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    -Commando 8 from 1968
    -Raider 10 from 1974
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    -42"snow plow
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  1. Hi  Im looking to find some wheel horse advertisements from here in Europe.. Does anybody have any good contacts..

  2. Euro Used Parts Vendors?

    They're often for sale in Belgium those Gutbrod's (wheel horse D250).
  3. neil (50)

    Little late but a Happy birthday! Greetings from Belgium, P-J
  4. Looks really good! Gotta love those Kohler engines.
  5. Another GT14 find in the UK!

    Nice find! I have also sold 6 of 8 wheelhorses I owned to raise money for other projects. But every time I see a wheelhorse for sale at a good price I can't resist buying it! P-J
  6. Wheel horse red farm line paint

    I've used that farmline paint. I only tried brush painting and looks ok for what it is. I buy the paint for 16 EUR/litre. P-J
  7. oil job to slow rust

    Hi, Wipe some boiled linseed oil on there! You'll be amazed. P-J
  8. Euro Wheel Horse Register

    Doesn't work for me neither :(
  9. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    Typhke, Honestly I never have paid more that 400 Euro's for a wheelhorse. I think 500 euro for one without attachments is allready overpriced. Just keep looking and there will be one that comes up for sale in the 300-400 range. Attachments never pay more than 150. That's just my . P-J
  10. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    And buy one with a Kohler engine! I'm not saying that those briggs engines are not good but wait untill you hear and feel the power of a Kohler! :laughing-rofl:
  11. What Wheel Horse to pull a trailer?

    I would say the C-121 would be mine choice! 12HP is strong enough combined with the 8 speed tranny. P-J
  12. Hi all!

    Hello, Good to have another Belgian wheel horse enthousiast! I'm also from Belgium. I just sold my 312-8 last week, if I had know... It's getting difficult to find one cheap over here, people ask way to much for them I think. Good luck finding one! Look for one with a 8 speed tranny, good for pulling. Groeten, Pieter-Jan
  13. diesel C-195

    Very cool project kelly! You should put a turbo on that diesel engine! P-J
  14. Santa was delayed

    Nice C-160! I would love to find one in Belgium. :)
  15. A Wheel Horse Christmas

    Well done, what a wonderfull poem! Merry Christmas to you and to all other RedSquare members. My best wishes to all in 2013 and happy "horse" hunting! P-J from Belgium. :text-merryxmas: