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  1. Ok, Dan693 we need the story on that Chevelle. If you don't want that thing anymore I could probably help you with that. Because we all know that nobody wants a 1970 SS CHEVELLE. Especially with that cowl induction hood. I mean c'mon that thing is probably taking up valuable space in your garage. It's not like that is the most saught after muscle cars ever made so......!!!! 😂
  2. Front deck carrier

    Hmm, that's a good question. And I don't have the answer but I would like to know.
  3. Do You Recognize this Guy??

    I definitely do not recognize that guy? I hope he's okay but kinda weird no ones heard from him. Maybe he's in the witness protection program after over hearing the conversation between me Craig and Denny ?
  4. Do You Recognize this Guy??

    Here's a little hint- I never go ANYWHERE without my knife!!!!
  5. Show us your signs

    DANG IT, DANG IT!!! I have been meaning to start this post and you beat me to it. Anyway I have a bunch of them but will be away. When I get back I will be so happy to post them.
  6. Wheel Horse C175

    If you have compressed air I would blow through the fuel line backwards till you hear the fuel bubble in the tank. Then while cranking the engine slightly pressurize the tank with the air to push the fuel to the pump.
  7. I remember the lost art of burning leaves. Nowadays people are too stupid to know when is a good time to do it and end up starting other things on fire. So now it's illegal here. Nothing smells like autumn more than burning leaves!
  8. I chose C-series Don because well, the C-series are my favorite and my name is Don. Pretty simple. As the only old acronym goes... Keep It Simple Stupid !!
  9. Which horse is your favorite

    A little bit of a long story but here goes. A good friend of mine who was definitely old enough to be my father and a fellow volunteer firefighter knew of my Wheel Horse addiction. He had a C-121 Automatic that his uncle bought brand new in 1978. One day he came to me and said that he really wanted to restore it but knew he was not going to have time. (He had cancer but at the time no one knew this) So he tells me that he wants his tractor to go to a good home and he knows that I will take care of it. A couple of days later I go pick it up and we are both very happy. I assure him that I will take good care of it. The following year I go to the Big Show and see Mark Klingers restored C-125 and think "man, I would love to have a tractor that looks like that!!" With that I think BOOM I'm going to restore Harry's tractor and not tell him. So I do a complete restoration of it, everything sandblasted or glass beaded. Two part epoxy self etching primer, three coats of red three coats of clear. It takes me months. When it is finally done I called him and asked him to come over. He was a house painter so I tell him I need price to paint my living room. When he gets here I ask him to come in the garage, I have something to show him. His eyes light up and he says "holy cow where did you get this beauty?" I tell him this is your tractor Harry. With that his eyes fill up with tears and he gives me a huge hug. Seeing the look on his face was priceless and worth all my efforts. That year I brought it to the big show and it was the first time Cecil was there. He signed my tractor and that really completed the whole thing. I lost my good friend (and drinking buddy!) to cancer the following year. I truly miss him. So here's to you Harry 🍻 Your tractor is in good hands. Harry's tractor is the one on the right.
  10. Wheel Horse “Generational” Survey

    I want one too!! Preferably the one on the right!!!
  11. Wheel Horse “Generational” Survey

    Thanks for starting this, I have several that have ether generational history or the history of the tractor itself.
  12. Stained glass wheelhorse sign

    Ok, ok enough is enough. How much is it going to cost me/us to get one of those across the pond? I would love to have one of those. Since I don't have much more room to store tractors instead and I refuse to store them outside, signage is the next best thing!!! I meant inside!
  13. 711219 Mid-mount grader blade

    It could totally be me that started you on this quest for a grader blade. I'm definitely not the guy that said to sell one. I'm pretty much in the buying/ collecting mode for the past 30 years. The selling mode will probably be my wife's delema 😂😂
  14. 3 bar deck leveller for bagger use.

    Yes Cleat that is some nice work!!
  15. 711219 Mid-mount grader blade

    That's definitely for a D series tractor. I wonder by the time you angle it how much wider it is then the tractor? On a C series it's a few inches wider on each end at angle. Even with 23x10.50-12s I will say that they do work well with front and rear wheel weights. As an equipment operator for a living and running a road grader from time to time (I used to operate one full time) I must say that the mid-mount grader blade is a fun attachment to use!!!