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  1. I didn't find a new one I just used the best one that I had, and cleaned it up the best I could.
  2. Home Audio Recording ?

    Looks good, do you record to CD?
  3. Making the other fellow feel like he is the greater man. I know human nature is to sometimes be critical of the other fellow if we assume that he meant this of that without having all the facts, or without knowing his intent motivate or objective. It is easy to do. I have done it. Then basing off of an assumption that the other fellow is wrong and that he just could not possibly have simply no ill intent underling what he stated. So we quickly begin to criticize. Then someone else chimes in and jumps on the bandwagon an ups the ante further endeavoring to destroy his character distancing him from the group. Remember, if someone draws a "little circle" and draws you out... Just draw a bigger circle and draw them right back in. It takes a greater man to make the other fellow feel like he is the greater man.
  4. My younger brother was able to put our Fathers 1963 953 {early model} in gear throttle up and let off the clutch/brake pedal and the front end would lift off the ground. Wheel Horse was about 15 years old and bone stock without duals.
  5. What is?

    New Old Stock
  6. wheel horse d-160

    Yes, all 18 Automatics, D-160's, D-180's and D-200's came with hubcaps. The part #'s are 7747 or 104398.
  7. I had an almost "stiffed" transaction that ended O.K. but not as planned as it did end up costing me money. Fellow Wheel Horse owner needed a coupler, he agreed on my price+shipping and also funds via PayPal friends and family. I went ahead and sent the part after he claimed to have paid. I then checked my PayPal and no such payment was received. I notified him and he assured me that he had paid and supplied the transaction# after contacting PayPal they said that is an invalid #. I had to pay the Post Office $24.95 for a postal intercept, + return shipping back to me.
  8. Wheel Horse GT-14 Muffler N.O.S.

  9. Wheel Horse GT-14 Nelson Muffler N.O.S. for a 14 HP Kohler asking $500.00 call (419)303-4409 anytime. Free shipping to lower 48 from Lima, OH
  10. 4-1/2 x 15' Wheels

  11. IMG_20170828_160806.jpg

    From the album 4-1/2 x 15' Wheels

  12. IMG_20170828_160941.jpg

    From the album 4-1/2 x 15' Wheels

  13. IMG_20170828_160920.jpg

    From the album 4-1/2 x 15' Wheels

  14. IMG_20170828_160851.jpg

    From the album 4-1/2 x 15' Wheels

  15. Thanks gentlemen for the kind compliments. The resto is sort of taking a back burner as I am trying to do a bit of an upgrade to our home theater room. Will try and get back to it once this is sorted.