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  1. Hydrostatic surging while turning

    I doubt that this would affect the engine surging. By describing it as surging, do you mean cutting in and out? You may have a bad seat switch. Here is the instructions and parts drawings for the delete kit. 3324-844.pdf
  2. Hydrostatic surging while turning

    It not only slows the tractor when turning - but lowers accident liability.
  3. Rest in Peace JimD

    Rest in Peace, Jim.
  4. Running higher octane gas?

    In my new city, we have a Royal Mart that sells ethanol-free 87 octane. But their 93 octane is ethanol-free as well. My new Yamaha pressure washer calls for a minimum of 89 octane so I just popped for five gallons of the 93 octane. I do use Marvel Mystery Oil and Stabil mixed in to all my fuel as well. I did use a bottle of StarTron for part of one season. Strange but I only had a problem once using those two additives with 10% ethanol fuel in eight years. It was with my Subaru-powered log splitter. It solidified in the shutoff valve and I needed to literally drill it out. The valve was a white metal casting instead of the usual plastic which I believe was the issue. My HF pressure washer always amazed me how it would start at the beginning of the season (without proper storage!) on the second pull. I do believe that the ethanol dissipates over winter.
  5. Diesel DC-105

    This is my 1981 DC-105 "Black Hood" that has been re-powered with a Carroll Stream 10 hp single cylinder diesel engine. It is one of the good Yanmar clone engines and still sold today by them. The restoration and repower with a custom exhaust stack was done by another RS member. At that time it was completely gone through. It has a custom stainless steel plate in place of the recoil starter.I have added about 5-1/2 hours on the engine. Changes I have made since obtaining it have been: a Tiny Tach diesel tachometer, extension on the oil drain plug, new decals by Terry, stainless eye bolts to use as tie downs when being trailered, and painting the wheels silver. The only work it has been used for is pulling my tow-behind spreader. The other hours have been just riding around the neighborhood. The nameplate is just on with double-sided tape. It can be delivered to the show this week on Friday or Saturday.
  6. Hello, new owner here.

    Welcome! Looks like a very nice 1980 C-165 with a Sunstrand transmission. It has a nice metal fender from a later Wheel Horse.
  7. Were you at the Big Show in 2015?

    Nope! That was the year I almost won the "Red Hat."
  8. 520 xi deck 52" assembly questions

    Jeff is correct. That is not a 5xi in the photo. The giveaway is the reversed center of the rear wheel.
  9. Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy Birthday, Terry!
  10. "What's it worth?" 5 tractor mega deal!

    On the 5xi, just for comparison the lower part of the cab is about $135.00 to replace from OTC. I would guess that the windshield would be similarly priced. IMO, for the deal it is a losing proposition.
  11. "What's it worth?" 5 tractor mega deal!

    Having owned three different models of the 5xi, the 520xi has the larger steering wheel and cruise over the 518xi. Horsepower is actually the same as they were playing tricks with the data at the time. The hydraulic steering on the 522xi may be handy for the two-stage snowblower. If it is the 520Lxi, that is the one that I never had experience with. Depending on the date manufactured, they originally used a plastic cam gear that eventually breaks. Go through the archives to find the serial number where it was changed to a steel gear. In my opinion, it seems that the 5xi are coming on the used market much more frequent than when I bought my first eight years ago. Even attachments are more plentiful it seems. Also, Toro made the 5xi for New Holland painted blue 1997-2003 as their GT-series and the 5xi attachments painted black. That will increase your likelihood of finding a two-stage snowblower, plus any other attachments. I would hold off on the package deal. The only 5xi that I would consider staying in a hotel for would be the 1998 523Dxi that actually had a 26 hp engine. Luckily for me, mine was only two hours away. Interestingly I had two offers to sell it - before I had even picked it up later in the week that I had bought it.
  12. Finally ... My New Shed for the Horses

    Exactly! When we were negotiating on the purchase is when we found out that there was an HOA. We were given at that time a single sheet of paper with a list of items that seemed reasonable to maintain the quality of the area. I will need to read over the bylaws and how they can be applied. Perhaps there needs to be a change in the HOA board as it consists of the developer, and two of his adult children. Sounds like some research is necessary.
  13. Finally ... My New Shed for the Horses

    Bob, that was 1.50 inches of water in about 30 minutes; no standing water when I went back to check less than an hour later. I feel confident that the swale is graded properly and shouldn't be an issue. We have been deluged with the amount of rain down here just like you. One of the fellows that did the pad has lived in this area all his life. He commented that the amount of rain we have received in the past few weeks is the most he has ever seen. The one train line (ex-CSX) that runs over the mountain suffered a washout early last week. The 3-times-a-week Amtrak Cardinal runs on that portion and has been annulled since then. I am concerned because tomorrow I am taking it to Chicago - to visit with my first grandchild! Now on to dealing with the HOA regarding a fence!
  14. Best directions to show

    Taking the Beltway around DC is a 50/50 chance depending on the time of day. Most of the time between 9 to 3 it shouldn't be bad. Now I am at the top of the Blue Ridge just off I-64. In three weeks time living here I have been caught twice by total road closures due to an accident on the 28-mile stretch to C'ville going down the mountain. It seems that this is almost a daily occurrence. Just yesterday an 18-wheeler flipped going downhill and ended up in the opposing lanes then hit by another 18-wheeler. A woman in a car was seriously injured and needed to be airlifted out.
  15. This is probably silly but I was made very happy today. The new shed that I had planned on getting since January was finally installed, six weeks after ordering it. It almost didn't happen though due to the HOA that I now have to live under! They were upset with my submittal to them as it didn't have enough information. Also, even though the city was fine with partially encroaching on an underground drainage easement, the HOA wanted it out of the easement completely. The pad was done the other day before approval which also irritated them. Luckily common sense prevailed. Th trailer by Pine Hill is really neat as it can move sideways with the lateral set of tires underneath. It is a 10' x 16' shed with an 8' workbench and 4' loft at one end. I had to match the house color and, of course, architectural shingles. Now to landscape around it and load everything in to it! Especially the new-to-me 314-8. About two hours later the sky opened up with a quick thunderstorm to baptize it. There is an 18" culvert that dumps right there.Even though it looks close, the bottom is about a foot higher and six feet away from the water.