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  1. Poulan are made mainly by AYP, American Yard Products, who also makes Craftsmans and other entry level lawn tractors. They're mainly designed for a 5 year life cycle as are most entry level machines.
  2. The show has been rescheduled for this Saturday, May 27.
  3. Even got your dad into this photo op.
  4. I'm not sure, I would have to research it some. It very well could be that someone added it as Steve did mentioned that the throttle control lever was backwards, meaning you moved it down to throttle up instead of the correct way of moving it up to give it some throttle.
  5. Nah, it would be a reenactment.
  6. Steve, It was nice once again to meet you and your dad. For those who don't know Steve, him and his dad are wonderful people. I enjoyed my visit(s) there, and I wish I could have stayed longer and took more pictures. Hmm, now how about a trade for the RS Senior? Anyways, I had to convince my wife that I got a good deal. She really didn't like to see the 110 go, and even made a comment on the "junk" that I got. I told her I was quite happy and don't rain on my parade sort of thing. I did make her happy a bit as we stop and ate on the way home. I had one guy with a very nice restored '56 Chevy take a good long look at what I had on the trailer. It will take some time to get these where I want them. My wife already mentioned how much it will cost for tires for the GT-14 and the 953s. My brother-in-law works at a tarp factory down in Pilot Knob and I know I probably can get him to reupholster the one seat on the 953. I kind of like the patina of the one 953, so it may just get a cleaning and a wipe down, but we'll see. This was one time I wish I had a bigger truck and trailer. We got all of it loaded, but it did squat the truck some. To believe it or not, the 4 in the trailer was off-loaded pretty easy and I had no trouble getting them in the garage. The Charger V8 in the truck bed was a different story, but with the help of my John Deere GX345 I got it unloaded and moved into the garage. I should have took a picture of the John Deere pulling the Charger V8 around like it was nothing, but didn't think of it when I was doing it. Steve @stevasaurus won't believe me without pics, but it did happen, I just didn't think to snap a pic or two. Thanks, again, Steve.
  7. @AMC RULES would probably enjoy the article starting on page 92, where Mario Andretti covers the AMX.
  8. Pete, looking good. If anyone knows GTs, the John Deere 318 has been considered to be one of the best L&G tractor ever made, turning brakes, power steering, dual hydraulics, heavy duty transmission, transmission cooler, Onan engine, very heavy duty frame, category 3 point hitch optional, a very heavy GT. About the only two better would be John Deere 322 and 332, which are 318s with better engines.
  9. Picked up quite a load from Steve @wh500special today.
  10. I found another one, but it's overpriced and the deal wouldn't be right even if he decides to trade, unless he throws money my way. Serial number makes it a 1951. I have yet to really talk to the owner, the lady there didn't know much about it. So, I'm not sure if it starts, runs, drives, if the hydraulics work, etc. If you noticed on the inside of the left fendr is "1800" which the lady thinks is the price, which if so, is too much for what it is, in my opinion. Also, the left rear tire is flat, and there is a lot of surface rust on the steering box in front plus the tie rod areas. But it does have hydraulics, if working, lights, tool box, fenders, etc. As for power, this will be more for cruising around and occasionally doing small chores (which is what I use my Wheel Horses for since my JDs do the actual work..sorry).
  11. Steve, I don't think you would want me to show any pictures of this on WFM, though they, not being brand jealous, won't say anything negative about it. They like all brands, all colors. Mine has a differential lock, though once you hang up the deck, it ain't going nowhere. The deck will keep even the most hardiest of tractors stuck until they get a little boost.
  12. That's a X300 series lawn tractor and yes, just like any lawn and garden tractor, they can and will get stuck in ditches. I had to pull my 520-H out the other day with my JD GX345. It happens to all brands, all colors, even the 4WD SCUTs and CUTs. Sometimes people tend to lose a bit of logic and think they can go anywhere because it's a "tractor".
  13. Just south of me, about 35-40 miles, is JP Tractor Salvage, which used to host the annual Cub-Arama in Fredricktown, Missouri. They have tons of parts for Cubs, plus other tractors as well. They no longer host Cub-Arama, which was hosted the last couple of years by someone else. Cub-Arama is held the last weekend of each September and I'm expecting to go this year. There will be tons of parts, I'm sure. I'm hoping of having a Cub by then, if not, then..... http://www.jptractorsalvage.com/default.asp http://www.cub-a-rama.com/
  14. Nice score and a nice looking 953. I hope to be in the 953/1054 club soon myself. They are really cool looking tractors, in my opinion.