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  1. wheel horse fan attachment??

    Fred, are you certain it will not fit a D-series, if it has the rear PTO? The little cut-out in the bracket is for clearance of the shaft. I will try to find a picture or take one, with the shaft and fan.
  2. wheel horse fan attachment??

    That is from a "D" series, like a D-200 it helped cool the hydro lines/fluid and would have had a thermocoupled switch in series with the wiring These mount at the back above the transaxle.
  3. You gentlemen are welcome.
  4. Added a Link to YouTube.
  5. Thanks to all who helped make this possible.
  6. 2018 Show

    Richie, it was a pleasure meeting you and your wife, and seeing Skittles, you have done some tremendous work on that build. Thanks for the parts.
  7. Is it a D180???

    There are {almost} suttle differences between the 18 Automatic's and the D-180's one is the height of the grill housing, and subsequently the height of the side panels. There appears to be no indication that it had the large square Wheel Horse head decal that was used only on the 18's.
  8. I brought most of this stuff, plus some more not listed, may try to upload some pics.
  9. Favorite hand tools/brands

    Sarge, prices are less than I expected.
  10. I have some 18 Automatic, D-Series parts {not D-250} if someone needs something let me know. I have some new rear fender reflectors. I also have some N.O.S. belts. 1578 (37"), 7430 (28"), 7927 (78"), 9714 (76"), 9783 (71") (2ea),103084 (37.5") (4ea), 104388 (55"), 106516 (37"), 108195, 1593, 1589B, 109640 {C11257}, 1563 107298 (4ea)(72"), 108503 (2ea)(65.25"), 108834 (98"), 110141 (41") (2ea) 110082 (48.5") . 953/1054 Gas tank, seat frame pair of rear wheels, may have a decal for the oil bath air cleaner. P.M. me, before Thursday evening.
  11. It’s Motor Monday!!

    K582 23 hp
  12. Front End Friday

    Not complete and still on the bench.
  13. Spray paint

    Can this be removed and press fit on to a Rust-Oleum spray can?
  14. Power Coating

    I had a frame from an 18 Automatic powder-coated for $75.00
  15. My Auto-owners will insure a trailer and whatever damage it could cause, and my home-owners will insure a show tractor as long as it's on my property. I checked with an antique tractor insurance provider and was told I would have to purchase a years worth, even if I am only needing it for a couple of days.