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  1. Wisconsin Diesel

    These were imported by Wisconsin and were actually made by Ducati of motorcycle fame. Try Davlin Services in Pompano Beach, FL for parts.
  2. Kubota Forum

    Kubota literally makes it cheaper (and easier) to buy a new BX with the current 0% interest than a good used one using a personal note. Currently they are offering a BX1880 with a 48" deck for $99.00 per month for 84 months. A FEL is $30.00 more.
  3. Kubota Forum

    I had a conversation onetime with the Kubota dealer whom I bought my Stihl equipment from. It seems they are a niche product. He had a customer that bought a G2100 from him and soon after traded it on a BX. Brand new they are too close in price to the small BX to be worthwhile. It has a complicated 4wd drive system using cables for the Glide Steer system, and when the trans goes it is an expensive parts tractor.
  4. 1993 WH Red Paint

    The Toro Red is lighter than Regal Red or IH Red. You want "Toro New Red" #361-10. https://www.jackssmallengines.com/jacks-parts-lookup/part/toro/36110
  5. Kubota Forum

    Here you go. Not sure if there is much on the G-series. http://www.orangetractortalks.com/forums/
  6. 314-H Single stage thrower struggling

    Sorry for your troubles. It could have been a freak point in the rotation to throw the link off. That is why I used a chainbreaker so all of the links have the same "strength." Master links are fine if the chain doesn't reverse on itself like it does with the snowthrower. Also, a single-stage snowthrower revolves at a a higher rpm than a two-stage snowblower. When I had my Dxi, I use to run at a lower rpm because the diesel had tremendous torque and I had heard would overwhelm the single-stage snowthrower.
  7. Why does my 520 keep catching fire?

    I would first check your grounds, and clean them. It sounds like it may be taking a path through the board.
  8. Happy Birthday Cruisinblue48

    Happy Birthday, Dave!
  9. Serious East Coast Weather Alert

    The wind was a killer down here with 69 mph gusts recorded and three deaths in the area. Woke up this morning to find this tree down. Actually it was a self-loading tree - as it fell across an empty firewood rack. The poor carport took its third hit since we moved here eight years ago and missed the house by about 15 feet..
  10. Happy Birthday Squonk

    Happy Birthday!
  11. Seat Time on the SNOW CHUCKER

    I like the 312A, Ed! Hopefully it is earning its keep.
  12. Rubber snowblower cutting edge

    I have used all three edges (steel, rubber, and UHMW) and each have their own qualities. The steel edge will mostly cut through ice, where the other two will float over the ice. The rubber edge (buy a 3' x 4' horse mat [economical] and cut a 4' x 3" x 1/2" strip from it) will act like a squeegee on the snow. The UHMW will need to have the edge chamfered to match the blade-to-surface angle to cut the snow, or just wait for it to be worn down to be more efficient. My choice is the rubber edge for the various types of snow we get here in MD, which is mainly wet and good packing. It also works well on neighbors driveways with not leaving scratch marks so they don't complain!
  13. We Lost A Great Member and Friend

    Sorry for your family's loss.
  14. Happy Birthday Eric

    Happy Birthday!
  15. 314-H Single stage thrower struggling

    It may be just a question of semantics. Here is a photo of a new chain on the left and old chain on the right. They are both 32 links but you can see that the old chain is "longer." It probably was still serviceable but it is best to change out chains every other year. I also included a shot using a chain breaker as I don't care for master links.