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  1. Happy Birthday Glenn!

    Happy Birthday, Buddy!
  2. MICE!!!!!!

    I use to use Fresh Cab. It worked well - when I used it. A few things that I found were: don't use a tractor cover if stored outside, replace the repellent every two-three months, and run them occasionally. According to my exterminator that we used, bait stations actually draw the mice to you as it is "tasty."
  3. New shop lights

    Before putting our MD house on the market, I painted the garage to improve the looks. It had a single socket right by the garage opener that was very dark. I did have shop lights over the work benches though. Using wire mold I moved and added two sockets then installed Keystone GGL-50 4400 Lumen LED Light Bulbs with built-in reflectors. For our new VA house, there were four existing sockets in the garage plus two opener lights. For the sockets I used the smaller Keystone GGL-20 1500 Lumens LED Light Bulbs with built-in reflectors. I was just looking for decent illumination as I will be doing a minimal amount of work in there. It is a lot brighter in both garages than the photos would indicate. Keystone GGL-50 4400 Lumen Keystone GGL-20 1500 Lumens
  4. What is this tractor?

    It looks to be a late '82 or early '83 as it has the plastic fender but later hydraulic lift handle.
  5. “The 582”—my red headed stepchild!

    That was maybe the downfall of the 582 Special that I had. It was locked in two gears and even the collector I sold it to couldn't get the cover with the shifter off.
  6. “The 582”—my red headed stepchild!

    When we bought our house in MD the Fall of 2010, there was a IH 582 Special that had been left derelict on the property. It had been built two months before IH sold to MTD. I asked the previous owner to leave it for me with hopes of it becoming a future project. The first Thanksgiving there, my younger daughter and I moved it back to the carport area using a farm jack - two feet at a time- so that I could start to work on it. But I never got anywhere with getting it back it to life, so just used it for helping to keep the mice and squirrels at bay. I did come close back then to buying a 782 with a blade, but it was too much and by then I was committed to Wheel Horses. Eventually I sold the 582 Special to a Cub collector.
  7. 512D arrived today..

    A photo from the archives! Josh, the 523Dxi was Paladin and the DC-105 was Dillon. Paladin is now in New Jersey and Dillon is in Massachusetts. Both really nice oil burners.
  8. Snowplow install question...

    If your 520-H is an '88 or '89 (motion lever between your legs instead of on the steering column) it will be fine. You may need to change the sector lever.
  9. Salmon Fishing Lake Michigan

    Nice pictures, Steve. That must be PRETTY DEEP WATER for an ex-Navy sailor.
  10. Loss

    Sorry for you loss. I can imagine how you feel. I buried my son in 1986 and have an older sister fighting ovarian cancer plus my brother has had Parkinson's Disease for 16 years.
  11. Front tire replacement.

    My HF Mini Tire Changer went to scrap. It only works if the tires haven't been on the rim forever.
  12. What's in His Mirror ???

    After letting my 523Dxi go, I found that it was a bit challenging to keep a small diesel that was miserly on fuel in the stable. It is now on its way to a fellow RS member in MA. Transportation was by a uShip provider.
  13. cab

    My two former 5xi, which are taller than a 520-H, with cabs had no trouble getting under a 7' O/H door. One even had a lightbar.
  14. 2018 Group Photo; please identify yourself.

    #53 John Matthews - shallowwatersailor
  15. Cataracts

    My eye doctor suggested that I make a point of using sunglasses to lessen the degradation. So far so good with not needing surgery. With regards to one eye for reading and the other for distance, I wore contacts for a few years around 2001. One was for distance and the other was for reading. It was great as my brain did the compensating to be like 20/20. I was able to wear fashionable sunglasses plus my eyes were "brighter." Trouble was the problem of wearing contacts. Dry eyes that would get tired, slipping on my eyes, and losing them plus I always needed to have my glasses with me in case I needed to remove them. It got to be too much trouble after awhile - but it was nice being "normal."