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  1. how to install a D200 rear pto

    One thing to remember is the mid-mount bearing needs to be loosened as well as the front when adjusting the belt tension then re-tightened.
  2. Turning Brake Kit

    Here's a picture of an almost completed set.
  3. Happy Easter Everyone

    Luke 23:33a And when they were come to the place, which is called Calvary, there they crucified him... There = the most Holy city in the world, Jerusalem They = the most Holy people in the world, the Jews Crusified = the most horrible death that any man ever died Him = the most Holy man that ever lived, the Lord Jesus Christ They pierced His hands His feet and His side, they tore the beard from His face, they crowned Him with a crown of thorns, they beat Him with many stripes and spit in His face, He was marred beyond human recognition, yet He endured the Cross for the Joy that was set before Him. He knew He would rise on Easter morning and ascend on high and return for His elect to receive them until Himself. This is our Hope.
  4. I have a Monster power center, an Integra Pre-Pro, a Parasound 2205, a Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck, a Bang & Olufsen 8002 turntable with a couple MMC-2 diamond cartridges, a Sony Blu-ray, Paradigm speakers a 1000 watt sub and some other components.
  5. Oldman, I am going to keep the original amp meter.
  6. Thanks gentlemen, I purchased all the gauges N.O.S. from eBay, except for one. They are for a D-180. I was even able to get a N.O.S. oil pressure sending unit for the K-582.
  7. Redo your Horse vender on RS.
  8. I know I will have to do some disassembly before I proceed with the remainder of the Resto-Mod; however, I just finished the grill housing. It had been dented and straightened, so I bolted it on for a quick photo-op prior to the disassembly.
  9. D200 PTO and belts? Manuals?

    The pillow block bearing should not have to be removed or loosened, but the mid-mount bracket does, also as Gary stated, the front must be loosened, or removed. This should allow the belt to be installed. Remember to tighten the mid_mount bracket after the front tension has been set.
  10. 1532 cap needle bearing

    The gasket Part #102759 is not just a Toro number it is a Wheel Horse number in the 18 Automatic Parts manual, page 7 Item # 4-55 See first two images below. Third and fourth images are of gaskets with a different Part #'s
  11. 1532 cap needle bearing

    @"D"- Man - you built your own manifold/lines ?? Sarge, no I cleaned up a manifold that I had and had it plated with a decorative polished copper finish, and am using chrome hex bolts and Allen bolts.
  12. 1532 cap needle bearing

    "Does anyone know why they used allen head bolt on the rear left of the manifold, as shown in fig. 31(page 29) of the auto repair manual?? I'm assuming for clearance?" I think you are right about choosing to use the Allen head bolts for clearance, using a wrench on a hex head bolt could prove to be quite a challenge. Here are a couple pics I took of my manifold at the rear mounting pad.
  13. Front Wheel Beadings D160

    The part # indicates these are used with 1" spindles, I was fortunate enough to have purchased a couple sets. These O.E.M. bearings are hard to find in the N.O.S. condition, and as stated usually are high priced.
  14. 1532 cap needle bearing

    There are a total of (3) 1532 needle bearings in the transaxle, these would be the ones in your diagram Item # 4-13 two on the oil filter side and 1 on the motor side. This is the bearing # that was on the transaxles that I have. #1532 is the middle bearing on this side.