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  1. Fish ID

    Yup its a bowfin for sure, I just caught another and studied it a lil closer. It even has the little feeler things on the upper lip. And hey there Steve - I was waiting for you to jump in Bevan
  2. Fish ID

    Thanks for the replies Steve and Raider, It didnt put up a fight being reeled in and was pretty calm on the ground. I didnt notice any teeth but then again I didnt look. If I get to choose it would be the bowfin, sounds like a better fish to have! I was dissapointed to think it might be snake head. Hopefully I can catch another so I can compare, but I am not a very good fisherman sadly. Thanks again guys, Bevan
  3. Fish ID

    Hey Guys, I decided yesterday to see whats lurking in my pond. Apart from some baby gators and turtles, I didnt know what was in there. Here is what I caught today: I have no idea what it is. Its about a 1/3 acre pond with lots of duckweed. Its fed by wetlands. I am not sure if the previous owner stocked it at all. I am located in central Florida Thanks in advance, Bevan
  4. K241 Stuck Valve

    Here is a video, its not much to look at but it does show her running: I have been trying to fine tune the carb today, I think I just made it worse! I will reset to factory settings and try again. Definately not your fault on the grease Steve! Just me getting carried away Thanks, Bevan
  5. k-241 belt length

    Thanks for the replies everyone, Just to follow up, if someone needs a quick replacement from TSC around 36" should be good. I got a 34" but its just a touch too small to go on. Thanks Bevan
  6. K241 Stuck Valve

    Yup I think you are onto something here. I think I did grease the fork shafts because thats the reason I had to rebuild initially (because the fork shafts had frozen in place) and I was afraid they would again. I wondered how the shafts would work because they seemed to have air trapped under the shafts that would make them bounce back out if pressed down on them. I guess the grease helped seal the air in there. It will go into gear but pops out when under load. It never goes out of any of the other gears, I had the nuts up on the diff and the reverse idler was bevel up too. I am not going to worry for now, once I get a seat on this bad boy I want to get some seat time in. I still need to fine tune the carb so it comes down to a nice idle and pops the flapper nicely Do you know after how long running should I re-torque the head bolts? Thanks Steve, Good to have you back! Bevan
  7. K241 Stuck Valve

    Hey Steve, Welcome back! I hope you had a nice time away. Yeah I am not too sure what the deal is with 3rd. The lever goes all the way into place and it starts to move forward but then grinds and pops out of gear. Maybe I got one of the cogs in upside down? Oh well, its just going to be used for plowing etc anyway, so the slower gears are what I need. Bevan
  8. k-241 belt length

    Thanks Gary, Mine disintergrated unfortunatley and blew into a million pieces! I will just have to try a couple out I guess. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Bevan
  9. k-241 belt length

    Hey guys, does anyone know the length of the starter/generator belt off a k-241? I need a quick replacement and was hoping to get something temp from TSC. Any ideas? Thanks Bevan
  10. K241 Stuck Valve

    I tried a different wrench at they tightened better. It runs nicely! Unfortunately the generator belt disintegrated quickly, does anyone know the correct size? Only issue is my freshly rebuild transmission wont go into 3rd Thats life! Thanks for all the help Bevan
  11. K241 Stuck Valve

    Alright, She's all back together and ready to be fired up. My only concern is the head bolts. I borrowed a torque wrench and I tightened the bolts in sequence but they dont seem to be very tight at 25 - 30 ft lbs. I would like to tighten them more.... perhaps the wrench is wrong? Any thoughts? do they usually tighten up kinda soft? Thanks Bevan
  12. K241 Stuck Valve

    Thanks guys for all the replies and tips. I will spray her down with carb cleaner in the AM. I went to my father in laws today to borrow some tools and he had a valve spring compressor. Its a big one but I thought I would give it a shot before buying a small one. I know I can get a valve lapping tool and compound locally. I think I am ready to get stuck into this tomorrow! Thanks again, Bevan
  13. K241 Stuck Valve

    Holy Cow Anglo, How did you get that so clean and pretty? Does anyone have an article on lapping valves? Thanks Bevan
  14. K241 Stuck Valve

    Thanks for the reply Mike, As expected you were right on target about not being able to find a valve spring compressor locally. I guess I will have to order one offline and wait. I will also need to educate my self in the mean time with lapping valves! Cheers Bro Hank and WH Nut, thanks for your comments too. Hopefully I can get away with avoiding a rebuild for right now. Do you think it will run if I wait on the rebuild? Thanks! Bevan
  15. K241 Stuck Valve

    Did Napa have that on the shelf? Thanks! Bevan