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  1. How much HP for a Snowthrower

    I had a 36" on a lawn ranger. But, it had a 13 horse motor on it lol. It wouldn't stop, but would shred the belt if loaded too much. Like others mentioned it all depends on the type of snow. There where times my 520-8 with a plow had a hard time pushing 5-6" of snow, but was pretty much slush. Then other times snow was coming over the top of the blade but wouldn't stop pushing....
  2. Looking for wheels for my 312

    Other brands have the wider wheels, but need to watch the back space. I bought a cub cadet for the motor, and temporarily used the wheels. They were 8.5" but because b/s was off had to move the hubs out so the tires would clear the inside of fender. Also, Miller Tire has blanks, so you can make to whatever b/s you want. I bought some 10" wide blanks to mount 12" wide tires on, looks and works great. Also check zero turns and similar machines, I grabbed a set in a junkyard, same exact wheel as the 520s have, just painted an off white color.
  3. 60in deck

    ive got one w/mule but prolly a hike for yah. I'm just outside Binghamton.
  4. Grader Blade

    I sent to get an quote from fastenal. Is there on near you?
  5. These gonna be shipping out soon?
  6. 40in midmount grader blade

    I think that bracket is the same for the ranger snow blade and grader blade. I was looking at manuals years ago and thought they were at least.
  7. Grader Blade

    Shipping possible?
  8. Best model for garden plowing.

    I have a single bottom plow on my 520 and does it effortlessly. Granted its not the "right" plow, but it works after a couple passes. The hitch on the tractor is way too low. I'd have to say the bigger the better. Ever notice construction equipment is big and heavy?
  9. Where to Find Ag (Tractor type) tires

    I use ags on mine and prolly never use anything else. There are many places to get em, I got mine from miller tire. Firestone 23* 23x10.5x12. Pricey but works great...
  10. I haven’t done the swap, but if you need wiring I’m gona be taking it off mine soon. I think it’s a 91 or 92, need to look at serial again. It does have the relays, you mentioning in reminded me. Going with a diesel so wiring work anyways lol.
  11. 3 point hitch for a 520

    Ever since this was posted been trying to review at home...looks like a great start..
  12. Snow Thrower for 1067

    Almost any snowblower will mount up front. Instead of the attach-a-matic it uses a bolt that goes thru the frame. The pulleys are lil different, but can’t remember just what is different. Post some pics of some, should be able to figure out what will work.
  13. 3 point hitch for a 520

    Gonna build a 3 point for my 520. Gas tank is coming off, and gonna put lift cylinder on the back as it interferes with loader subframe. But I have zero experience or knowledge really of 3 point. Search only brings up so much, and pics aren’t there any more. So looking for any info and some detailed pics or drawings that don’t require a degree to decipher. I have some pics off a D series, but can’t hurt to see more.
  14. 520 Onan Problems

    I would think so since it’s the same setup...but maybe they don’t produce the heat a 20horse does?