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  1. 418A

    Fred I hope you are feeling better. You're going to bring them to the show and get me in trouble you know!!!
  2. Mine is permanently mounted to my C-141 8-speed with cab. I put the broom on and never took it off!! I have not added caster wheels yet, however it's definitely on my to do list. The cab has come in handy in certain situations when using the broom!!!
  3. I have that exact same broom. Sweepster model C-48. I searched for a couple of years to find a good one that was made to fit a C-series. Although I don't use it a lot it does come in handy for getting rocks out of the grass. I also sweep my asphalt drive with it occasionally(I've found its faster with a blower) It's great for de thatching grass as well. I feel that if it angled I would use it more though.
  4. Round one of this Nor’easter is done!

    National weather service has my hometown at 16" and I can tell you guys that might be a conservative estimate. I just got done plowing for 13 hours.
  5. Feast your Tired Eye's & Give a Reply

    Not going to lie Fred that thing looked like it just needed some TLC and for the right price it might have been worth all the yelling from the better half πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (eventually they forget/forgive) Side note: Loyola University in Maryland is $65,000 a year. Ask me how I know!!!
  6. Steering Column on 417-8

    Sounds like the only made for one year 418, but I believe they made 418-8,418-A and 418-C ?
  7. Nor'easter No. 3

    Now they are saying eastern Long Island where I am could get 10 plus inches. I have the 417-A with 2 stage blower all ready to go!
  8. Feast your Tired Eye's & Give a Reply

    Fred was just going to try to get me to buy that tractor too! At one point I knew what all the designation numbers were and have since forgot. However someone here knows.
  9. I'm Back on Good Behavior

    You guys are nothing but trouble. Fred, I can already tell that my wife is going to be there saying"NO you don't need another GD Wheel Horse. We have a kid in college that we have to pay for" It's not like I can sneak it home on the trailer without her noticing. Let me remind you all that my bride of 25 years is still the raining Wheel Horse Queen. We haven't had the contest in a few years now but I'm sure some of you remember the silly questions our brides had to answer to get the crown at the big show. She hated the fact that she won! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³πŸ˜œ
  10. Steering Column on 417-8

    Fred that tractor is not worth fixing and you should just stop now. Leave it alone just take it to the big show and take what you can get. You sometimes have to just take your losses. Lets think about this- 17 hp twin cylinder Kohler(that sounds so sweet under a load) bulletproof 8 speed transmission with electric lift. I'm not sure who would want this set up besides me and most of the other folks here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  11. I'm Back on Good Behavior

    The lift cable with a hydrostatic transmission can go from the rockshaft directly to the tiller. It will eventually wear a groove in the seat mounting plate that bolts to the transmission. There is a rockshaft that goes under the seat/fuel tank area that was optional which I feel would have been helpful for a manual lift. I'm not exactly sure how the electric lift will work with a direct cable. Fred, please do not bring that tractor all spiffed up to the show with a for sale sign on it. I promised my wife I would not buy anymore tractors( I had my fingers crossed when I said that so that cancelled that out!!!) I have a 417-A that I was fortunate enough to inherit. So they would look nice together. Geeze I even have an extra 36" tiller I could put on that tractor!! However I no longer have a garden to rototill so I don't need it. Then again I don't have anything to sicklebar mow either or spike tooth harrow or moldboard plow. Wait a minute, why do I even have all these things? 😳😜
  12. I'm Back on Good Behavior

    I've always wanted a 417-8 or 418-8 for rototilling. The gear driven transmission for steady ground speed and electric lift for easy lift of the tiller. I'm sure with a little love it will love you back Fred!!
  13. NJTOM's 701

    I am a keep it original look when it comes to restoring tractors. However I love that color scheme, it looks great. Hope you can bring it to the big show in June!!!
  14. Serious East Coast Weather Alert

    It's really starting to crank up here on eastern Long Island. Just had a gust had to be over 50 mph. The weather channel has people on the beach in Montauk which is about 30 miles to the east of me. Also just heard on my scanner a nieghboring fire department get called for a tree that blew over onto a car with occupants trapped inside. Hope they are ok. Tides are very high now in the bay which is about a quarter mile for my home with severe erosion going on.
  15. 2 stage snow blower question

    I got blower used and that was the belt that came with it. I'm not sure what the blower was on prior to me owning it.