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  1. Box Dozer Blade

    Actually, the STX came in both gear drive and hydrostatic drive configurations. For their price and what they are, they were tough little units. A lot of them are still mowing today. Weak point was the hood hinge on them. Engines were Kohler Commands.
  2. Towing a Car Without Anyone Guiding It

    At least your bil had enough common sense to used a smaller strap/chain. The guy in the video had a pretty long one and, thankfully, it pulled the tailgate off before any damage to the residential area could occur. Sometimes, it's hard to fathom what goes on in some people's head to get ideas like this.
  3. And attaching tow strap/chain to the tailgate.https://www.facebook.com/ebaumsworld/videos/10155466345122424/
  4. Box Dozer Blade

    That's an STX lawn tractor, made from the late 80s to early 90s. Deere did not recommend, nor provide, a front blade for that series as it's intended and designed function was just mowing. The earlier ones did offer a 38 inch snow blower, but the later ones this was not even offered. Deere had better options for snow removal in their line, so since the STX line was pretty much built on a light uni-body frame, they were intended for anything more than mowing.
  5. Calendar

    Thanks. I hope it prints out well and you can find a good, inexpensive place to get one made. $10 doesn't sound bad at all.
  6. RedSquare 2018 Calendar

    Version 1.0.0


    The 2018 RedSquare Wheel Horse calendar.


  7. Wheel Horse 500 Series Wheel Horse 400 series ad: Wheel Horse 300 Series AD:
  8. Greetings from Somerset

    Ian, welcome to RS. That is a nice looking tractor you have. We do have quite a few of RS members in the UK, and it looks like Neil is close by.
  9. 520H equivalent in JD?

    Ah, yes, the throw away society. My oldest tractor is my newest one, a 1947 Farmall Cub. Speculation on www.farmallcub.com on what a Farmall Cub would look and be like if Case/IH decided to bring it back like New Holland did the 8N a few years back. Right now, my '47 Cub literally has no plastic on it, except maybe knobs, etc. With tractors being produced today with sheet metal parts being replaced by plastic, I don't I would buy a present day Cub. I'm sure 9 hp wouldn't be enough, so it would probably have mid 20s hp rating, but it just wouldn't be as heavily built as the older ones.
  10. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    I unlock this long enough to show you the calendar. With the software in place here on RS, the image resolution isn't what I hoped it to be. Next year, I might have members email me their images with descriptions, names, etc., so I can get the higher quality images. The original pdf I made was around 200 mg, but Karl reduced it down to a more reasonable size without really affecting the image quality. I might work on a second calendar, but my time isn't as sparse as I would like. For those who didn't make the calendar, it wasn't because of the pictures you submitted - I tried to get some balance in the calendar of themes, models, years, etc. I wanted an image of a 953, but no one submitted one or I just overlooked it. My 953 isn't calendar quality ready, so I never even considered it. I do hope you guys enjoy it. As I said, I may tried to make a second calendar using unused images from this thread. A big thanks to all who contribute and to Karl for reducing the size for me.
  11. 520H equivalent in JD?

    The internals are the same - the different specs has to do with crank size, and not related to oil starvation problems. The internals on the Kohler KT17 Series I would be the same across the board, regardless of what manufacturer was going to use them.
  12. 520H equivalent in JD?

    The 417 came later so it would have the series II KT17s in them. The Deere LT and LX tractors weren't throw away tractors, but the LX was the top of the line lawn tractors in their day, and the LT line was certainly more than capable. Most of the LXs and LTs are still going strong, as well as the entry level STX tractors. The LX188 was like the Mercedes of the lawn tractors in the mid to late 90s, with it's liquid cooled engine, heavy duty lawn tractor transmission, and heavy duty frames. Most people don't know is that Deere made spec LXs for Honda in the 90s.
  13. 520H equivalent in JD?

    The KT17 in the 317 did seem to sour Deere from Kohler, at least for a few years. The replacement tractors, the 316 Onan and the 318 had Onan engines in them, and the 330 and 332 used Yanmar diesels. The 420, which replaced the 400, had a 20 hp Onan while the 430 used a Yanmar diesel. The 322, which was a 318 with with a liquid cooled engine, used a Yanmar gas engine. Deere started to used Kawasaki engines then in 1986 for the LTs and light duty GTs, and then went with them exclusively in 1993 with the 3X5 and 4X5 series. Deere did put in the Kohler Commands starting in late 1980s with the STX lawn tractors and then with the LT and LX line in the late 90s.
  14. 520H equivalent in JD?

    1983 was the last year for the 317. 1983 was also the first year for the 318, which replaced the 317.