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  1. Question: Was that the real truck from the movie? Because I have often wondered what happened to it?
  2. Newbie (Scotland )

    The 3 point hitch is definitely not factory, but definitely very cool. I'd like to see more pictures of the mower. Is that a flail or reel mower?
  3. What is this tractor?

    I don't think a C-125 automatic came with hydraulic lift. 145 and 165 did come with hydraulic lift.
  4. mule drive

    Okay so what is the deal with the spring? I have been running a 60" deck on my 416-H for years with a standard mule drive. I only recently had to replace the belt.
  5. 1984 C195 & 416-8 Restoration

    Might as well just paint the rest of the cooler now Steve!!!
  6. Wheel Horse 417A with at the least one blown head gasket

    I have a two-stage snowblower on a 417-A and love it. It's my dedicated snowblower tractor, with cab, lights and heat. Ed is right about the heat. I tapped into the shrouds that cover the cooling fins and ran some 1/2" heater hose into the cab, then to a piece of 3/4" pvc pipe with 1/8" holes drilled 1" apart. That pipe is just below the windshield and it helps with defrosting.
  7. What did you take home from the Big Show

    Yup AND I'm still married !!! 😂😂
  8. What did you take home from the Big Show

    I told my wife that I'm not going to buy anymore tractors. I also told her that if a nice clean unmolested C-141 Automatic comes along at the show I might have to buy it. Well you guys can guess what happened!!
  9. 2018 Group Photo; please identify yourself.

    #3-C-Series Don, Don Oliver
  10. C-175 8 Speed Price Check

    Some pics of it will definitely help with an accurate estimate of value.
  11. I'm number three, C-series Don. Don Oliver thanks 

  12. sickle mower help needed

    I ended up taking off the mid-mount tachamatic and bolting it to the frame. As far as the pulley not lining up, I got an offset pulley for the shaft on the sicklebar and it works fine. I mounted it on a C-121 8 speed. When I get home from the big show I will try to remember to take pictures of it. Remember one thing, that is these things don't like to run fast. Running it too fast will blow up the wobble box!!!
  13. 854 with factory Cab

    Wow, that baby is nice. Sure can tell someone really loved that tractor. The cab, I believe is definitely very rare but I think it's hiding the true beauty of the machine!!! Good luck with it, and I think I speak for everyone here when I say that I'm jealous! Good luck with it, go get a can of Pledge 😂
  14. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    The Dobbin house is always part of our pilgrimage!! We love that place and will be going Saturday night. Two years ago we were lucky enough to sit next to Mr and Mrs Rules!
  15. Is something going on?

    Yes, tomorrow's forecast is not looking good. Let's just hope that they are wrong as usual !😂😂