thank you results in follow up emails telling me I'm stupid, my stuff is junk, criticizes every thing I have.... I'd like to post some of the emails but they would be deleted. I don't need that, I'm no longer going to expose myself to them. If you want to counter offer a reasonable price, fine,but when I ask for no low ball offers, WHY ask? It's just a waste of time. If it's felt my price is too high, ignore me, don't criticize me. The last item in question did sell. It sold a little below asking price to someone who showed respect. Who made a reasonable counter offer. I should add, there has been a few good people through all this. One guy in particular who just happens to collect Wheel Horse snowmobiles bought some stuff from me during my divorce at asking price. He later admitted to not really needing it. Eventually I bought the stuff back at the same price, essentially giving me an interest free loan and free storage. If only there were more people like him! I'll say one thing, if he ever needs a 520 axle and steering for one of those snowmobiles..... I remember those who have been good to me as well as those who weren't!!
  9. Selling stuff

    Wow, didn't expect so many responses! I first started this hobby over 25 years ago, and to say the least, it's changed. It first really took that first downhill plunge several years ago when I got a divorce and was forced to liquidate a lot of stuff. Did anyone want to help out a fellow enthusiast with some decent deals? A few, but mostly, they wanted to take advantage of a guy in a pinch. I had guys jewing me down from prices that were already at 25% of value. They were only in it for profit at my expense. Now, I'm not in a pinch, but I'm finding darn few "hobbyists", most are in it to make a buck at someone else's expense. No more. I'm done. I'm tired of the "nature of the beast". The nature used to be friendly, helpful, now it's, "How much can make off this sucker?" That's been my experience for the last 8 years. It's not new, it's not going to change any time soon. There are a few good apples left, but most are spoiled. You can thank the rotten apples, they spoiled the whole bushel for me. Ever wonder where the Curmudgeon came from? All those people who made a profit off my divorce are responsible for that. Be nice to a guy in need, don't screw him over just because you can.
  10. Selling stuff

    Recently, I've had several items for sale. Parts, whole tractors, etc. in my ads I try to clearly state the price, it is firm, location, and the fact I'm doing cash sales. What do I get? Low ballers. People wanting to trade their junk. People who say they'll be out, then never show. People who get unbelievably rude and vulgar when I restate my original position and don't want their junk. Therefore, it is most likely the future will see everything sold for scrap. You want a 520 swept axle with gear reduction steering? You will find it at my local scrap yard cut into pieces. No matter how desirable, how valuable, or how rare, rather than deal with rude, lying people who do not understand the concept of a cash deal, I'll take the scrap rate and have an easy sale. The parts, or even whole tractors will be cut up into unrestorable pieces. It's just not worth dealing with those people while waiting for that one, honest, intelligent person to respond.
  11. http://www.20lakesantiquetractor.org/
  12. I don't see any movie below. I would like to know more about those wipers, where to get them, etc.
  13. LED Snow Cab Lights!

    If I said what I really feel, I'd probably be banned... Personally, I expected more of a difference between the spots and floods. Maybe it was the white door reflecting back on the spots? Then you turned the floods on with them, and SHAZAM! LED's still aren't down to my budget, so I'll have keep my snowblowing to daylight hours. However, for those with the budget, I'd have to say 2 of each is the way to go, no doubt. The only thing that could change that notion would be to go out when it's snowing, and see how bad each reflects back off the snowflakes, shortening visibility. The lights on the Freightliner really look good too, until the snow is flying thick, then it's just whiteout. More light doesn't help then, just makes the white whiter. Thanks for taking the time to set that up!! :wh:
  14. LED Snow Cab Lights!

    Dale my Buddy "O" Pal and just think this friendship was forged with a Qt of AMSEARL Cheers ~Duke After a very rocky start , I came to realize it's way better, on so many levels, to have you as a good friend than an adversary. Here's to the meeting of two great minds! Well, 1 1/2 at least, not sure how much of mine isn't burned out.... :wh: