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  1. 2 stage snow blower question

    Definitely, I have one on a 417-A and love it!!
  2. Ron, did you work for Wheel Horse? 

    1. R. L. Addison

      R. L. Addison

      Never did work for W.H., couple dealers is all. Worked on them on & off forever. Just blessed by the GOOD LORD in heaven above with talent & time to work on many for other people as well as my own, & like the design & simplicity of them.


  3. Can we discuss the C-171 again?

    Thank you for that information Ron. This was the Kohler before the series one Kohlers is that correct?
  4. C160

    Thank you for not parting out this tractor. It looks like it doesn't deserve that.
  5. We Lost A Great Member and Friend

    I remember that your dads face was one of those familiar faces I always looked forward to seeing at the show. Perhaps this year he and Cecil with be looking down on us at the show with big smiles knowing that these little tractors have brought together some great salt of the earth people. God bless you, your dad and family.
  6. Can we discuss the C-171 again?

    I still would like to know if a real C-171 was ever built? Maybe Ed Cole knows? I hope he comes to the big show this year because I have some other trivial questions for him. 5 months to go....
  7. Can we discuss the C-171 again?

    After reading that now I remember that post. But I still wonder what the tractor in the brochure has in it? There's no picture of the left side of the tractor so I can't tell for sure what is. Surely if anyone knows the story here it's Ed Cole!
  8. Can we discuss the C-171 again?

    The tractor in the photo with the rototiller is an 8-speed. The top photo is an automatic. In the 1979 brochure it says it was going to be available either or.
  9. Holy crap! That's pretty impressive. I'm also thinking eventually that guy is going to flip that thing!
  10. I was just going through the pictures section and came across the never (I think) produced C-171. Somebody had some information on this tractor, speculation or fact I don't remember. I wonder if one was ever made and where did it go? Or was that just a C-161 with 171 decals for the brochure? I remember the first time I saw this tractor in the brochure and thinking " I don't recall ever seeing or hearing of a C-171!" It kinda looks like a Briggs in the picture but I thought someone said it was to come with a Kohler twin? I have a C-161 twin automatic so that's my reference. Also have both C-161 8 speed and automatic, so a C-171 in the collection sure would be nice! Maybe the only one ever made is sitting in someone's garage just outside South Bend? Maybe belonging to an old gentleman who worked at the factory and happened to be in the right place at the right time when they said "we're not going to produce this tractor so take this one of a kind home!" Here's the topic, run with it boys!.......
  11. N.O.S wiring harness for Work Horse GT-1800

    The title pretty much sums it up! I'm restoring my Work Horse and need one new or like new. Thx
  12. The first picture is the exact one that I have, if you need further dementions I can get them to you.
  13. Craig is right antique white is the correct color.
  14. What is it????

    I only have one tractor in my collection of 16 tractors that is NOT a Wheel Horse. That is an Economy Jim Dandy. It's like the baby brother to the power king. I bought it in 1985 from the second owner. Its been stored inside its whole life and I honestly have to say it probably doesn't have more than a couple of hundred hours on it. I put it to bed properly twenty years ago and will bring her back to life as soon as I am done with my Work Horse GT-1800 restoration.
  15. I have that box blade with the ripper teeth brand new. It's made by Brinly takes the Brinly hitch. I always think I'm going to take it to a show on one of my show tractors but after owning it for more than ten years and not doing that I probably would sell it. I can't believe I just said I would sell something!!!