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  1. going to look at a new horse

    Nice, I just picked up a '68 Charger 9. I didn't get much info on it before I got there either but was happy to see the original cart, deck, chains, wheel weights, and grader blade :)
  2. New addition

    I think there is something wrong with the stickers? :thumbs:
  3. More Snow

    I would say we ended up in the 17-18" range. They had 20" on the south side of the cities roughtly 15 miles south and 15 miles east from me. No ice for me fortunately. Everything is cleaned up ready for the next round. Jason
  4. 520-8

    Seen that too. Wish it was sitting in my garage too.
  5. More Snow

    That must be the storm that is still hitting us. Started at 10am yesterday and is still going. Have around 15" from it so far with another 1-2" by the end of the day. Was in the 40's last week Jason
  6. Lets see some tools

    I agree. It does make a big difference. I work in the field so I have to keep in mind my tools may get left on job sites, rained on, etc. I also can't carry a lot of tools on my truck. 95% of my tools are in a Husky tool bag. All of my ratchets are Snapon. Wrenches are Gear Wrenches (awesome BTW) The rest are mostly Husky with some Snapon and Matco mixed in. I'm slowly working on upgrading all tools to Snapon but that will take some time Jason
  7. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Randy!! Sorry for the delay.
  8. You Tube Video

    Looks like a good time. I wouldn't do that with my tractors but a person can do what ever they want with theirs.
  9. Single stage vs dual stage snow blower

    I had both last year too. A NOS single stage and a very nice 2 stage. I sold the single stage and don't miss it. The 2 stage has been a life save this winter. I even used it on my Raider 12 and had no problems with matching speed with the gear drive. Also lifting was no problem with the assist spring.
  10. Tech head...paint or not?

    I could be wrong but I believe the heads on almost all small engines are not supposed to be painted. The head on the Kohler from my Raider is unpainted and had no oxidation.
  11. Got me a 2-stage blower but I'm Missing 1 part

    I know what I would be doing. I don't like to shovel :thumbs:
  12. 520h getting its balls back

    Looks great! I like the wood stove trick too. I am looking forward to hearing her run for the first time. At this rate, that should be in an hour or so lol :banghead:
  13. Just happen to follow me home!

    That sounds like a nice setup. Figures we haven't had any measureable snow since you sold the 520 to me. Maybe I should put the mowing deck on it. It will snow shortly after that lol