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  1. Rest in Peace JimD

    I'm also sorry to hear this. I know Jim hasn't been on the forum in a while and I knew he had some serious health issues, but still this is a shock. My prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends.
  2. I have 2 sets now, and had a third set a few years ago of the Hi-Runs. Good tires, made from the Carlisle molds. They run true to size, unlike Deestones, which usually don't.
  3. Tail-End Thursday...Kind of!

  4. It’s Wheels and Tires Wednesday!!

    Just gotta love the 27 inchers on the 953s.
  5. Been Propositioned

    How much longer until you go by "WHX100"?
  6. Attachment Tuesday guys!!

    Probably not an original Wheel Horse plow, but still....
  7. It’s Motor Monday!!

    A K-91 for a 400 that I had.
  8. 1995 Wheel Horse 520H with 48" SD & Twin Vac Bagger

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. Ok, I saw this Case.....

    My wife and I were going to her music practice at the church (the praise and worship team practice their songs every other Friday night), and we were a bit early, so we decided to just drive for a few minutes. Went down the old highway (they put in the new stretch of that highway 40 years ago and some of the older parts were still there since there were houses on them), and off to the left, sitting in knee high weeds, was a Case garden tractor. I didn't get a good enough glimpse at it there to see if it was a big wheel one or not, but it was an older Case, probably from the 70s. I will be headed back there when I have more time to drop in and ask about it. Funny thing, I was telling my wife just a few days before, I was getting out of the garden tractor stuff (just keeping my 4 older Wheel Horses and my newer John Deeres), and now I'm thinking about a Case.
  10. Help/Ideas

    Mike, Before you started the Side Shot Saturday thread, I thought about doing it also. But, since Saturday AND Sunday start with an "S", it had me pondering over that dilemma. I thought about Side Shot (Left) Saturday and Side Shot (Right ) Sunday, but that might be confusing. Using the Sabbath day for a Sunday doesn't help as it starts with an "S" also, plus that may offend the 7th Day Advent crowd. How about Action (Shot) Sunday?
  11. Side Shot Saturday !!

    My 702.
  12. Side Shot Saturday !!

    My first of two 953s. I don't have any pictures of just the second 953...yet.
  13. Front End Friday

  14. Father's Day Storm Clean Up

    Nice work, Craig. Those loaders can come in handy.
  15. B-80 8 speed

    I moved this to the Wanted forum in the Classified section.