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    65 MF Executive, Springfield "6", and a few of the Green and Yellow ones.
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  1. Wheel horse tractors

    Jim, I would agree with Richard, if you want investment, buy bonds of CD's or even stocks. Buying anything "collectable" is a sure loser. But don't stop adding to your collection because of reality, I haven't and won't let it stop me!
  2. Charlotte Mich WH Show??

    Jason is correct, no Show in Charlotte, however there is a Great Show in Lagrange, Indiana August 9th, 10th and 11th. Garden tractors are well represented and our little red ones top the list. Hope to see you there!
  3. What an incredible show and an awesome bunch of people! So happy that I made the trip and plan to be there again next year. Enough good can't be said about job Bret Esse and his crew do to make this a premier event! Thank you Bret and everyone else involved! Looking forward to next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I've got the trailer loaded, leaving Tuesday morning. I am looking forward to meeting all of you! David
  5. Round hood package

    Sent you a text. Thanks, David
  6. Wheel Horse RJ

    You can use a Carter or Carter clone for a carb, I bought one off that web site, think Chuck keeps them too. The gas tank will be a little tougher.
  7. S/G Light Bulb # ?

    Jim, I believe it's a 55.
  8. Cole-Hersee switches

    Folks, I have a few of the 70amp Cole-Hersee ignition switches like were used on 854 through 1267 and possibly a few in '68 as well. these are NEW switches and Cole-Hersee brand not reproduction and not a knockoff. They are for battery and coil systems so no they won't work with your Tecumseh powered units sorry, maybe in the future. Pay-Pal friendly. PM or email to place and order or inquire further. My price includes shipping. Thanks, David
  9. 1046 switch

    Tim, I have them in stock. Genuine Cole-Hersee 70 exact replacement of the original. $40.00 to your door. Regards, David
  10. Happy Birthday Mike!!!!!
  11. Yes they will fit right on without any modification. That said the rake on the mower deck will be slightly off and will need to be adjusted.
  12. Jim, Its a Kohler, with an updraft carb setup like the 633's had. don't see that exhaust arrangement often however. I'm pretty fond of my 953. Just a big sweet machine! David PS If its good and you're not gonna use it, I am interested in that gas tank and mounting hardware?
  13. Apple Country show pictures

    Richard, The unknown tractor is a Mayrath. not many of them around. That looks to be an excellent example. Thanks too for sharing. May have to put this one on our list. David
  14. Lawn Ranger Hood

    Don't know why but I just noticed this.