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  1. Good bye to an old friend

    Sarge, I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. I truly know the pain that you are going through. The loss of my last springer spaniel really took it's toll on me. We had to put him down at 13 1/2 years old.Wallace was literally my best friend, we went everywhere together. Work, hunting, the firehouse everywhere. I feel like he took part of my soul with him when he passed. I could go on and on about this. Dogs will bring you some of the happiest days of your life, and one of the saddest.
  2. serious snow removal

    I've been operating heavy equipment since I was a kid and some days can't wait to get out of the machine. But I have to say I think I want to go to Yellowstone this spring and be part of that whole operation!!!
  3. 416-8 with bervac snowblower

    I've heard those Bervac blowers work better than the Wheel Horse 2 stage blowers? I'd love to see them work side by side!!!
  4. Just to let you know, you are not the only one who got a Chinese carb with the choke cable plate not phased correctly. I also cut off the tab and now have the choke reversed at the control. I will say it does run just fine with that carb though. Happy Holidays 

  5. Grand Daughters

    Awesome Fred, your picture makes me smile. No amount of money or any material thing can make someone feel that way. God bless you and your family, happy holidays!
  6. Check out my (cough) "new" generator.

    That muffler is for a water pump. When you flip that lever and block the exhaust it would force it out the other end where you see the copper pipe. That pipe was connected to the impeller housing.The exhaust passing by that tube would create a venture effect and suck the air out of the impeller housing to help draft water. When water came out of the small end of the muffler you had pulled a prime. You then closed the valve in the copper pipe that I forgot to mention earlier, flip the lever back to open the muffler up and walla you're pumping water. We had this arrangement on a Hale pump with a Wisconsin engine in my volunteer fire department years ago. I hope I described it correctly and understandably.
  7. Oil type

    I am kinda in the same predicament, but I know what is in mine. I have a GT-1800 Work Horse that I bought new when I was a kid. I listened to an old gentleman who was a Wheel Horse guy. When it came time to service the transmission he said to use ATF, so I did. It wasn't till many years later that I realized that it was the wrong fluid. However I used this tractor for countless hours this way so I just stayed with it. I'm now restoring the tractor and I'm wondering if I should flush it or just drain it,spin on a new filter and call it good like I always have?
  8. Question on a cab install

    As far as not making it into the cab I cut the crank rod and welded in a piece of same diameter round stock to lengthen it into the cab.
  9. Wheel horse gt1100

    I bought a GT-1800 brand new, mowed commercially with it for 6 years. Plowed,tilled and you name it for countless hours hours. It was still going strong before I tore it down for restoration last year(Still restoring!!) Work Horses are Wheel Horses through and through. I love mine.
  10. Uneven lifting of snow blower

    Hmm Cleat, I have to go look but I'm pretty sure its on the right but maybe not?
  11. Uneven lifting of snow blower

    I have this same problem with my 44" two stage blower. Perhaps the best way to fix this is move somewhere where it's not necessary 😂😂

    Ha! As a matter of fact I totally forgot that I have one of those electric lifts ( linear actuators ) in my basement for the early 70's tractor that I don't have!!!

    I don't recall any of the black hoods being offered with electric lift? I thought that was first offered on the 417-8 and 418-8? But as always I could be wrong?
  14. See we have snow flying here?

    Is that your grader Craig?