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  1. Guy's, I don't want everyone to hate me because I offended some Red Square members Devin ( Fritz ) and Jack ( RideawaySenior ) that lost his Dad another has Cancer right now he's going through a rough time trying to cope with it . Yes I knew it was really rude improper to constantly e-mail this person then upset him I have learned my lesson this time for Good . I meant no harm I do better next time think first before I write my post and hit the new topic button. I'm sorry for the trouble I have caused please understand it won't happen anymore I promise . All my friends is here I like to start over and put this problem behind me I 'm not of what I did to hurt people for no reason it's just not right and I know better not to do it next time You have my word on it I decided to stop the feedback e-mails I write in Jack's tractor web site . Ben :thumbs:
  2. Raider 10

    I have the '71 RAIDER 10 parts tractor and my '72 Commando 800 put the Kohler K-181 8 HP motor into this Horse make it an RAIDER 8 6-Speed . Ben... :thumbs2:
  3. The 550 and 1054 project

    Charlie, I think your 1054 looks Cool all restored with the Clinton engine . I need to work on my 953 so it runs I had trouble with the Regulator shortin out So I picked up a new one at the show last year and ON / OFF switch with Key . Ben :thumbs2:
  4. 67 L-107 LAWN RANGER

    I put my 1967 L-107 Lawn Ranger with 32" RD mower deck up for sale in CL askin $575 . Ben
  5. Happy Birthday BPjunk

    :thumbs2: Bill . Ben
  6. '73 10 AUTOMATIC

    I put another front axle in my '73 10 AUTOMATIC because the steering had some play in it . out of the 16 AUTOMATIC parts Horse . and replaced the old tie rods with adjustable ones . sooner or later I will restore the tractor . Ben
  7. 12 auto parking brake issues

    Jeff, On Dad's '73 12 AUTOMATIC's transmission the pawl must be worn out or broken from applying the parking brake and engaging it . maybe someone else can help you on this question . Ben :thumbs2:
  8. '69 CHARGER 10

    Yeah Duke, I need another Wheel Horse to buy like everyone else here on Red Square sooner or later the Correct tractor will come up for sale listed in CL. Ben :thumbs:
  9. '69 CHARGER 10

    Don, It does not to look at the '69 CHARGER 10 AUTO , talk price Friday or Saturday I will look at the tractor . Ben
  10. '69 CHARGER 10

    Guy's , I keep searchin CL for Wheel Horses for sale I decided to pass on the '69 CHARGER 10 AUTOMATIC - DRIVE tractor with attachments in Palmer MA because the Tecumsehs have Carbureter problems Kohler's is easy to work on . Ben he needs to buy another Horse but can't find any some is over priced out of my price range .
  11. What a haul

    Mike, I had the 48" TORO Wheel Horse Snow / Dozer Blade from Jack in trade for my '68 LAWN RANGER on the 418-A pushin fallen trees out of the way . in the woods where I ride around on my Horses . Ben
  12. '69 CHARGER 10

    Yeah :thumbs:
  13. Getting Ready For The Show!

    Mike, The Wheel Horse Collectors Club Show in Arendtsville , PA Some Red Square or the YAHOO Group members could not attend over the years . Ben
  14. '69 CHARGER 10

    Here is some pictures from CL CHARGER 10 Auto. Ben Attached Image
  15. '69 CHARGER 10

    Tony, I don't think any Red Square member will buy the tractor from under me . I'm the only person who called up aquiring about the '69 CHARGER 10 AUTOMATIC - DRIVE ad other people wanted the Snow / Dozer Blade , Rotary Mower Deck the person mentioned over the phone to me I offer him $300 for everything he wants $350 listed in CL do a little Wheel Horse talk to even the deal I already told him I Collect them . Ben :thumbs: