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  1. Anything 854

    Finally found an 854. It needs some work, but runs and drives. Hard to tell but I think the frame is the worst at tranny mount. A frame would be nice, but I think I can find a long frame and shorten it. Hood would be nice, but I know they are tough to find. Generator belt cover, left side brake cover, a seat pan, air filter cover, and, have to go over to figure out what else lol. Close to NY if possible.
  2. New to me 520-8

    I have a 60" and has no problems mowing...motor barely changes in tall grass.
  3. Do duals pop wheelies more than single rears?

    I do it to mine and any other stick tractors I've had. Not pulling anything or climbing a hill but just driving across the yard or whatever. Like manual says push clutch almost all the way down, bang the next gear and go.
  4. Do duals pop wheelies more than single rears?

    I didn't really get a chance to run my 854 with duals. I put the duals on another tractor that was a long frame and a diesel so had weight to keep the front down. Might need to adjust belt tension, shouldn't do that
  5. Firestone Tri Ribs

    I have the tri ribs on my 520. Both front and rears are loaded, rear has weights too. Turning sharp they don't dig that bad. Only time I really notice is in certain parts of the yard where there is dirt/mud, they leave a line. But it's not really noticeable. I have a 60" deck and steering reduction, there is some weight there and these tires make it steer like it has power steering. I need to get a spinner nob as I can't steer quick enough when going around trees n what not. I had the V's on a 520 years ago but didn't have it long enough and no real weight or use to get a fair opinion. One thing I do notice is the tri's will push when pulling small hill or in a low gear. Not a huge deal, but think any tire will do that.
  6. The swept front axle will go on without anything else. But need the longer tie rods.
  7. 520H blinking oil press light

    When key is on it's normal. Mine does same thing. Blinking while running might be different.
  8. gas tanks

    Lemme see what goes on next weekend or so....gonna need one....
  9. gas tanks

    Going west anytime soon? I have two and both have bolts/keepers pulled thru. Finally finishing up the g/f's the this.....I'm east of Binghamton.....
  10. I converted mine to steering reduction, didn't bother drilling the two extra holes. It's not putting any stress on it really, so didn't bother. Eventually I will lol...
  11. Just stuck

    My 520-8 came with a plow w/extension, as well as the axle bracket. My bracket doesn't have the L shaped pieces, but bolts on just fine. Only issue I ran into was the plow frame rubbing on the tranny pulley. I just moved the bracket over a 1/4" or so and now it's fine.
  12. 516H with 36" tiller

    Don't hold ur breath, its from 7 years ago!!
  13. 518 Purchase

    I mowed my back yard that is severely overgrown with bushes and small trees with my 518 for hours and never missed a beat. I'd put my hand under the fender and cool air would be coming from fan. I just don't understand why wheelhorse would cheap out on a tractor that is 2 horse less than the biggest they made. (At the time)'should have called it a 318..
  14. 518 Purchase

    Or if you need a spare 700.....:)