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  1. Question on a cab install

    You need at least 6"-8" of snow for a snowthrower to work properly. Less than that I would use a tractor with the dozer blade. With regards to RPM, I run my 523Dxi with the single-stage snowthrower at less than high RPM because of the amount of torque the engine has. When they were new, Toro had warranty claims because there was too much power (I have heard third hand) for the single-stage with the 5xi. The only trouble with running at less than high RPM is the transmission (on a hydro) is not getting the maximum cooling. They get hot, even in the winter, with use.
  2. Good bye to an old friend

    My sincerest sympathies. I'm sure that you have many pleasant memories of Chopper. It is a very difficult time for your family including Toby. We went through that a bit over two years ago with "My Good Buddy", Oke'. We still miss him. Soon after that I had someone tell me the best way to honor him would be to get another rescue. Three months later I adopted Juno, "My Sweetie Girl.".
  3. What Are You Listening To?

    After watching and recognizing the Lincoln Motor Company Christmas commercial known as "Olivia's Wish List" I searched for the piece of music used. It is "Waltz 2 from Jazz Suite No. 2" by Dmitri Shostakovich. There are a number of orchestral versions online but this one was interesting as it uses the Flash Mob format. It is by the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra. Interesting to watch the security guards reaction and the onlookers interest. They also include a rendition of "Les Toreadors" from Carmen No. 1 by Georges Bizet.
  4. D series Kohler twin battery sizes ?

    I have a Group 45 in my 523Dxi diesel. It fits in the same space, only taller, as the U1 in my Kohler gas 5xi.

    Happy Birthday, Brian!
  6. Is your firewood ready?

    My first chainsaw was a McCulloch in the '70s when they were a good saw. Just like Jeff mentioned, I bought the Dolmar to be different. I have four pieces by Stihl including two saws. But I researched between buying the Dolmar or another Stihl. Luckily I had a Dolmar dealer less than an hour away. It was a good choice and I really enjoyed owning it. The Dolmar cc displacement fell between the Stihls I was considering. But the Dolmar was lighter than the larger Stihl and about the same as the smaller Stihl. Using a saw over a morning you start to feel the weight after a while. I had also found a non-catalyst muffler to change out after putting a few hours on the Dolmar. But Jeff will have that pleasure now, for a bit more power.
  7. Commando 8 diesel exhaust set up

    Here are photos of my DC-105 with a Carroll Stream 10 hp diesel. Actually the stack is about the same height as my face when driving it and doesn't bother me. I do have the tip pointed slightly forward and out. I wear ear protection with everything now, as I have a case of tinnutis from the noise of the enginerooms and FD days.
  8. Noisy 5xi Two Stage Blower

    Just a thought. What about the lube in the auger gear box? Being a used piece, did the PO substitute the wrong oil/grease. Does it have yellow metal gears that require a GL-4?
  9. Set screw completely stripped

    I had to remove a rounded lug bolt one time. I decided to drill it out by starting with a smaller bit with oil just to to provide some relief and a path for the next size to follow. It loosened enough with the next bit that I was then able to just turn it out with a socket. It took a while but I got it out.
  10. help,stuck in reverse

    Simple check, but you can't move the linkage with the brake on. A few months ago a member had a 5xi that had trouble moving the linkage, It had been sitting outside and mice had made a home under the fender. You may have a similar situation. Unfortunately the cab will need to be removed to get the fender off. I would start by checking the linkage at the dash. Take the panels off to observe. it has the notch that must be overcome to move from reverse to forward. Make sure that is not binding and work your way to the rear. If all of that is working properly, unbolt the fender to check under there.
  11. I’m thinking about a 520LXI ?

    That version is the only one that I have never owned. Like a number of other members have mentioned, do research the timing gear issue. Otherwise they are pretty bulletproof if they haven't been abused. The three-wire Battery Light Module on the '99 and newer models seems to fail more than the five-wire module on the 1998 versions. All it does is monitor battery voltage. If the tractor starts and runs - the battery is good! If you intend to put a cab on it for winter use, I would assume that it will move more air, like my diesel version does, due to the radiator fan. The air-cooled Kohler version doesn't create quite the wind tunnel!,
  12. 522 xi mower deck front wheel mod?

    That is a good idea. I'm not aware of it being done by anyone though. One thing to keep in mind is the height required for the castor wheel attachment. It will need to stay low enough to slide the deck under the tractor.
  13. Tractors that got away

    I owned this low hour 1989 520-H for a couple of years. The Onan P220G has, in my opinion, a really nice sound when running. But the tractor was traded for my DC-105. It was a 520-H worth keeping.
  14. New Battery Time What Brand to buy?

    I just had to buy a Group 45 battery for my 523Dxi. It isn't a L&G battery so a bit pricey. For comparison, this size is used in a Mazda Miata as well! This was the second time I have used Batteries Plus and have been very happy. If you order online, there is also a 10% discount.
  15. Having served in the Coast Guard which is the USA's oldest sea going service, one of the nicknames for Coasties is "Shallowwatersailor" as it is thought we only sail close to shore. I served before the current "Bender Blues" uniform and wore the traditional sailor uniform that had the US Treasury seal on the right sleeve. It was said that the seal was an indicator of how deep the water could be. Ironic as I have sailed in the Pacific over the Mariana Trench which is nearly seven miles deep!