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  1. hi men, i picked up a bervac/bercomac 2 stage blower a couple years ago from another member here. my plan is to install this on my son-in-laws C161. since its a heavy front end attachment AND i have a spare swept front axle assembly etc from a 520 i was thinking of installing the swept axle and then the blower. anybody know if that combo will fit together? all comments welcome. thank you. mike in mass.
  2. The 418 C is alive!

    hello sir, nice deal! i noticed that the rear of the fender pan seems to be sitting a tad low. generally on the 3,4,500 series wheelhorse tractors the front seat mount cracks/breaks. i know because i have several of these and have repaired a lot of them. can't hurt to check. i will be posting pics soon of my 312 seat mount repair soon. easy fix with my mig welder. hope this helps mike in mass.
  3. brake bands

    hello men, i needed a new brake band for my son-in-laws C-160. toro wants almost $80. these days. i contacted bob maynard via this site and ordered a half dozen from him. his price for just the lining is $20. each plus a small amount to cover shipping. the old brake band looked like a petrified alligator. i cleaned the band with my wire wheel. i applied bobs recommended adhesive.(permatex silicone) the new lining fits perfectly. i used some zip ties to hold it together while the adhesive sets up. great product and quick shipping. kudos to bob. mike in mass.
  4. another member on here(tarcoleo) turned me on to some phenolic caster wheels for the decks. available at this website. "thecasterguy" they make a nice 6inch by 2inch wheel that works great on our wh decks. has a grease fitting too. holds the grease way better than the wh wheels. very reasonably priced as well. hope this helps mike in mass.
  5. Wheel Horse Garage Sale

    Pm sent
  6. 414-8 drive belt

    thanks garry, the 93-9808 that i gave him is in a genuine toro/wh bag. just as a matter of reference, what color are genuine drive belts from toro/wh? thanks mike in mass.
  7. hello all, my son-in-law is at my home for a cookout. he reports his 414-8 drive belt broke. i have "in stock" in my garage a few extra belts. i have a new 93-9808 belt. is that the right belt? i hate to send him home with the wrong belt. he lives a considerable distance from me. thank you mike in mass.
  8. hello men, i know winter is far off but, never too early for being prepared. i'm working on my son-in-laws C160 with snowplow bade. for the front tires i know a lot of you run turfs with some roller chain around them. is that real good? OR i have an extra set of ag's with the appropriate size tire chains off an old walk behind snowblower i could put on. would those kind of chains put too much stress on the steering fan gear? all comments welcome. thanks mike in mass.
  9. hi men, i'm due to get a 520H roller soon. was thinking of the vanguard because i know they have "plug in play" kits i'm told. anybody do this? if so, your thoughts are appreciated. thanks mike in mass.
  10. thank you

    just wanted to say thank you to whhillbilly for his tip on wh snowplow skids. i picked up a pair for my son-laws-tractor. i never knew wh made them. THANK YOU! mike in mass.
  11. new plow

    hi men, bought my son-in-law a new wh plow. this is the type with the cable. not the old type with the coat hanger type of pin release. we are having trouble getting enough tension on the cable to release the pin. anybody else having this problem? any help is appreciated. why wh changed the system is beyond me. thank you and merry christmas to all. mike in mass.
  12. hi denny, the rear of the seat support brackets appear in good shape on your 520H. however, often times they crack and break off. since you have it torn down, may i suggest an idea. on the top of the angle iron brace between the pump and transaxle weld a 3/16 inch thick small strip of metal. this provides a 3rd support (in the middle) for the weak 2 rear seat supports.. i do this to all the 3,4,500 series hydros i get. just a thought to help prevent a future problem.. best regards mike in mass.
  13. hi sarge, WOW!!! what a great thread. really enjoy reading it. very professional approach to a looming problem. i like how organized your shop is. can't beat the "wall art" either. you rock!!! best regards mike in mass.
  14. Chevy Silverado owners

    hi diggger 66, you might want to consider a product called fluid film. regards mike in mass.