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  1. 520-H

    Believe you got the wrong kit. I did the spindle thing years ago and was a bolt on deal.
  2. Parts, 416 H Tractor

    Bare frame?
  3. Liberal tirade on small engines

    Really?!? These people need a job. For how small these engines are I doubt it even leaves a footprint on pollution.
  4. Wheel Horse 1045

    This is so tempting. I had two basket cases years ago, love the round fenders n square hood....
  5. Commando 8 diesel exhaust set up

    They only blow smoke when seriously lugged or really working/tremendous load. Sometimes first starts can be smoky, but goes away quick. I'd say try what you have now, and if don't like it then change it. But if you run a stack, remember it has to be taller than your head, or would be defeating the purpose in the first place.
  6. Anything 854

    I am. Someone wanted to know what an 854 looked like.
  7. Wheel Horse 520-H Rear Lift Question

    Not 520 but same concept but i swapped an 1100 tranny into a 518, donor was a 314 I think and had the rear cable lift.
  8. Anything 854

    Yup 854 lol. Just mine doesn’t look as good as either...
  9. HY-3

    Plus the rock shaft is different size. I wanna say the 854 is 1” where as the 753 is 3/4”, but it’s been years since I had mine and swapped over.
  10. HY-3

    Need to get the dash tower of what model the setup came from....
  11. The latest purchase...

    I tried to buy that tractor before Brian got it. I was beyond pissed when Snyder’s wouldn’t sell it to me cause I “didn’t have a proper garage” to work in. They are out of business now, and even if they were, I wouldn’t buy water from him in a drought. But anyways, 854 is my favorite, and that machine looks stunning. If mine looked half as good as good as that..
  12. 12” Rims

    I have a set of cub cadet rims on my 520, and is incredibly close, and will rub if air is too low. On my (g/f's) tractor I put some serious diggers on it, and the lugs rub. Can't get the hubs to break free so gonna get a set of automotive spacers. Tho the rims do have the proper offset. I got a set of rims off a grounds keeper type thing, and fit perfect.
  13. Kohler carb issues

    PO put new plug n points in it but I will double check. Also when it labors it starts to have black smoke, Which makes me think it’s flooding out.
  14. Kohler carb issues

    If I get a chance I’ll pull the carb. Just found out have to work tomorrow, which screws everything up. I’m sure it’s something simple....sucks if I need parts, stores will be closed early tomorrow and closed by the time I get done during the week.
  15. Kohler carb issues

    Where’s best place to get a kit from? What aboot new carb?