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    1979 c 101 10 hp kohler
    8 speed 38in deck
    1995 264-h hydro
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    82 c-145 Wheel Horse Automatic with hydrostatic drive and hydraulic deck lift 48 in rd deck 42 in snow blade,chains,wheel weights
    42in blade,42 in deck

    1975 c-101 8 speed 10 hp kohler
    1982 c-145 auto k321 14 hp
    1995 264-h
    42 inch blade
    42 inch rd deck
    38 in sd deck
    wheel weights ,chains
    1969 70 wildcat 8
    8hp Briggs 26 in cool cut deck 3 speed trans
    1996 520h 20hp onan 48 in cut 30 in tiller attachment
    just added a 50 mid mount grader blade to the collection
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  1. clutch pedal

    ok i finally got to check it out and the 1/8 roll pin is still in there not broken.i added a nother spring to the petal to make it return faster and it worked for a while then it started doing the same thing all over again .any new ideas? thanks
  2. thats pretty good to know. so far my hydros are working just fine ,but my 8 speed is a little different .when u put it in say 2nd gear in high range it slowly grabs and then takes off.if u let out the clutch quickly it seams to be fine or not as noticable.the first thing i did was to put another spring on the clutch side to make the pedal release faster and it works fine for a while. while cutting the grass it was working and then it started acting up again .by acting up i mean that its like letting out the clucch slowly until its fully released.any idea what is going on.thanks.
  3. toro 246h

    kristi,take this and look at it it should give u what u need.good luck..Rick http://www.partselect.com/Models/42-16BE01.
  4. found a nice 42" rear discharge for my C-120

    that is a nice lookin tractor u have there .i have one also love the rear discharge for the fall time works great with the lawn sweeper.
  5. wow it is way to hot outside today.working on my c145.

  6. Seat compression kill switch

    yes i would pull the carb the kit will run u around 15.00 the part #i have is a 25-757-01-s.they are pretty easy to do .i took carb cleaner after it was apart and sprayed all the little orfices and used compressed air to blow it clean and re assemble it .make sure the float is level.that is the short end of it good luck.there is how to rebuild carbs on here some where lol.
  7. My first Wheel Horse ( C-100 )

    welcome there to the site.those tires u are refiring to are called ag tires.they are a little pricey so hold on to your pocket book when u start looking. i would go with a brand name like Carlisle there made here in the USA..
  8. Seat compression kill switch

    not sure of the part number .to test it un plug the switch and take i piece of wire 6in.long and and strip the wire on both ends and make a loop conecting the wire to the plug .start up mower and ride around to see if the motor dies.it it does then thats the problem.do not have the deck enguaged while trying this.hope this helps
  9. toro 246h

    is there possibly a way that I can get this thing started and test it out by bypassing something short of replacing a starter. I just wanted to see if hydro is in working order And that the electric clutch and deck bearings are not bad . even though I know the starter is bad.
  10. clutch pedal

    ok thanks ill check it out after the rain stops.
  11. clutch pedal

    The year is a 79 c-101 Thanks.
  12. clutch pedal

    C 105 with a 4 speed high low box.it shifts ok everything there my question is when you let the clutch out its slow to engage you have to pull it back with the heel of your boot to get it to engage or sidestep the clutch pedal to get engaged what could be the problem this is not normal.
  13. toro 246h

    Thanks Kato for the info.I emailed to see which engine it had on it. I'm not even sure.
  14. toro 246h

    thanks for the information they told me It needed a starter for sure. so I will not be able to hear it run unless I can get it started somehow.
  15. toro 246h

    Thanks for the reply.how much is a starter for one of these. Do u think 300.00 is to much for for this needing a starter.