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  1. The Deere X500 series are great machines, very capable, and Deere offers an integral hitch, either power or manual depending on the X500 series model. Vertical shaft tractors usually have a more efficient system for powering the deck, i.e. mower drive belts don't have to be rerouted, but are straight shots to the deck from the engine. Deere uses either Kawasaki commercial grade engines (gas) or Yanmar engines (diesels) in their X series tractors, which are the ones you would want if buying a Deere.
  2. Nice looking tractor.
  3. This is the second thread in as many months on these. They're cute little things.
  4. I hope there wasn't too much damage. It seems like the western part of Missouri gets severely impacted by storms a lot, more so than the eastern part of the state. The EF-5 that hit Joplin May 22, 2011, comes to mind.
  5. Yeah, but I need a plow and a couple of other things to plow with.
  6. Yes, the battery box cover came with it. The guy kept it off because he kept a battery tender on the battery. BTW, the tractor has been converted over already to a 12V system.
  7. As much as I like the garden tractors, I have a few and have own probably literally 100s over the years, I always wanted a bigger tractor. My first choice would be a John Deere two cylinder one, like a H, M, 40, or maybe a L or LA, but most I've seen are above my budget, and most of the ones that I've seen for sale, except the L and LA which hardly ever come up for sale, are tri-fronts, which I hate. My second choice has always been a Farmall Cub, preferably the earlier red standard ones. So, I have been on the hunt for one. I've seen and drove several over the past several weeks. I narrow it down to a '52 and a '47. I ended up choosing the '47 mainly because of the owners. They are an elderly couple who are now developing health related issues. They have the Cub and a Farmall M that they take to shows and parades, but now have to quit and sell off their tractors. He is a retired mechanic, so the tractors are in great shape, cosmetically and mechanically. He is going deaf and she is now in the early stages of Alzheimer's. She fell and hit her head on the M at their last show, so they knew it was time to stop. They are a great couple, honest, and really nice people. I felt like I would be honored to own their little Cub and so the choice on which one I would buy was really influenced by them. I know you shouldn't be influenced by emotion when purchasing things, but it just felt right. I found a couple of tractors that had wheel weights, implements, and attachments, but the tractor had to be right. I can always buy implements over time when they become available, plus I'm just north of JP Tractor Salvage in Fredricktown, Missouri which has the rear wheel weights for $65 a set, and I have a set of the front wheel weights that I have been using on the rear wheels of my garden tractors. JP has plenty of implements and/or can get them in as they get new inventory all the time. 1947 was the first year of the Cub.
  8. Craig, I'm glad you guys are okay. From the weather reports, they were predicting wide spread damage, but we just got rain and some thunder and lightening down where I live southeast of you. Nothing major here.
  9. thank you buddy ill give it a try

  10. Lowell, do you make the slot to clevis hitch adapters? I don't think I seen them on your website.
  11. From what Steve @wh500special, told me, the 60 inch deck on the D-250 was made by John Deere, and is a modified John Deere 400 60 inch deck. Also, from the things I've read here, the decks for the C-195 were made by Ariens, I believe.
  12. Changed Status to Closed
  13. Looks like I have to open the pump up. The spring is item 18 in the image below, I assume? It looks like Lowell sells them for $25 if this one is broken: https://wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/hydraulics.html#!/Wheel-Horse-Hy-2-Hy-3-spring-new-style/p/84960187/category=23548048
  14. And the lights work!