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  1. Added another Cub to my collection

    Both Cubs look good. I had a few narrow frame Cubs also.
  2. Missouri Mule-GT14

    Nope, I never really messed with it, except to try and start it once. It would crank, but had no fire. I did change out the rear wheels and tires with the extra set Steve had. The ones on the tractor were liquid filled and had started to leak significantly and the rims are totally shot and only good for the scrap pile now. I will miss this one, but it was either this or one of my 953s, and they're not going anywhere for a while.
  3. Due to poor marshmallow crop.
  4. What is this tractor?

    My C-125 had hydraulic lift.
  5. It’s Scrap Pile Saturday!!!

    This B-100 went to a good home in Oklahoma, either as a parts tractor or as a "saved" tractor. I don't know if it qualifies as "scrap" as I got it running and driving before it went to it's new home. But it needed a few things, maybe a lot of a few things.
  6. What is it?????

    Not a Wheel Horse, so I moved this to the Other Brand forum.
  7. Front End Friday

  8. Side Shot Saturday !!

    One more, this time with a grown up tractor included.
  9. Buying New Garden Tractor

    John Deere still makes good garden tractors, i.e. the X500 series and the X700 series. On some of the X500 series models has a differential lock on them, while some of the X700 series are 4WD and diesels. In both series power steering and hydraulic are available on certain models, while the X700 series has a limited category 1 hitch as an option.
  10. Shotgun shell starter

    Mecum's "Gone Farming" auction from last week on RFD-TV had a late 40's British made "Field Marshall Series 2" tractor that could be started with that method. The alternative starting method was to crank it. It had a single cylinder 2-stroke engine in it.
  11. Side Shot Saturday !!

  12. battery hold down

    Drawing is on the second page of this thread. Thanks.
  13. Some Drawings

    @cleat battery hold-down bracketry. Battery Hold Down.pdf
  14. battery hold down

    I'll work on them soon.
  15. Rest in Peace JimD

    I'm also sorry to hear this. I know Jim hasn't been on the forum in a while and I knew he had some serious health issues, but still this is a shock. My prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends.