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  1. Two stage blower info

    Check out this post. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=23583
  2. just bought a c-145

    You need to join a file sharing site such as Photobucket. Upload and store your photos there and you can link/add them to your posts. Once you get your pics on Photobucket just copy and paste the IMG code link from photo bucket to your post. It may seem like a PITA but it's pretty easy to do. Here is a post on how to do it. viewtopic.php?f=83&t=1071
  3. Snow plow info

    Can you post a picture?
  4. Snow Cab Pics (Need-Right side)

    Just a little FYI, if you are able to order part #10752-R (Vinyl Front Panel) it's probably going to be a little bit short of reaching the hood. Not a big deal but I thought of it after I posted. I think it's because the C series hoods are not as tall as the 3,4,500 series. Last winter I sold a cab that was for a 520 to a member who put it on a C-160. Here is a link to the new owners post with some good pics of the cab on page 6. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=23583&start=75
  5. Snow Cab Pics (Need-Right side)

    You can probably buy one from Original Cab Co. still. Web site http://www.originalcab.com/ Email sales@originalcab.com If you PM me your email I can send you a PDF manual. Try the search function on this site and you should find pics of members cabs. Good luck and :dunno:
  6. Sloppy Steering on the 520's? Any ideas?

    Hey Duke, I have a couple of questions for you about part # 6472 (bearing-flanged). I saw you with it in the 520 video and remembered you added one to your 417 to support the steering shaft at the dash tower. Does the inner circular piece oscillate or pivot? For example if you bolted the flange part to the floor and placed a piece of round bar stock in the center-hole so it was vertical and 90 degrees to the floor, would the bar be able to pivot to say 70 degrees in any direction? If so, is there a groove or something with ball bearings or is it like a ball valve. Is there a set screw or maybe a tapping for a grease zerk in it or am I seeing things? Thanks for any info you can offer.
  7. rear wheel size?? on a 211-5 rider

    Have you tried to measure them? You know they are 8" dia and probably 7.5-8" wide. As far as a different brand fitting that is going to depend on if the hubs are the same offset. I know WH is different than most on garden tractors. However, most lawn tractors use similar peerless or whatever rearends so there might be other brands that are the same. If you don't want to measure the rims or are unsure if you are measuring in the right spot, get the tractor model number and find the rim part number. The google and search the part # and see if somewhere it lists the size. Have you tried heating them up then pouring liquid nitrogen on them to break the rust? :dunno:
  8. Sloppy Steering on the 520's? Any ideas?

    Hi Denver, Duke ended up sanding down part #19. Matt had #47 milled down. #47 supposedly comes from the factory with 3 shims #46 I believe. The shims can be removed to take out some of the slack. Matts issue was the shims had already been removed which is why he milled it down. Malmac1 pointed out that milling #47 will cause #15 to sit higher at one end. He said the change in the angle reduces the area of gear mesh and creates more wear in the future.
  9. Seat time with the snow?

    I got some seat time with the plow Sunday. It was kinda funny that while I was running around I was hoping all the snow wouldn't melt so I could plow. I wasn't prepared for that much snow at all. In the morning I had to take the deck and power flow bagger of the tractor still, after I brought my generator to my moms to get her heat and fridge going. Still got the job done even without the weights or chains.
  10. Plow for a Zero turn

    http://www.partstree.com/parts/?lc=toro_co...1-04R10002-0001 Should bolt right up. Quadrant is a different part# but springs and rods are same. I wouldn't mind a few extra inches myself. Have you thought about making or getting some wings made up. I can't imagine finding one of those blades for a good price would be too easy.
  11. PTO load kills engine

    Just thought I would post an update and thank you guys for your help. Turns out it was a case of stupidity and me not looking at the big picture. The problem was there was no operator in the seat when I was engaging the PTO. I hadn't put the seat back on yet from when I had it removed to pull the gas tank. In my defense, I was working on it outside and was rushing to get it together cause I was loosing sunlight. The seat I had on it before must have always depressed the seat switch whether or not I was sitting down. Because today with the new seat installed, when I got up and reached to clear the grass screen the engine began to cut out. I never had that happen before with the old seat. Oh well, I'm glad it was something stupid rather than something expensive. :dunno:
  12. temporary Tattoo...

    :dunno: :wh:
  13. RV Antifreeze

    Trouty, If you are concered about toxicity and corrosion take a look at beet juice. It's non-toxic, non-corrosive and 30% heavier than water. The link you posted say's the cost is very high but it is about $3 a gallon. So you spend $30 instead of $18 but you get more weight and poses no risk to your dogs. Here is a link to Rim Guards site. You can email or call them to find a dealer near you. http://www.rimguard.biz/
  14. RV Antifreeze

    I bet it was killing you trying to decide between a Russia or Chuck Norris comment.
  15. Light additions

    Take a look here while you wait for people to post pics http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/index.php?...highlite=lights