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    1979 c 101 10 hp kohler
    8 speed 38in deck
    1995 264-h hydro
    12 hp kohler
    82 c-145 Wheel Horse Automatic with hydrostatic drive and hydraulic deck lift 48 in rd deck 42 in snow blade,chains,wheel weights
    42in blade,42 in deck

    1975 c-101 8 speed 10 hp kohler
    1982 c-145 auto k321 14 hp
    1995 264-h
    42 inch blade
    42 inch rd deck
    38 in sd deck
    wheel weights ,chains
    1969 70 wildcat 8
    8hp Briggs 26 in cool cut deck 3 speed trans
    1996 520h 20hp onan 48 in cut 30 in tiller attachment
    just added a 50 mid mount grader blade to the collection
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    Saint Louis,Mo
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    truck driver
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    camping, fishing,riding my motorcycle when i can, working on my house,working on my horses...

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  1. Gas

    Yes you're not kidding there I've had me some of that peach and some apple pie they're both excellent you definitely have to drink in moderation.
  2. Brought home 2 more, a 520H and a 312H.

    Wow that's looking good Cleat. you don't waste no time do you. how do you get the parking brake lever off on a 520 there's a lever on the outside of the panel on left side, and it looks like a drift pin is in there I know I got to get the drift pin out it's been soaking for a while any other suggestions I guess drill it out maybe I got to get that sides laid off there's a broken bolt for the gas tank bracket thanks cleat.
  3. Gas

    Wow that's pretty corroded for sure
  4. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Most definitely!!!
  5. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Well I hope you didn't use that bottle of lager to cool it down with LOL
  6. Gas

    Yeah the only problem is I don't live close enough to a marina well kinda sorta LOL
  7. 520-8 vs 418-8

    How bad is it to change the steering gear mine's wore out Scott a lot of play in it but it does have the front swept axle under it I'm not sure if I even has the gear reduction steering or not it's all new to me
  8. Gas

    I want to that Pure Gas websites and there's a couple people in the St Louis area that were selling it in 5-gallon cans for about $75 I told him no thank you need to find me a gas station closer metal pump it for about 3 something a gallon
  9. 267H Electrical Problem

    I hope that your clutch isn't bad because it is an expensive part. I had to replace mine about 3 years ago I was shocked and how expensive it was I can't remember exactly I want to say it was a couple hundred dollars or so.
  10. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Well I ordered some axle seals some hydraulic oil and filter and filters getting ready for that project next
  11. Looking for a quick attach bracket

    sorry i have never seen one like that before?
  12. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Well I guess I went and bought a battery today for my 520 and I work done getting a busted bolt out of the seat bracket
  13. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Yep I'll be looking forward to that about January
  14. "93 520 project

    Okay thanks I will look into that today see what I come up with thanks
  15. "93 520 project

    Hey denny that's a nice looking tractor could you tell me how to get the Gage dash off of the tractor there's already pulled the steering wheel off and it appears there's a cone piece of plastic that needs to come off to get the other two levers off to pull it off but I wasn't sure how to get that off without breaking it thank you