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  1. I have a set of weights and chains from a 314/8 that have never been used. I will not ship these. Contact me by email if interested as I don't log onto the site often.
  2. Weights and Chains $100

    Yes I do. Price is firm. Weights and chains have never been used. Sorry John. I'm not looking to ship at this time. If your ever traveling through central Ma. Send me an email and I could possibly meet you somewhere. Chris
  3. Weights and Chains $100

    Updated post. I believe the the chains are for 23" tires I'll check when I get home today.
  4. Weights and Chains $100

    Cleaning out the garage and found these in the corner. They came with a 314/8. 23" Tires I think. LPU only. Send me an Email if interested. Chris
  5. 314-8 Rear Chains & Weights

    Changed Price to $100
  6. 314-8 Rear Chains & Weights

    I have a set of never used Wheel horse chains and plastic weights with mounting hardware from a 314-8. They'll fit 23" tires I believe.....size is written on the red bag in picture. I forgot to take a picture of the rear wheel weights but they are unused. Email me if your interested as I haven't been on the site much recently.
  7. Wheel Horse Motion Picture Trivia

    Is this it? :woohoo:
  8. Suburban ??

    How can you tell the carb has been changed? What engine is this anyway?
  9. Suburban ??

    I saw this on the side of the road today....Looks like a lawn ornament, but I thought if I asked the owner might be willing to sell it. Looking at the pictures can anyone tell me exactly what I was looking at? Why does it have a knob on each side of the steering shaft and also two levers on the dash? It's all rusty but not rotted, the gas tank has some liquid in it (my guess is water), has a plow, seat was on the ground behind tractor and the motor was initially stuck but broke free turning by hand. I didn't try to move it so the tranny is unknown. What would you guys offer to buy this? Should I even bother?
  11. newbie here but proud owner.

    Nice Score!! Why can't I be this lucky? :hide:
  12. Hub cap rust removal

    This works surpisingly well....cheap too!
  13. c-120 restore

    That's looking Sweet! I think the powder coating worked out well. Makes me want to work on my c-120 but its almost midnight here and I have to work in the morning.
  14. You can see it here.... looks pricey for the front pulley set-up http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/index.php?showtopic=9228
  15. Clark....here's the best I could do with photos of my own c-120/8. I took photos of everything during disassembly, so if you need more send me a PM.