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  1. Wheelhorses

    Forgot to get the decals!!!!!!
  2. D series 3 point hitch

    I know old but still have this?
  3. Which Tires for 520H with Front End Loader?

    I had those on my old 520. Didn’t do much with it, but when I did use it in soft ground it didn’t sink in. I plan on getting the same exact size as above, since I have 25s on the back, maybe level it out lil bit...
  4. Which Tires for 520H with Front End Loader?

    I don't have a loader yet, but have the firestone tri ribs on the front of one of my machines. They seem to steer OK, but my yard is super soft right now. I think with the weight of the loader alone, they will really dig into the yard. But if on hardpack, they prolly be great. I'm thinking of getting the Vredesteins from Miller tire. I had them before, and they are a 5 or 6 rib, but are sorta a flat profile. So with weight on them, they shouldn't sink out a site. But with little weight they steer awesome.
  5. Kwik-Way Loader

    Did this sell?
  6. 520H shuts off and 60" deck issues

    I have the same issue. I opted for a motor replacement, 10 horse diesel. I guess its not terrible to redo the seats, but just don't feel like it. Maybe when I swap motors, I'll look into it for a spare for my other tractor....

    I’ll take one!! I can pay in full now....
  8. Looking for a loader

    Looking for a loader before I build one. Going on a 520 but shouldn’t matter too much. Prefer semi local, but will travel for right price and or unit. PM or can call or text if yah got something. 607-240-9706. I’m near Binghamton ny.
  9. What plow for a trench?

    If I wasn't so pissed off cause my portable garage that was anchored to the ground didn't blow away, I'd take pics of where the water is. Or should say mud. Walking thru it almost sink to top of toes. Of course that's where the garage was.....
  10. What plow for a trench?

    I got spoiled. Did 8 years never on a boat. Didn’t have a choice with first set of orders, went to Japan. After that you could pick n choose where to go, still didn’t choose a boat lol. Guess you good say I had pretty easy 8 years. But DC killed it for me, couldn’t wait to get out. Been out 16 years now. Funny, don’t remember having any fun...
  11. What plow for a trench?

    Whole property is on an incline, so thinking (prolly get me in trouble) that a trench with sand n gravel should be sufficient. No way am I doing it by hand, hate to say it but getting too old for that BS. Seems there is always water in one area, so maybe put in an ornamental pond...
  12. What plow for a trench?

    Not opposed to using pipe, just thought of the sand/gravel first. I think it mostly hard pan, but there are some spots where its natural springs, and that's where its soft. Hoping to get the water to run in the drain, then drain around it so it's not so wet and soft all the time. People that had this house before us did absolutely nothing, except accumulate trash everywhere...
  13. What plow for a trench?

    So the yard is a mud pit. Needs drainage ditches in various places, hoping to divert water away from house and traffic areas. Was thinking maybe a single bottom plow, but what else could I use? Planning on doing sand then gravel, then maybe dirt on top so grass will grow....
  14. Onan P216 Horsepower

    Only real experience I have with a Kohler is an 8 horse I put in a lawn ranger. Throttle wasn’t hooked up right, but with a plow it would lift the front wheels. At about 1/4 throttle. I’d take a Kohler over an Onan.
  15. P216 Crankshaft or donor engine !!!!!

    Bout directly north of you, east of Binghamton