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  1. Husqvarna help needed

    Soi. They aren't upside down... I change/sharpen them twice a week. It has medium lift, I would say blades from the factory. I have 2 sets of those and a set of the gators. This mower deck builds up grass more so than any I have seen. Twice a week... Scrape the deck and swap blades.. And it still cuts like hell? I only bag in the fall also.
  2. Husqvarna help needed

    I bought a GT52XLS brand new last year with the power flow bagger. I liked the look of the fabricated deck, as its built pretty beefy. It cuts horribly. The dealer cant get a set of high lift blades for it, I don't think I should need them anyways as it should cut right outta the crate. I put a new set of G6 gators on it and its a little better. The deck is level side to side.. They have checked it out for level, belt wear and such. They don't have any answers? I like the tractor. The Kawasaki motor has plenty of power and sips fuel. Any ideas?
  3. I am looking for replacement blades 8393 and 8394.. It's a 5-7361 deck from a commando V7. Not available anymore and I can't find any replacement numbers? Thanks, Kevin
  4. Bad News and Good News

    Glad your still here to tell about it Karl.. Hope you recover soon.
  5. The clutch is slipping on my C-175 when I try to turn the snowblower on. I tried cleaning and sanding it but it's pretty worn. Its a series I kt17. I took the clutch plate and pto bell off and was going to replace them with ones from a series II parts motor but quickly ran into trouble. The series I plate slid off over the shaft while the series II slid off shaft and all. Is there anyway to swap these?
  6. The bricks are designed to reduce the heat placed on the outside steel of the stove. They also help to hold heat when your fire dies down. As mentioned they are not expensive. And if you do get them and decide to cut them yourself I agree you should wear a mask. I replace mine every 3 years or so as needed.
  7. Help with decision?

    I changed my mind. I didn't realise you lived in NY, I would definitly sell the C-160.... To me of course! :laughing-rofl:
  8. Help with decision?

    For sure keep the C-160. My :twocents-02cents:
  9. Ethanol Free Gas

    A place near me just started selling "real gas" It's $4.45 a gallon but I am willing to pay that for my tractors.
  10. Nice toys.. I have bought 3 tractors at once for less though. I guess everyone has their passions.
  11. Rear Hitch is stuck on my Commando

    Keep putting the blaster to it and moving it. Eventually it will losen up. They can be difficult at times.
  12. Hmmm.?

    A pic.
  13. Hmmm.?

    A wheel horse 418-C. Hydro, looks like a Kohler, Any ideas?
  14. C195 with Loader

    Nice looking horse.. And I love the Jeep! Great combo. :bow-blue:
  15. New Pole Barn ( Insulation ?? )

    Closed cell spray foam is the way to go. It eliminates drafts, moisture problems and adds structural strength. There are kits you can buy online to do it yourself. I have never tried it though, it looks like a headache. My brother had his downstairs done and while the guy was there we had him insulate 2 ice shanty's. The stuff is pretty impressive. I would check with your local builders to see who they use. Nice barn. :handgestures-thumbup: