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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Drawing for both the short lift link, and the down pressure lift link for the front snow blade.


  2. Version 1.0.0


    Drawing for the dual wheel adapter.


  3. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Drawing for the Wheel Horse clevis hitch.


  4. The JD looks like a 3X5 series, which are great machines.
  5. Nice looking 312-H. Tillers are out there, a few show up here in our classified section from time to time. If you can jump on that 310 deal, go for it. You will be getting a couple of good attachments that will fit both your 312 and the 310.
  6. I got 4 of the horses in the barn.
  7. 5 inches for a 10 inch plow is about normal. 6 inches would be the max, I would think. You can adjust the depth of the plow also. Here is the manual. Brinly_10in_Integral_Hitch_Plow(PP-510).pdf plow_setup.pdf
  8. New Horse Barn arrived at my house about 2:30 pm yesterday. Took about an hour and half to unload, move it to the spot I wanted, and get it leveled. The Mule that he had did most of the job, and as the driver said, that thing is the most amazing invention to jobs like this. No pictures of the shed in it's new location. I took the day off from work and after walking 4 miles in the morning, I spent the rest of the day until the barn arrived cleaning up the property. By the time the driver left, I was pretty tired. Hopefully this evening, the barn will be occupied with some residents.
  9. Yes, building one would be time consuming, plus gathering and buying all the materials. It seems like I make my build list and then go to the lumber yard and pick up everything on my build list, only to find I neglected something or ran into a problem, or perhaps an upgrade, so it's off to the lumber yard again. And when you only have weekends, it's just makes sense to just buy a prefabricated one.
  10. My B-100 Automatic doesn't have the seat nor the seat springs, and the hood has been butchered a bit. I see some good parts on your B that are better than mine, or missing on mine. Both of ours being hydros is either a coincidence or an omen.
  11. There's plenty of them out there. This one is a Derkens. I was thinking a 10 x 20 economy one, but after more research, though they're priced better, they have 2 x 4 floor joists on 24 inch centers. This one has 2 x 6 floor joists on 16 inch centers. I'm just not crazy about having 2 x 4 floor joists and the extra 8 inches between them. I could have built my own, and made it bigger, but the time and effort wasn't something I wanted to do. It would have been cheaper to build myself, but this is easier. Here are a couple of brochures for your reading pleasure. 2895 TN, MO, KY.pdf AllSteelCatalog.pdf
  12. I have a 20 x 25 foot garage that I have been storing my various Wheel Horses and John Deeres in. It's also home to my son-in-law's Harley. Right now it's over full and it's a pain to walk around everything and a real pain to get a tractor out that's buried in a corner. So, I bought a new lofted barn from one of those rent to own shed places. It's a 10 x 16 with a loft, verical z-metal siding over osb inner walls. It's supposed to be delivered sometime this week, probably tomorrow. Paid more than I was going to pay, but decided the loft would be a good to keep things off the floor. It will be home to about 4 tractors, most of them will be Wheel Horses, so it will be my horse barn. It will probably get Wheel Horse signage while the other garage will remain my main work shop and home to most of my John Deeres and probably the 520-H, plus of course, my son-in-law's Harley. I always wanted a red barn, so I guess this is close enough.
  13. Nice haul, and that B-100 looks like it's in better cosmetic shape than the B-100 Automatic I picked up at the first of the year. Too bad you weren't closer and I would take that B off your hands.
  14. Good video. Thanks for posting it.
  15. Just a note here, the muffler on it now is Deere's replacement for the original. It's okay and is what I have on mine, but if you want it to look original, HAPCO sells the reproduction originals. Unfortunately they're out of stock now, but I'm sure they will get more in soon. Contact Kate at Hapco. http://hapcoparts.com/muffler.aspx