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  1. What do you have for a workbench?

    You have to over look the tractors but my home made bench is in the back ground with a crapsman work bench to extend it longer.
  2. Love the tips! thanks guy's.
  3. D -160 cooling fan

    After tracing down the wires to it, my first thought was it was wired up wrong, cause someone has done some splicing here and there in a poor way, It was hooked up to the light switch. But after looking at the diagram it does show it being hooked up correctly. Now for me that seems odd, I would thought there would be a separate switch for it or something cause I'm not one to run the tractor during the day with the lights on. But I guess on this D the light switch will stay in on position if I want the fan to kick on when needed. Or maybe I will install a separate switch or could it be wired up direct?
  4. Thanks guys. I do know a little about painting but wanted more so how everyone else does it with the rattle cans. I wondered what was being used to wipe down before paint. In the past I wiped down with thinner before spraying paint but still had crap in the surface. I also needed to know how far to go on sanding and with what sandpaper is best to use. I like for it to look good but I can face facts I’m not the one to work so hard on taking back to bare metal to get a less than perfect paint spray job. Lol
  5. So you work for Eastwood?
  6. How do you guys prep for painting the parts of the tractors? I just want to clean up enough to rattle can it and look decent as I work it. Wire wheel, sand paper, solvents or what ever else.
  7. I have to say that I have never had a 3 point on a tractor before or any attachment for one. This seems pretty cool, but diffidently has to be an easier way to hook it up off the floor. The hard part was hooking up the Lt and Rt hitch pins. I unhooked the sway chains to spread the two lower point arms but still had to slide the mower into them, which is heavy with my bad back! Is there something I'm missing to make this easier? I'm learning this morning how to adjust mower to tractor to use it. I greased everything up I could that moves and turns. Also I don't have the check chains, so how important are they? and how long should they be if I make some up?
  8. 1979 Onan B43M 16hp

    Thank you sir, I have this one but there's no part numbers to order the things I need anything.
  9. 1979 Onan B43M 16hp

    Does anyone have some part#s on this engine for spark plugs, breather filter, Oil filter, etc... I can't find it in the Onan manual. Or I'm not looking at the right one.
  10. 3 point hitch

    Here’s what’s on it now, which is not much.
  11. D -160 cooling fan

    Doesn’t matter which manifold pipe?
  12. D -160 cooling fan

    Where does the thermostat attach to for cooling fan?
  13. What about the chemical residue? will the paint still stick ok? Do you cover anything up to keep from getting wet?
  14. What’s the best way to get an engine clean enough to paint without taking it apart or getting water where it don’t need to be?