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  1. my B80 was given to me by a guy who did the yard work for a church! He knew my son and I go kart raced and told me he had a Kolher more for me. I asked him what it was on and he told me his church had bought a new lawn machine, that would be replacing this wheelhorse. I told him I'd be interested in the whole thing. I made a donation to his church and  bought the 36'' rear discharge deck for $250 later. Yep I't's orignal paint I think I made out alright! Thanx, 1940willys

    1. melonman


      Nice, so did your concious guide your donation appropriately-(w/o suffering too many pangs of guilt!!)?!!! lol!

    2. 1940willys


      I think Wayne was very happy and suprised I donated anything at all! Surprised myself actually. We both loved steelhead fishing and thats how we came to know each other. Great toolmaker too, we both worked in the same building.