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  1. hello sir, welcome to red square. wheelhorse tractors are addictive....... don't ask how i know. seems a little high on the price since one has a non running engine. without a running engine you cannot test the hydro rearend on the bronco. our beloved little tractors are real powerhouse's you can do many chores around your new property. seat time is always good. however they are not super quick mowers compared to modern day zero turns. best of luck mike in mass.
  2. hi men, i see on some cabs there is a provision for the manual lift arm. some cabs look like they are only set up for a hydraulic lift tractor. are there 2 styles of cabs? thank you mike in mass.
  3. love the exhaust work! tractor looks great. nice job. mike in mass.
  4. D160 repower?

    any idea what caused such damage?
  5. impressed neighbor

    hi men, to pfrederi and wallfish: i know you both follow red square. i spent this fall fixing my son-in-laws wh tractors. i posted pics of each tractor some months ago. soooo.... not much time for my stuff. the C160 already had the plow mounted. the 312-8 has a forward swept axle so i figured the heavy front attachment (snowthrower) should go on that. trying to stay warm and hope all of you are too, mike in mass.
  6. resto parts

    hi men, just got a box of glen pettit resto parts. like christmas time again! i think its great that glen and all of our vendors help keep our tractors going. regards mike in mass.
  7. hi men, after about 4 hours of blowing snow with my 312-8 equipped with a tall chute single stage blower and my C160 equipped with a 48 inch plow i finally had my snow clean up chores done..... or so i thought. my neighbor who is an older gent came over and wanted to borrow some tools. he bought a new carb for his craftsman blower months ago. he waits til we are having a noreaster to change it???...... REALLY! so since both tractors were warmed up off we went to clear his driveway. about one hour later we were done. he was VERY impressed with the capability of our wonderful little red tractors. it amazes me how most folks just do not see the value in these awesome machines. i'm sure glad i have them. stay warm everyone mike in mass.
  8. i use bar and chain lube. anything is better than nothing. i lube mine generously and let the blower sit on a piece of cardboard. naturally it drips, when that piece of cardboard is ready for disposal i burn it. regards mike in mass.
  9. Lake affect Snow Storms

    hi all, a few posts above i thought the absolutely beautiful ariens sno-thro belonged to pollack pete. after reviewing this thread i realize it belongs to digger 66. fantastic looking snowblower. totally old school. how long did it take you to restore it? it looks like new. you da man digger 66! happy new year mike in mass.
  10. Lake affect Snow Storms

    hi pollack pete, that restored ariens blower looks fantastic!!! you da man!!! mike in mass OOOPS... i just realized the restored ariens sno-thro snowblower belongs to digger 66. sorry about that. mike in mass.
  11. Christmas snow plowing

    hi men, just got back from my son-in-laws house. the snowblower tires on the front of the 416-8 are 2 ply. i prefer 4 ply tires but, someone gave me a junk craftsman snowblower. i took the tires off and saved them. free is good. regards mike in mass.
  12. Christmas snow plowing

    to peacemaker jack,sarge and ebinmaine, woke up christmas morning to several inches of snow at my son-in-laws house. i watched him use the 416 and it seemed very stable. i will try to remember to look at the ply rating the next time i go out there. happy new year to everyone. mike in mass.
  13. hello tntatro, when you drain the tranny fluid you should raise the front of the tractor a good amount. i use a floor jack for this. there is a rib in the tranny and some fluid gets trapped in front of this rib. you would be surprised how much fluid gets left behind. hope this helps and good luck with your plow search. mike in mass.