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  1. Pictures of your 48" deck please

    Given the situation, I believe that you could get by with an alternative belt. I know that I paid about $55.00 USD for my belt to fit my 48" deck about three years ago. And we don't have a VAT! Wheel Horse did have a different profile for their belts but I am not sure if Toro maintained that with the 5xi series of tractors.
  2. The time has come.

    Prayers for a successful outcome of the surgical procedure. Hopefully it will allow life for you and your family to get back to normal.
  3. What is a "safe" hill angle for a kohler 8 ?

    A 15% slope is equivalent to 8.53 degrees. Another way to look at is a rise of 30 inches in 10 feet. Always mow downhill and never coast down.
  4. Just Black Hoods and 5xi Now!

    A while after I hadn't driven my truck for a couple of months due to surgery, I checked the air filter on my truck. It is remote from the engine and off on the fender, Filter is about 8" x 10" flat. The critters had made a nest in the housing using fiberglass media from my firewall blanket.
  5. Just Black Hoods and 5xi Now!

    Wow! This KT17 Series 2 must have been a desirable habitat. Hopefully, for just gas money, made it worth the trip.
  6. 314h '96 Eaton 1100 - drain plug size?

    I am a firm believer in magnetic drain plugs for engines and gear sumps. I have these on my tractors, #IP-02. These are a direct replacement for the OEM plug.
  7. Just Black Hoods and 5xi Now!

    Actually going up - and west to the Shenandoah Valley. It can't be worse than here, near DC. Those are two good looking tractors, Ed!
  8. Just Black Hoods and 5xi Now!

    My buddy and fellow RS member, Ed Kennell, just left with my last two Classic-style Wheel Horses. So long to my 1986 312A and matching 1986 417A. Ed and I used the hand winch installed on his trailer plus the HF crane on my 518xi to easily load the tractors. Both are must-have accessories in my book! In preparation for our move next year, I am continuing to downsize the herd to a workable number.. So in the Wheel Horse column I now have left three Black Hoods and three 5xi tractors. That still leaves seven Bee Hinds as well. Next weekend we begin the search for a new property further South in the State for Lovers.
  9. Turning Radius with Cyclone Rake

    I ordered the optional yellow MDA with mine. If the green MDA is like the suction tube from the Estate Hose option, the yellow is a heavier duty plastic. The one thing that I found with Woodland Products is that the Wheel Horse design is not a high priority. But considering there hasn't been a new Wheel Horse in over ten years, I guess that is to be expected. Most other manufacturer's decks have a discharge, including the 5xi decks, that are not swept at the bottom. Another problem is that the discharge tube end of the CR MDA angles out to match other decks on the market. To better fit the Wheel Horse deck, it should run straight back. If you fit it straight, the angle is too great going out back to the vacuum unit. I never needed to but another company, Trac Vac says that they can make a MDA for other brands. They do make them out of steel.
  10. Turning Radius with Cyclone Rake

    I never took a photo of it directly, but here is a cropped closeup of my former Cyclone Rake. The 5xi has a different discharge but this should help.
  11. Turning Radius with Cyclone Rake

    You need to cut away the plastic and get the discharge portion of the deck inside. A rough estimate is to cover the decal.
  12. Toro Wheel Horse 523Dxi Diesel w/60" Deck & JB Electric Sleeve Hitch

    Yes, it is.
  13. Maybe selling my 520XI

    If it is the one in PA, go for it!. In my opinion, the B is a better value than a BX with only a slightly larger footprint. Good luck!
  14. Maybe selling my 520XI

    My understanding is this, although it may have changed in the last year. Tractors are like some cars today. They are assembled from different parts bins. Examples are: eMax = TYM/Daedong, Max = Mitsubishi. 1533-1538 Mitsu w/ Mahindra engine 2500series TYM w/Mahindra engine 1526, XL, Max is Mitsu w/Mitsu engines Emax is TYM w/ Daedong Mforce 100 TYM w/ Perkins/Cat Mforce 105 Tym w/ Doosan 3500, 4500, 5500, Mpower are all Mahindra/ Mahindra
  15. Maybe selling my 520XI

    Both are fine tractors.Four things that I would consider are: the Mahindra has the engine sourced from South Korea. I'm not sure long-term what that would mean given the political situation right now. The three Kubota dealers in our area in MD are owned by the same family. I would question competitive pricing. The Kubota has a larger following with more aftermarket accessories available. There is a Kubota dealer in Somerset, KY that underprices most local dealers. That even includes the shipping!