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  1. hi men, several years ago i picked up this bervac blower from another member on here. he said the gearbox leaked. i have been sloooowly refurbishing it for my son-in-law. i had to completely disassemble the blower to get to the gearbox. i split the gearbox and it looked great inside. i made a gasket with permatex. i removed the chute and had it sandblasted and powdwercoated gloss black. i flipped the cutting/scraper edge. i wire brushed the inside of the bucket and gave it 2 coats of POR15, then 2 top coats of rustoleum gloss black. it came with the counterweight kit which you see on the back. i repainted the counterweight kit with rattle cans. i also had to install a new piece of number 40 chain which transfers power from the blower gearbox to the impeller shaft. the chute rotation handle support had a badly cracked rubber grommet type of thing which centered the rotating handle. my buddy harry came up with the idea to use an electrical connector in its place and now the handle rotates nicely. i installed the blower on my 416-8 for my son-in-law to try this winter. i added some wheel weights and chains. i put a new battery in the tractor and did the usual maint as well. hope you all like the pics. best regards mike in mass.
  2. Plow Modification

    great idea! i look forward to your progress report mike in mass.
  3. hi all, need some help from you guys with bervac blowers. i just refurbed a bervac blower and installed it on my 416-8 for test purposes. i installed a brand new B62 belt and have it routed properly per the manual. does the belt go on the inner or outer pto pulley? the belt with engine off is veeerry close to the axle. is this normal? the belt guard looks very cumbersome. wh single stages do not use a belt guard so i was thinking of leaving it off??? any help is greatly appreciated. thank you mike in mass.
  4. Another one pulled out of crusher...

    what a shame someone thru that away. glad you saved it! mike in mass.
  5. hi sarge, sorry i cannot offer any advice, as i've never owned a D series wh. just wanted to say i like your posts. very insightful. i respect your devotion to the D. last but not least i think the dual stacks are way kool!!! best of luck mike in mass.
  6. hi tunahead, what i meant was the grease stays in the bearing because the wheels have a seal at each end. the source is the caster guy.com if i remember correctly. one word of caution. the center hole is 1/2 inch. the stock wheelhorse guage wheel center hole is smaller. 3/8 inch i think. you have to drill the mount out to 1/2 inch and get a long bolt with a smooth shank for the axle. i think i used 5 inch long bolts. hope this helps. mike in mass.
  7. The time has come.

    Jim, wishing you the best my wheelhorse brother! take care mike in mass.
  8. i performed some maintenance on my son-in-laws deck. cleaned the under side and used POR15 etch, followed by 2 coats of POR15. sharpened the blades. i had previously added the back flap to reduce the grass from getting all over the tranny. i also installed these 8 inch wheels some time back. they are reasonably priced, have a full length bearing, hold grease very well and wear well too. because they are 8 inch he can get a nice high cut at about 4 inches in the summer. best regards mike in mass.
  9. C161

    hi all, so after getting my son-in-laws C160 ready with the plow i turned my attention to his C161. it needed a lot of maintenance. the right axle seal was leaking, boy did this open a can of worms. some previous owner had drilled a small hole in each rear wheel,added antifreeze and plugged the hole with a tiny piece of rubber and a sheetmetal screw. talk about hacking!!! so i mig welded the hole and had a local tire shop put in tubes on both rear tires. the right axle had slop in the keyway. the key was good but the axle had .013 wear. i made a shim from feeler stock and now the key and keyway were nice and tight. i believe this was caused by the weighted rear wheels with the fluid. i changed the right axle seal, tranny drive pulley shaft seal and brake band shaft seal. changed the gear oil, engine oil, new air filter with pre filter and fuel filter. greased everything and added some things called wheelies. these are just plastic but, remind me of cragar s/s mag wheels from when i was a kid. best regards mike in mass.
  10. hi sir, as stated above any long frame plow blade should hook up no problem. i bought a brand new, in the box plow for my son-in-laws C160. the new cable style angle system is junk in my opinion. i easily converted it back to the time tested original wheelhorse coat hanger system. why toro put a cable down there for winter snow/ice operations is beyond me. just my two cents. good luck mike in mass.
  11. tiller seals

    thank you for the info guys. very much appreciated. mike in mass.
  12. The Diesels Day to Play

    both tractors look great. any chance some close up shots of the diesel engine ? thank you mike in mass
  13. C160

    hi searcher60, several years ago when i first got this c160 my bud mark filled in some holes on the fender pan and i think the hood too. i'll ask him. i do know he uses automotive paint and clear coat. mike
  14. hi men, can someone tell me a good part number for the seals on a 36 inch wh tiller? i read somewhere to use 2 seals??? facing different directions? all comments welcome. trying to help a friend who is not a member. thank you. mike in mass.
  15. hi all, as my bud harry and i were bringing my SIL's tractor to brimfield mass today we were heading east on the mass pike. west bound was a wh with loader on a trailer around 11am on 11/1/2017. who was it??? just curious mike in mass.