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  1. Place a wanted ad in our classified section.
  2. We need photos and also a video. I love to see these old tractors in the field doing what they were designed to do.
  3. @Amcwheel85, it seems like you're restocking your collection. I guess you need a John Deere RF 110 now, and maybe a Power King, a Case big-wheel tractor, and a Simplicity, and ........it goes on and on and on and..... BTW, if you were closer, I might sell you my '66 John Deere 110 so I can finance a couple of 953s.
  4. You won't regret it.
  5. I also like it, sort of an industrial look to it. Going off topic, Caterpillar wanted to get in on the garden tractor market in the 70s and they had John Deere make some in Cat yellow. But it never went into production. Brandon from HAPCO and LAGC magazine has one, I believe. For your viewing pleasure: It's in one of these videos, plus there are some Wheel Horses in these as well.
  6. I'll leave that up to the owner to say where, if he places an ad here. But, he knows I'm interested, so I'm thinking he will wait on me first before he does or gives me first dibs, but I understand if he doesn't wait on me.
  7. Jelly, I would definitely buy it if I was you, unless it was ridiculously too high priced. I have the model that replaced that one, a 1961 551. They're neat little tractors and will attract a lot of attention at tractor shows. Just be aware that parents and kids alike, think it's a kiddie tractor and so you have kids who want to climb all over them, and with their parents encouragement.
  8. Not to hijack this thread, but I have a couple of 953s in my sights. Well, not physically in my sights currently, but I know where two are and have been considering on how to acquire them.
  9. 953 and/or a 1054 would be on my list of tractors to own. Those two, and of course, a Senior.
  10. Looking good and fantastic progress on this tractor. The frame on those looks pretty beefy.
  11. Lane, You had done gone Hollywood on us, getting your name in the closing credits of a TV show.
  12. Yes. Pretty identical, I believe, at least from quick observation.
  13. Yep, definitely a Peerless 2300 transmission. Weak spot in those are the shifter fork detent springs, which become weak or break and will allow the transmission to locked into one gear. Easy fix, and cheap, about $12 for the springs and detent balls, and a few more $ for a gasket. You have to drop the transmission and split it open, just be sure the half with the shifter is on the bottom. If not the gears will fall out and you have a mess to figure out.
  14. This has been posted on here before. I believe they contacted @Lane Ranger about using some of his photos to get some background information on Wheel Horses. There may be other threads on this same episode.
  15. I agree, it looks like a Peerless 2300 series transmission to me also. I have seen a few of those on John Deere 110/112 and the older 200 series.