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    314-8 50th Anniversary Ed.
    314-8 50th Anniversary Ed.
    417-8 1985 no engine (Future Project)
    42 side discharge deck with twin bagger
    42 rear discharge deck
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  1. Waiting for snow

    For those of us who do not have a heated garage what kind if charger do you keep your battery on? I have a small Craftsman charger/maintainer.
  2. Muffler

    I need to repair the flange that attaches the muffler to the engine. Do I need anything besides a new gasket to seal things?
  3. WorkHorse GT1100

    Looking for feedback on the WorkHorse GT1100. It's has a Onan engine and is a 5 speed.
  4. New Deck

    I just had a dealer tell me no more rear discharge from Toro. Not sure if true.
  5. New Deck

    Has anyone bought a new complete deck recently? What is the going price?
  6. 314-8 blowing fuses

    My 314-8 is blowing fuses when I try and start it. I was having problems starting it before. My dad took a screw driver to jump to points to start it. Now I'm not sure if he ended up messing up a relay or some other part. I noticed the plug going to key looks a little melted. Not sure If I can check key with volt meter or the plug to the key.
  7. Dam Spam

    When you lose out on a great deal because the response to your email goes to spam. 315-8 with bagger 166 hours for 1,000
  8. 315-8 Servicing PTO

    Any info on how to remove the Electric PTO?
  9. 315-8 Servicing PTO

    I'm looking for some info on how to service the PTO Clutch on a 315-8. This is my 1st electric clutch tractor and I was wondering how I remove every thing to grease the bearings.
  10. Has anyone here ever seen a tractor they really like that is not for sale and you made a offer to buy or said if you ever want to sell to give me a call? I saw a really nice one yesterday driving to work. I have passed this house for years. The tractor looked like a 520. Doesn't look like it was used to cut grass and was just pulling a wagon.
  11. 315-8 PTO Clutch

    The chirping is continuous after turning on the PTO. It just started. I'm going to have to make sure the right belt is on the tractor. My dad has been switching different size decks around on tractors. Should double check and make sure the right belt is on. I tightened the belt, but it looks like it might have a little play in it.
  12. 315-8 PTO Clutch

    Yes I have an electric clutch. I have a chipping sound with I turn on the PTO.
  13. 315-8 PTO Clutch

    Looking for a service manual that covers a 315-8 PTO Clutch. How do you remove the clutch and grease the bearings.
  14. 1594 Belt

    Thanks. I figured it was for a 48 in deck, because it was a little big on the 42 inch deck.
  15. 1594 Belt

    I have a 1594 belt and I don't know what it is for. I have 42 inch side discharge decks with baggers and 42 inch rear discharge decks. I don't find 1594 when I look up belts for those decks.