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  1. 1996 520

    Thanks Cleat for the chart, that's my main question, could it be one of the relays. Cause its hot everywhere else except the coil.
  2. 1996 520

    No wire that I can see any where close to carb.
  3. 1996 520

    Running like crap. Adjusting choke to make run. Carb was full of junk.
  4. 1996 520

    No just the key was on and it happens right after I turn the key off. 3 different times.
  5. 1996 520

    Ok, tractor was starting and running before I took top of carburetor off to clean. Put back together and try to start and got nothing. Everything has power, ign, starter, etc, all except the coil. So...does the relays have anything to do with it? Funny thing before working on carb, i had key turned on to test headlights and when I turned key off I got a loud bang which sounded like backfire out of carb. Scared the dog out of me. So did it again and same thing. I was afraid that blew something up so I tested coil then and I had power, all was good and I believe I started it up after that too before opening carb up. But now no power to coil.
  6. 6100 carb 20hp Onan

    Thank you Mr. Onan, I appreciate that. Yes I did find the little ball attached to the spring at the bottom of the hole so were good there. And the gasket I need is the one on the right.
  7. 6100 carb 20hp Onan

    I never said I was leaving parts out. I don't know where you got that idea, I'm not dreaming of anything. I simply was trying to find out about it. You didn't see it in the picture doesn't mean its not there. The spring never came out when I pulled the top off. So if the ball is under the spring then it must still be there since I never took it out. But I will pull the spring out and make sure the ball is down there in the hole. Thanks for the help!
  8. A salute to the good old twin Kohlers

    I too have used the old KT series 1 on my C-175 and love it. My property is not flat at all and she keeps doing the job. Although I do wish I had the series 2 with oil filter and pump but oh well. I would wonder now and be scared that treating your tractor correctly and new oil the old girl wont know how to act. Lol
  9. 6100 carb 20hp Onan

    Like i said there is a brass post tuck in the top or carb that gos down into the spring pressing it down. But there was no ball. If looking at the 3rd picture down from top the post on the right gos into that spring.
  10. 6100 carb 20hp Onan

    The spring is still in the hole on the left side but there was no ball. I don't think with the length of post that gos down into the hole theres room for a ball. Is there? I've never worked on 1 of these carbs.
  11. 6100 carb 20hp Onan

    I did find a place that can get the gasket, not sure what the number is but I went with the carb #146-0660 and they pulled it up. $6 and some change. Comes in middle of next week and its 1/2 hr drive away. How much for the 1 you have? Would it also be the same carb on a 1991 520? I need to work on it next.
  12. 6100 carb 20hp Onan

    I was very slow and careful lifting the top off and looking for anything to fall or move and I didn't see a ball. The top has that post that go's down into the spring hole. Is there still suppose to be a ball?
  13. 6100 carb 20hp Onan

    Clean as a whistle now, all I need is a gasket so I can put it back together.
  14. 6100 carb 20hp Onan

    So on I found a gasket that looks like the one I need part# 146-0326 for $16. Anyone know if that's the one that would go with the 6100 carb on the 20hp 520
  15. 6100 carb 20hp Onan

    Does both the valve inserts come out for cleaning ? And can you buy the top gasket without having to buy the whole kit? I messed it up and hate to buy more than what I need.