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    1979 c 101 10 hp kohler
    8 speed 38in deck
    1995 264-h hydro
    12 hp kohler
    82 c-145 Wheel Horse Automatic with hydrostatic drive and hydraulic deck lift 48 in rd deck 42 in snow blade,chains,wheel weights
    42in blade,42 in deck

    1975 c-101 8 speed 10 hp kohler
    1982 c-145 auto k321 14 hp
    1995 264-h
    42 inch blade
    42 inch rd deck
    38 in sd deck
    wheel weights ,chains
    1969 70 wildcat 8
    8hp Briggs 26 in cool cut deck 3 speed trans
    1996 520h 20hp onan 48 in cut 30 in tiller attachment
    just added a 50 mid mount grader blade to the collection
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    Saint Louis,Mo
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    truck driver
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    camping, fishing,riding my motorcycle when i can, working on my house,working on my horses...

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  1. It’s Wheels and Tires Wednesday!!

    Yep that's definitely a nice lookin 520 Craig, the 606 is not bad either.what size sneakers are those rears?
  2. Chrome Tip Stack Muffler

    I was curious do you make Onan mufflers I have a 20 horse in need of a muffler thanks
  3. Onan parts

    Okay yeah I've got a 5:20 so I guess I'll have to look one that came off at 5:20 I have seen a few 400 series that were a lot cheaper than the 500 series the cheapest one I think that I've seen is like 125 for a used one and you can only hope that it's pretty good
  4. Onan parts

    Which other Onan mufflers will work on the 520 I've seen some from 300/400 series also will they work as long as there from a 20hp onan?
  5. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Order my wheel stud kit from Maynard and got it over the weekend now it's time to install them thanks Bob
  6. Hey Bob, I hope you enjoy your vacation. thanks for getting my order out I really do appreciate it.
  7. Onan parts

    How much for the pretty Muffler sent to 63033 thax.
  8. PARTS...PARTS...PARTS 30+ Years accumulated

    Do you have an Onan Muffler for a 520
  9. Wanted, wheelhorse transmission

    Let me look at one I have I know it's a 3speed manuel.
  10. What’s your favorite usage for a Wheel Horse

    I love everything about my horses and what they do !
  11. I was told with WD-40 it breaks down the grease and breaking down the grease with the oil which helps clean it up.
  12. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I found a leak on this hydraulic lift Ram does this look like it was welded or something once before is this normal looking because it looks like it's leaking either from the weld or where the fitting screws into it is there an O-ring inside there maybe that I can replace thanks
  13. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Does anybody know I'm working on my 93 520 h how to remove this nut? It's the one that you set the parking brake with I'm trying to get the side panel off When you put a socket to it it just spins the whole thing I cannot get it apart thanks
  14. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Dad life what year is your 520 H I might be able to hook you up with somebody that can help you out
  15. PARTS...PARTS...PARTS 30+ Years accumulated

    I'm in need of a hydraulic cylinder 8in.long the cylinder it is on a C-520