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  1. What year model is your Raider 12? I have a 1970.

  2. Wow thanks guys!!! I have some reading to do now. LOL
  3. Had no luck doing that =(
  4. I have a raider 12 with a electric clutch, not sure what year it is, was wondering what type of tranny fluid goes in rearend and tranny. All the same I think. also, how much? Any help would be great. Thanks T Mix
  5. Free Stuff

    I sure could use that electric clutch. I have a raider 12 I believe it would fit. My zip code is 49870. Shoot me a shipping price and ill send you a money order. Thank you for your time!!
  6. I want to see everyone's horses

    No she loves the Raider 12 easier to steer.
  7. I want to see everyone's horses

    A couple of workers in the U.P. of Mi. T Mix
  8. When I bought number 40# chain at the store 10 feet will do both wheels with a little left over.PS I tacked the master links just in case. And yes I melted down some lead in small bread pans and hooked it to the front end its 65#. Now looking back I should have poured the lead inside the rim then your NOT being hard on kingpin not the right word an axles. or grease every other time you plow like I do cuz that's a lot of weight on them things. This Is one thing you will never egret !!
  9. D2OO new ride

    Thanks thought I'd here from more guys
  10. # 40 chain down the center of the tire and reflate. On my d200 I use # 50 chain works like ice skates you turn it turns. $20.00 when all said an done
  11. D2OO new ride

    Just picked up a D200 this past summer. This is the tag on it 71-20KS01-5494 and a model number of 6320 . I think the first numbers would be 1971 year with a 20 hp motor after that I don't know. Any help with the numbers would be great. I am also looking where I can download a manual. I live in the Great white north upper Mi It doesn't have turning brakes on it but would be nice to have just before you get stuck if you guys know what I mean. Where would I find a cross reference chart or interchangeable list of what things fit what. I know I saw it here somewhere here. Thanks guys T Mix PS I would post a pic but it been a long time since I did that lol
  12. sorry for not getting back sooner but had knee replaced. Are them NOS? What would you need to get for a complete set of turning brakes?

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    2. tmix


      ok merry x mas

    3. "D"- Man

      "D"- Man

      T, I finally was able to assemble my hub puller; however, it didn't work.  I was able to cut some used spare rods apart and found that I have enough length to replicate a medium length rod which will still need to be welded.  I do not have enough spare rods to fabricate the long rod.  I am now at a stand still, as I am trying to sort out what to do next.  I know that the only other way to remove discs from a hub/axle is to split the tranny, and when you have a good tranny, it is not advisable to do that because of the time, expence and labor involved.  Not to mention the risk of braking or damaging something.  So I may not be able to help at this time,  sorry, Mark.

    4. tmix


      What I really is all of the small stuff like brake calipers ,pads ,peddles 

  13. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

    No chains on front tires of snow plow? Your not ready LOL
  14. Just wondering if anybody has made their own turning brakes for a d200 and if they have plans or pictures on how to do it I would sure be interested in it. I think it would be a good idea to have snow plowing specially when you get stuck
  15. Wow just read all 8 pages and i'm a s l o w reader. You DO GREAT work that's for sure. Sorry to hear about your dad, Hope your mom's doing better. I myself just picked up a D200 came with a deck,blower And a plow. Can't wait to use it =) I've had a 12hp Raider for the past 4 years and love plowing with it. But the D200 i think will rock my world. Or so i hope. Can't wait to see your beast.