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  1. Uniondale PA July 9th

    July 9th, Union dale Pennsylvaina, just off route 171, at the Union dale firemans carnival, start time 5 pm, pulling stocks up to 20 hp, NQS Stock Altered, NQS Pro and Super, and 4 cylinder mini mods. Extra paybacks are going to the performance classes. for more info call Bob Jr at 570- 434- 2169. The sled is from Hillbilly Motorsport. Pro Altered and Super Stock twins can pull in the Super Stock class as long as they don't exceed 50.5 ci.
  2. My altered on alky.

    Thanks Cody, Dons a good guy.
  3. My altered on alky.

    Was his name Don?
  4. My altered on alky.

    Yes it's a cub chassis, not sure the model though, and we got it at the Keystone Nationals.
  5. chris11 puller pics

    Nice work.
  6. chris11 puller pics

    Were did you get the header?
  7. My altered on alky.

  8. chris11 puller pics

    nice! gas or alky? and did you have it dynoed? :)
  9. chris11 puller pics

    i mean like is it a stock altered becuz of the stuff you did with the motor.?
  10. chris11 puller pics

    What Class Does This Pull In?
  11. Bainbridge pull

    http://s1011.photobucket.com/albums/af231/...477_3066.jpg%26 two 1st place finish's http://s1011.photobucket.com/albums/af231/...477_3066.jpg%26 two 2nd place finishes.
  12. Mount Upton NY test and tune last sunday

    The 8hp on the first hook for the season pulled 239.23 ft. and 20 had some fun after they watered the track but only went in the 200's they shouldn't of put water on the track it was fine :D
  13. My pulling tractors

    on the super stock which is beautiful by the way are yew runin a cub chassis? :omg:
  14. Went to a small pull Saturday.

    :D THERE ALL CUBS EXCEPT THE LAST ONE thats a disgrace to WH!!
  15. ready to pull

    Good Luck. :omg: