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  1. Old topic,,,,what i discovered

    Personally I like sunrise red I painted my C-161 8 speed with it and Cecil liked it at the last show he attended. I feel like we are beating a dead horse with the paint topic but I got it directly from the man himself "there is no official WheelHorse red" Cecil told me that back then paint mixing wasn't the science it is today so there is variations in the color. So as most of us agree, if you paint it red and you like it then that is your Wheel Horse red!
  2. Sickle Bar Mower Drive Pulley Plate

    I mounted mine to a C-121 8 speed a number of years ago. I need to go take pictures of it but I was able to make it work with the attachment lift handle lifting the wobble box and the lift handle on the unit itself to lift the bar.
  3. The number I gave you was from 2004. I have the receipt from when I did the restoration. At the time I used a heat gun and removed the grip on the lift handle. The paint under the grip was obviously like new so I matched it up with a PPG paint chart.
  4. Try ppg number 70094 that is what I used and Cecil Pond said to me that he loved it just before he signed my restored C-121 Automatic.
  5. What's In Your Mirror?

    Hmmm you could get a 417-8 with electric lift where the engineering was already done before the 520 was introduced? The frame and transmission are the same for these tractors. To me it seems crazy that you could get that tractor with reduction steering,forward swept front axel but you still had manual lift?
  6. What's In Your Mirror?

    Someone please tell me why the 520-8 didn't come with electric lift?
  7. Good advice on doing it over a garbage can or be prepared to have little nibbler pieces stuck in your shoes!!!
  8. Showing the boy some culture today

    I remember as a kid when my family had the excavation business we had a single axle Brockway (gas job) and a non-detachable lowboy that would haul a cable operated Caterpillar D-7. I wonder what would happen if you tried that with a single axle tractor from today? Boy would I love to have that set up restored now! I remember parts of the cab were made out of wood. Anyway here is the truck I may have to drive at any given moment,for free!! She's not an antique(1995) but I refer to her as the pride of the fleet.
  9. New tires and weights

    Where did you get those suitcase weights from? I need some, well not really but I would like some because they definitely look cool!!
  10. Hot Tractor

    On a serious note (please note that I am never serious!) it appears to me that the 417 was the only tractor that came factory with those baby moons. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I was lucky enough to inherit a 417-A and now use it as my dedicated snow blower. I posted these pictures and then realized you can't even see the baby moons!!
  11. My very special Horse finally found its way home

    Definitely try the diesel fuel trick. I personally would also add some marvel mystery oil to it. I don't know what is in that stuff but I swear by it. Maybe try straight marvel? Its worth a shot and would make for a good story!!
  12. Frame swap possible? C-160 hydro vs GT-1848 Auto

    The work horse came with an Eaton transmission. It may bolt up but the brake pedal and the other linkages may be an issue. If you had a C-161,or a 165 I don't think that you would have any issues.
  13. snow thrower

    You sure can! As long as you have the lift tube and flag that go with it. If it was working on a c-series it will work on a 400 series.
  14. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Here's a few too bad the resolution is not so good in some of them. Time goes so fast, that's my daughter in one of the pictures. Seems like yesterday I took that and now she is in college!
  15. C161 solid rear rims

    I remember talking to a gentleman at the big show a few years ago. I believe it was Chad Veromin? Anyway I was told that there was a shortage of the "regular" style rims in late 1977 into the early 79. So another manufacturer supplied these solid rims. Seems like that could be true, but I can't say for sure. I always wanted a set of those rims and recently was given a C-160 Automatic that had homemade concrete wheel weights. The other day I was looking at it and noticed it had solid wheels, so today off came the ugly weights to reveal my solid wheels!!!