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  1. "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    He's going to love that 953. I now have two myself. They're beginning to be my favorite Horse.
  2. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Steve, I might just take you up on that offer. Yeah, they're coming. It may take a while to go through them. One thing I have learned is just because they look good here, doesn't necessary mean they will have the same quality when converted to a calendar. Guys, keep them coming.
  3. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    I guess the main problem with this theme would be quality of some of the pictures being submitted. Some aren't of good quality and may not translate too well for a calendar. But, I have thought about the idea in the past (no pun intended).
  4. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Don't forget, to put a model/year of the tractor you are posting images of!!!!!!!
  5. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    It's that time of year that we need to start thinking, planning, and preparing for our annual Wheel Horse Red Square calendar. If you want a chance to have your tractor(s) appear on next year's calendar, here is the thread to post your pictures. This year, I also asked that you put your username and year/model of your tractor for each picture you submit. We want HIGH resolution images only as they display better on our calendars. I would like season related images, i.e. snow blowing or snow blading for winter, grass mowing for summer, fall clean up for fall, and, of course, any tractor working or just sitting pretty for all to see are surely welcome. I don't know if we would want a theme or not, but that could be an idea. So, maybe suggestions for a theme, if we go that route. Examples are RJs, or Suburbans, or maybe big wheel tractors like the 953/1054/GT-14/C-195, or maybe a 70's theme? I don't know if we will do a theme, but I still like to have some suggestions and/or comments added here also. Thanks. OH, if anyone wants to tackle this project besides me, feel free to volunteer.
  6. 1975 B-100 Automatic

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. GT-14 For Sale

    Replaced the worst tire, the left rear, which was leaking fluid all over my garage floor. I may be tempted to trade this for a narrow frame or wide frame Cub Cadet in decent, running condition. If I had time to mess with this GT, I probably keep it. I just don't have the time now for further projects.
  8. RJ58 Find today (Awsome)!!!!

    Jeff, Thanks for posting the pictures. And being the second owner......that is priceless in my book. The only thing better, of course, would be something your dad or grandfather owned. I need to come over one evening and look at it. I'll give you a call beforehand. Thanks.
  9. Lawn-Boy M Series Brought Back to Life

    I'm a big fan of the Lawn Boy mowers. Love them and I had a few of them. They're light weight and with the two stroke engines, mowing on a hill side isn't a concern. I wish I had another one as I sold the ones I did have.
  10. Other tractors in my stable

    So sorry about your daughter. Nice looking RF 110. I had a few of those, the last one was a '66 that I traded back in May. I also had a few 200 series JDs, a couple of 210s and a couple of 214s.
  11. GT-14 For Sale

    I might be willing to sell my GT-14. I haven't ran the serial number yet to see what year it was made. I acquired this tractor from a member here back in May and hadn't done anything with it yet. Steve told me it ran great, but it was the hardest tractor he ever tried to start. Maybe ACR? Anyways it doesn't run currently, but the engine is free. I jumpered across the terminals on the solenoid and it did crank, but didn't seem to have fire. Wiring is suspect and it might need a solenoid. Other things wrong: Rear tires are calcium chloride filled and they're shot as are the rear rims (rusted to the point of being junk). I do have a pair of rims with tires that can be mounted temporarily. Engine is the wrong color as can be seen from the pictures. Wiring, as I mentioned is suspect. I can not verify the transmission as it's not running, but Steve told me it worked fine. I will try to get better pictures if there is any interest. The first two below is when I brought it home from Steve's dad's place with some other Wheel Horses. And the first picture you can see the two replacement rear tires behind the Lawn Ranger. The third picture is from Steve's dad's pole barn. PM me for details and further info. $225 obo, but I really don't have to sell so be gentle on any offers. Located near Bonne Terre, Missouri, 63628.
  12. Cub cadet originals

    Put a want to trade ad in our classified section.
  13. Fuel Efficient Cars

    I think he might have been at work, you know, at the quarry. Wilma must have brought it in to the auto body shop for some minor repair work. The roof looks new......
  14. Fuel Efficient Cars

    Ran across this "used" fuel efficient car recently.
  15. New Farmall Cub Owner

    I posted this in another thread, but here is my '47 Cub alongside my 551. The largest and smallest tractors I have.