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  1. daughter needs tractor

    update: first, let me say thank you to all you guys who have responded via the forum or pm'ing me. i have at least 2 good candidates myself. the problem is the shipping fees. wisconsin is about 1000 miles from me. i just got a tractor this year from another red square member. he was 500 miles from me and the uship fee was $537. i'd rather spend the money on a very good to excellent condition or recently refurbished tractor for her. i'm thinking $1000-1500. range. i would also be willing to work with someone kind of local who has the time and talent to refurbish one for her. thank you mike in mass.
  2. daughter needs tractor

    hello men, i will try to be specific. i do not need a restored trailer queen. i DO need a solid worker for her. she had a 414-8, so gear drive o.k. mechanical lift o.k. i have a few tractors myself that fit the bill but i will spend some cash on shipping. let me explain how i think. i have never done a nut and bolt restoration. however, i have done many refurbishments. if someone takes $1500. dollars and goes to a big box store you get a 1/2 plastic/ half sheetmetal riding lawnmower. what good is that! NO GOOD in my book. wheelhorse's were always expensive but, IMO worth every penny as they last a lifetime. i may just pull one of mine from my stash and ship. i threw this out there in case one of you semi-local guys had something to offer. she does not need right away. i'm also willing to work with someone out there via emails and refurbish the right machine for her. please keep in touch with me. thank you everyone for your time and consideration. mike in mass.
  3. daughter needs tractor

    thanks stevasaurus!
  4. hello men, i am going to try and make a long story short. my daughter lives in oak creek wisconsin. its a southern suburb of milwaukee. she already has a 48 inch plow, 42 inch single stage blower. she used to have a super clean 414-8. that is gone now. i'm looking for one of you guys who has a wheelhorse that accepts tach-a-matic implements. additionally a 42 inch rear discharge deck with mulch insert would be a bonus. she also likes a stack exhaust! the seller would have to ensure the tractor is in excellent mechanical and physical looking condition. the seller would also have to deliver the tractor. i am willing to pay for this. anyone, regardless of where you live who can meet these conditions please pm me. i could do this for her but, since i live on the east coast shipping is a problem. thank you mike in mass.
  5. 512D arrived today..

    you europe guys are super lucky because wh sold a diesel powered machine over there. it kills me that europe has diesel powered cars that get tremendous mileage and we are stuck with gas burning models that get much less mileage. that belt guard looks like the old belt guard for a C series that had the extra belt to run the rear mounted leaf vac. best regards mike in mass. USA
  6. hi men, anybody got room for a tractor coming back from the big show to new england? let me know. more than willing to compensate you for your time and trouble. let me know asap! thanks mike in mass.
  7. Diesel DC-105 - Sold

    pm sent
  8. hi men, a few years ago i helped a co-worker acquire a C160 with a tiller. i did my best to rig a hardware store system to lift the tiller. any way my co-worker reported that the tiller was leaking. i picked the tractor up and when i got it home i realized this old tractor needed some additional maint. both axle seals were leaking. so i pulled the hubs and replace those. the brake band seal was leaking so i replaced that. oil change, air filter and fuel filter for the kohler. grease all the zerks. then i replaced the tiller seals. next, i installed one of lowells rear rockshaft kits. WOW! fits perfectly. the tiller now has plenty of travel to till deep. yet, still when fully raised up it has plenty of ground clearance for traveling back to the garage. the quality of the hardware in his kit is first class. not exactly cheap price but, you get what you pay for in this life. hope this helps you guys mike in mass.
  9. great looking D series!!! love those front tires. what brand and size are those? thank you mike
  10. Kohler Magnum 14hp Engine

    sending pm
  11. hi jeff, all good suggestions above. the key is you can never clean it too often! best regards mike in mass.
  12. i tried contacting matt. it says he cannot receive messages??? matt if your reading this, how much for 2 foot pedal kits? thanks mike in mass.
  13. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    hi cpete1, all the previous answers are spot on. back in 2007 the last classic wheelhorse (315-8) with a deck was $4500. at my dealer. not many sold. most people went to the big box stores and bought a "riding mower" which they thought was a tractor. little did they know. they thought that they got a real bargain spending $1000-$1500. i'm a horse-a-holic and i cannot convince the average guy that these little red tractors are worth their weight in gold. its a real shame. regards mike in mass.
  14. Ditch embankment mower

    great fab work! with a little thought,time,steel, torch and welder its amazing what a wheelhorse can do! super job! mike in mass.
  15. hi greyghost, i got the por15 products at my local carquest auto parts store. regards mike in mass.