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  1. 1532 cap needle bearing

    The gasket Part #102759 is not just a Toro number it is a Wheel Horse number in the 18 Automatic Parts manual, page 7 Item # 4-55 See first two images below. Third and fourth images are of gaskets with a different Part #'s
  2. 1532 cap needle bearing

    @"D"- Man - you built your own manifold/lines ?? Sarge, no I cleaned up a manifold that I had and had it plated with a decorative polished copper finish, and am using chrome hex bolts and Allen bolts.
  3. 1532 cap needle bearing

    "Does anyone know why they used allen head bolt on the rear left of the manifold, as shown in fig. 31(page 29) of the auto repair manual?? I'm assuming for clearance?" I think you are right about choosing to use the Allen head bolts for clearance, using a wrench on a hex head bolt could prove to be quite a challenge. Here are a couple pics I took of my manifold at the rear mounting pad.
  4. Front Wheel Beadings D160

    The part # indicates these are used with 1" spindles, I was fortunate enough to have purchased a couple sets. These O.E.M. bearings are hard to find in the N.O.S. condition, and as stated usually are high priced.
  5. 1532 cap needle bearing

    There are a total of (3) 1532 needle bearings in the transaxle, these would be the ones in your diagram Item # 4-13 two on the oil filter side and 1 on the motor side. This is the bearing # that was on the transaxles that I have. #1532 is the middle bearing on this side.
  6. Lift Cylinder clevis issue

    +. Perhaps Spareparts was suggesting that the thin jam nut could be placed on the shaft first, then the clevis be threaded up against the jam nut.
  7. Kholer 18 automatic

    As inexpensive as new starters are, I would not recommend a used one. Some of the new ones even come with a warranty. I purchased mine on eBay for about $52.99 new with free shipping.
  8. 1054 help needed

    My experience has been these are very hard to find.
  9. D200 trans axle

    I am not sure what the end caps from a C-161 look like, but I have a partially assembled differential from an 18 Automatic {above} and a D-180 {below} these are for the smaller bolts {above} and the larger bolts {below}. As can be seen, .the bolt holes were bored close to the edge. This is what could happen to an end cap that originally had the smaller holes and subsequently has been bored out for the larger diameter bolts. This is why I recommend upgrading to the ring gear and end caps that were designed for the larger bolts.
  10. D-200 hydro fluid.

    If it is like the 18 Automatic it should be at the right rear corner on top of the trans-axle.
  11. Say "D"-Man,

                     I have an 18 Auto as you know, should the dynamic brake stop the tractor while traveling in reverse? I usually have to move the motion lever a bit forward to stop. I followed the manual on adjusting the neutral stop, but no matter what, the machine wants to keep rolling while traveling in reverse. Most everyone I have asked just tells me they use the motion control on the 18 Auto. Also, A-Z has a complete turning brake assembly for sale, is that kit a nightmare to install?




    Thank you,


    1. "D"- Man

      "D"- Man

      I know very little about driving and stopping an 18 Automatic, although I have had two 18's, a D-180 and a D-200, I personally have had very little seat {driving} time all but one of the tractors we're purchased not in running condition.  The one that sort of ran only would do so for a short distance, then stop.

      I know the 18's and the D's are designed to stop by simply placing the motion control lever in the neutral position.  

  12. PTO

    In addition to the aforementioned, there are also 2 brackets the Mid-mount and the Front mount, as well as the belt. Please note the Mid-mount must be adjusted whenever adjusting the Front bearing bracket for belt tensioning purposes. If this is ignored and only the Front mount is adjusted it may put the shaft in a bind.
  13. Thanks Richie, it measures ~56 inches from outside to outside of the duals.
  14. D 200 Engine

    Brian, not much advise but if the engine is original it would be a Kohler 20 HP. That is a lot of tractor and accessories to let sit if the hydro was strong, it may be worth rebuilding the engine.
  15. Just a bit of an update, took the tire with the damaged bead areas and the wheel to Best One Tire service center. They dismounted, cleaned and applied some bead sealer prior to remounting and inflating. Temporarily mounted hubs and tire/wheel assemblies to axles to get a couple pics. First is Dual hubs on axles the second one is all 4 temporarily mounted. P.S. Right fender is slightly off level because I did not have the under fender support bolted on.