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  1. I assume any Rear closure plate from a K482, K532 or a K582 would work; however, the part # I have is 277002. I do know that the 4 outer holes are not threaded and the 4 inner holes are. Even though these 4 threaded inner holes are spaced such that it is possible to rotate the plate 90* or 180* this should be avoided as there is an oil drain back valley that is intended to be at the bottom.
  2. The early models had a Ross steering column while the later 953's {and subsequently the 1054's and 1054A"s} all used the fan gear style steering. I think either wheel will fit the shaft the same.
  3. You may want to list which type of steering wheel you are looking for, as the early models used a different style than the latter model 953's.
  4. Bertie, no the "tail pipes" are just for looks. These are chome exhaust tips intended for a car.
  5. I had fenders from my 18 Automatic widened to accommodate 6 tail lights {3 per side} with reverse lights in the 2 middle lenses. Only 4 of the 6 are shown in this picture. I am wanting to convert to LEDs instead of the incandescent bulbs that are in the base.
  6. Thanks Dave, Yes chrome is nice; however, "finding a local for the chroming process..." well let's just say the place I contacted in Toledo, Ohio told me they only chrome steel, and furthermore they farm out all of the chrome plating of Aluminum, pot metal and other materials to the same chrome shop that I was using. So I guess it's back to square 1.
  7. Aldon, Thanks for the kind compliments, helping others, where we can, is what it is all about, and trust me I would have never made it this far without the help of the many Red Square members' posts that I have relied on from time to time. I do still get a bit nervous that I may not have done something right and have to go back and rectify the build in order to get it back in line. Jay, Thanks for the kind compliments as well.
  8. Thanks Dave and Ritchie, So far the 3 spoke steering wheel, tie rod ends, drag link ends, valve stems, {dipstick} nipple, {cooling} fan cage, neutral return spring, parking brake handle, trunnion and parking brake to lever rod are chrome. I have many more parts that I had chromed and still need to get some others chromed. I had a bit of a less than desirable experience at the shop I was getting my parts chromed at, so I am trying to find some place sort of local to have more done.
  9. I ordered from McDonald's yesterday and was due 48 cents in change. The young {obviously new} worker counted out 9 nickels and 3 pennies. I asked why didn't she give out quarters in change? She said, "It is easier to do the math with nickels."
  10. Is this the 6" diameter?
  11. Solenoid: 428.) Parts 429.) Solenoid {Non-O.E.M.} 430.) Mounting holes 431.) Solenoid on frame 432.) Hex bolts 433.) Installed 434.) Locknuts 435.) Installed {Bit of bad lighting in this pic.}
  12. I have rear fenders that are modifed {widened} and able to accommodate 6 tail lights, with reverse lights in the middle two. The chrome exhaust tips are only for looks.
  13. This could be one of two things, too low or no fluid, or the neutral return spring is broken..
  14. Here is a couple pics of the 18 Automatic frame I had powder-coated with 2 mills thick powder in gloss black. I am finishing the rest in rattle can. What I have done so far if it gets bumped it is almost certain to chip because there is no hardener in the paint. You can click on the image to enlarge.
  15. I checked the ring gear and it was designed to accommodate the 5/16" bolts but has been rebored to accommodate the 3/8" bolts; however, the holes were off-center and it effectively renders the part unusable.