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  1. Steering wheel wanted: 1973 Automatic (16hp)

    Peter, do you still need a steering wheel?
  2. D160 mid mower and rear pto

    Are you asking if, after you get your rear P.T.O. installed, can you run the mid mount mower deck and the finish mower deck simultaneously? I don't think this is what you are asking, but rather, will you have the option to oscillate between the two. If I remember correctly the rear P.T.O. belt is part #103084 and the drive belt to the mid-mount deck is a different part #
  3. Idea for dual wheel setup.

    You may want to consider extended axles and a second pair of hubs. A fellow Redsquare made a pair for me and had them magnetic induction heat treated.
  4. To be honest, I haven't sorted that out yet, may consider a momentary on switch in line with the motion control lever in the full back position.
  5. Thanks gentlemen, I can hardly wait myself. I wanted to get a picture with the double wide footrest, the double wide fender and 3 tail lights, but I couldn't find the center lens with the clear round insert for the reverse light.
  6. Needed a measurement for the extended fender supports, so I consequently did a mock-up of some of the parts to sort of determine about how long the extended fender supports would need to be. Took some pics but the lighting was not the best so they didn't turn out too well, but here they are.
  7. 18 auto wheelhorse

    If it is an 18 Automatic it was a 1973 model.
  8. "Not sure how they ever fitted the cooling fan with an easy ride seat/spring kit on them , sure doesn't seem like enough room... " They didn't; the easy ride seat models were not able to be fitted with the hydro cooling fan, only the subsequent models were.
  9. Wheel Horse equipped some of the "D" - Series with a hydro cooling fan and thermostat.
  10. D200 Ball Joints

    By, "ball joints" I can only assume that you mean tie rod ends or drag link ends. I am not certain that these are still available new, used would be 38+ years old. I may state as well that 2 are left threaded while the other 4 are right. They do show up on {eBay} sometimes. I will check the used ones I have to see how many are reusable. I have 2 N.O.S. Left's and 1 Right, but I don't intend to sell them.
  11. It doesn't look like an original taillight bracket that came on the 953-1054's which were welded on.
  12. D200 3 point ball ends

    I had a pair seized up with surface rust. I lightly sanded around the exposed ball surface and oiled them, used a rod to try and work them until it moved slightly, sanded the exposed surface rust area on the ball and socket repeated untill it eventually was fully freed and oiled them.
  13. D200 Front PTO Plate

    Dug thanks for catching my mistake, I just had it reversed from which holes were threaded and which were not, sorry.
  14. D 180

    The tag # 1137 is what is normally on the transaxle.
  15. D200 ID tag question

    "Can;'t have the cooling fan with the rear PTO and Easy ride seat." I am certain that it is possible to have the cooling fan with the rear P.T.O. the bracket that the fan mounts to has a cut-out where the shaft passes by it.