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  1. Husqvarna wheel weights

    The 523Dxi has 12" diameter wheels so if the Husqvarna is the same, then yes.
  2. C-105 Fender

    You might consider finding a metal fender from an earlier long wheelbase or later ('85-on) Wheel Horse. They bolt on using the same holes. The C-105 with the plastic fender was from 1980 to mid 1982. It could be repaired, depending how bad, using fiberglass cloth.
  3. 2015 Sure Trac 6' x 12' Tube Top Utility Trailer

    For sale is my 2015 Sure Trac 6' x 12' utility trailer. It has been used probably less than 2K miles. After having a blowout with the OEM Chinese brand tires, I had new Made in USA Goodyear Endurance ST205/75R15 Load D and 87 mph rated tires installed three months ago. Also included is a like-new Loadstar 205/75R15 Load C spare tire. HOA rules forces the sale. Sure Trac has a few features that I liked: Wiring is run in a conduit so it is not exposed to wear, powder-coat paint, LED lighting, set-back jack for tailgate access, and a gate that can be folded flat/removed when empty to lessen highway drag. I added the snowplow guides to see the rear of the trailer when the gate is down.
  4. Front Mount Trailer Hitch

    The fellow in Rhode Island used to come to the Big Show. He also makes a receiver hitch and with that I use a HF 1-7/8" / 2" combo.
  5. 522xi Electric PTO Removal

    I never had one off, but there is a clutch-stop bracket bolted to the engine block and a bolt into the crankshaft that need to be removed.
  6. 520xi with blower

    Ooh! Sitting under a tarp makes a nice home for mice. You might take a look under the shrouds. Nice addition!
  7. 520xi with blower

    I miss my 5xi tractors! That looks like a nice clean one. A clue that a snowthrower/snowblower was used is the worn side panel decal. The chute direction crank wears a white spot into it.
  8. Old US Mail Sears Snowplow Tractor

    Interestingly the U.S. Post Office Department officially in the '50s and early '60s (remember the green postal vehicles!) bought special Gravely L-1 two-wheel tractors that were painted yellow. These had the intermediate gearing and a snowplow blade. All of the controls were labeled for the operator. They even had an official metal tag showing ownership. These are sought after by some Gravely collectors.
  9. Ventrac Plant Problems

    I observed this one working when we lived in MD during the Winter of 2015-2016 after a huge snowfall. It was a lot of hard-packed snow along the road, and he was opening up about a 200 foot section of sidewalk. Since moving to VA in the mountainous area, I have noticed a number of lawn contractors with them on their utility trailers. One even had two Ventracs aboard! They are like "mountain goats" in their advertising.
  10. Saved from going to scrap!

    I believe it was 1996. The cover is there as Toro started using an electric PTO. This also required a change of one pulley and crank support due to the additional width on the single-stage snowthrower that became the 79362.
  11. Value of deck

    Something to consider before selling it. If you ever sell the tractor, most buyers will be looking for a deck (or an attachment/s) to go with it.
  12. My new shop

    Living in the Midwest until 9 years ago, I preferred shopping at Menards over the other two High Rack stores. Their tandem pups making store deliveries were always visible on the road. I got all excited on this past Sunday when I spotted a Menards semi rolling Northbound on I-81 in Winchester, VA. Just checked the store locator and my nearest store is still Lancaster, OH - a short 231 miles away! Oh well. I will give Lowes huge kudos for their Military discount! Saved a ton of money this past year with the old and new house.
  13. Last day in port

    Happy Coast Guard Day! Chicago is probably not thought of as a Maritime port but actually has 52 movable with 43 still operable bridges. A part of Chicago history was the infamous Medusa Challeger (built 1906 and 562 feet long) that was legendary for snarling traffic and having bridges fail to open or close while transiting the Chicago River and its branches. I can remember a time being on the wrong side of the river while grabbing lunch when I worked downtown. Back then it was the oldest freighter on the Great Lakes until converted to a barge in 2013.
  14. Happy Birthday Glen.

    Happy Birthday, Glen!
  15. 314 transmission fluid

    To help clarify the components of the rear end, the hydrostatic transmission is the round finned component. That is/was manufactured by Eaton and is a Model 11. The rest is the transaxle that bolts to the frame and has the differential, axles, etc. This was manufactured by Wheel Horse. Some of us run Mobil 1 10W-30 synthetic motor oil which performs better in cold weather than dino 10W-30 in the hydro tractors. The tractors with the Eaton 700 run 20W in the transmission and 10W-30 motor oil in the transaxle. It is a different design.