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  1. Gt1848 pedal

    The Work Horse doesn't have that friction adjustment. It has an Eaton transmission. I believe that adjustment can be done at the seat pan were the friction nut is.
  2. Looking for Value on C100 Wheel Horse

    Did you sell it or keep it?
  3. Original 1953 Walk Behind Found

    Steves barn is a museum! Pretty much everyone that walks in there thinks "Damn I'd love to have this!" Luckily for us there is people like Steve that really properly store and display our beloved tractors. Then invite all of us over for a meet and greet!
  4. The best things in life are FREE

    With the forward swept front axle your ready for a 60" deck!!
  5. Lassoed my unicorn the other day

    Yes unfortunately that is a common problem with those models. It happened to my Work Horse when I put too much weight in a rear mount Cyclone spreader.
  6. The REAL Wheel Horse

    As old as that is, the person that knows the story behind that may no longer be with us? Obviously we would all like to know!
  7. Side shot Sunday!

  8. Where is the AMC Jeep/Wheel Horse from the early 80's

    I have to wonder how many are still out there? Talk about a collectors item!
  9. Does anyone know where they went? I believe there were five of them made? Some of you guys know what I'm talking about and can post pictures of it. I can't find any?
  10. What do you have for a workbench?

    Better label those containers or else too many trips to the refrigerator and you will be saying to yourself "hmm I wonder which one its in?" 😂😂
  11. Relocation Time

    Congratulations on your retirement. I too am kinda jealous, I'm hoping to be able to do the same thing with my wife when the time comes. P.S. We need pictures of the Ford!! (I'm an F-350 single rear wheel kinda guy)
  12. Old US Mail Sears Snowplow Tractor

    What's that I spy next to it with the worn out cutting edge?
  13. 418... here I go again.

    I've always thought that would be the best rototilling tractor, with an 8-speed and electric lift seems like it would be a great combination!
  14. I do know that in the latter years (300-400) series tractors the paint was crap. I'm not sure what they used but if any moisture got under the paint it just pealed in sheets. You can tell that they shot bear metal with paint that didn't adhere. I find this to be true mostly on the fender pans, but I'm not sure why is?
  15. Actually, I will be in Connecticut Thursday through Sunday! But after that I will be around. As I said your welcome to stop by, I'm usually home by 4 weekdays and off on the weekends.