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  1. GT14

    Is there a good steering tie rod on the parts tractor and if so . . . can I buy it? Thanks.
  2. Snow Cab

    I did look at every manual in the files, but I was looking for a complete soft cab like mine. Would've never guessed it was that old or made for the GT 14. I'm going to put it back on the C 160 and do whatever it takes to firm up the frame so the doors work right. No need for it on the GT 14's since one's a gardener/mower, and the other one's got the big plow on it. No kids that'd enjoy using the snow thrower without a cab . . . and I don't have enough kid in me to use a snow thrower without a cab . . . unless the wind is 0 mph. Thanks for the help.
  3. Snow Cab

    Here are the brackets I didn't use. I thought maybe the large one might be for a different tractor because I am using a similar one, and just couldn't figure out anywhere to put it. Not having the smaller ones wherever they go may be causing the flexing . . . but I couldn't find a place for them. I've looked at all the manuals in the files, but they all seem to be hard top cabs. Thanks!
  4. Snow Cab

    I use it on my C 160. It may not even be a C Series cab but it does seem to fit right. I'll get pics of the leftover brackets and post them. Thanks. With regard to the manuals, I feel certain the right one is in there. We'll see what we can find out with the pics of the leftover brackets. If that doesn't get me there . . . I'll start downloading manuals til I find the right one.Thanks.
  5. Snow Cab

    I was hoping maybe one of you guys would recognize this cab and help me find the appropriate manual for it. I had it on last year, but I'm sure it wasn't properly mounted. I had a couple brackets left over, which may have been for adapting to a different tractor. I'm not sure. I couldn't find a place for them. I want to put it on again but not if it's the pain it was last year. The main problem was keeping the doors shut. Those brackets probably DO need to be on there . . . so . . . I guess it's time to admit I need the instructions for this one. Thanks.
  6. D 180 . . .Time To Tear It Down.

    I'll see what I can find in the threads. It's going to be scary for me to tear this thing down without diagrams, so I guess I better take a lot of pictures. I'll wire what I can together in order and keep things together as best I can in different boxes with notes as I go. I think when it's time to get it back together I'll be able to find the help I'll need for the problems that WILL most likely come up. Linkage and wiring are going to be the most difficult with my limited skill set. If anyone come up with a linkage diagram and/or a wiring diagram . . . Please post it here. Thanks. Much appreciated.
  7. D 180 . . .Time To Tear It Down.

    That's all good. Brand new rebuilt pump. M18 transplant runs strong. And I haven't really had the chance to work the tractor. I've pulled the hills around my yard after reaching operating temp with not variations. No noises.
  8. It's been awhile. All I've been doing is working my tractors, and have never torn any of them down other than to repair something, but always right back together and back to work. I picked up this D a couple years ago, and it's the right one to take down. Has 3 point. Front and rear drive shaft. Turning brakes. (Still looking for a pulley for the drive shaft.) My problem is that this things been torn down before, and NOT put back together correctly. The drive linkage isn't quite right and the lever was sticking at times . . . and now it's apart because it stuck and I couldn't move it. The turning brakes may only need new pads and adjusting. I'm looking for a manual that would have assembly drawings. Is there one? I really want to do this tractor, and I have to do it right. I'm not the greatest mechanic, but I take my time and have a few brains to pick when it comes to most things, but I want to be able to work on this over the Winter and get it right. Not going to be a show tractor . . . It's gonna get used the way it was meant to. I have a Johnson loader I'd like to put on it, so I need to work that into the reassembly. Upon tearing the drive linkage down, and just stepping back taking a look at this machine . . . I decided that this one really deserves to get done right. And for me to do it . . .I'm going to need some help. Assembly diagrams are going to be key for me. Otherwise . . . it'l never get done. Thank you.
  9. Living near Youngstown Ohio, I see to much black and yellow. At least up until this year. And it's amazing how suddenly all the closet Browns fans are pulling out their gear. Yeah. Browns get 32nd pick of the 2014 draft!
  10. Hey Guys . . . I made an offer on a 74 C -160 today. The offer has a contingency, and I'm hoping I can have this figured out by tomorrow, and I'm hoping I can find my answer here. It's a nice tractor . . . 2 owners, and it's been stored inside for the last several years that I know of. Paints faded some, but no rust anywhere. The guys son took the deck to use on one of his tractors, and it's outside rotting away with bad spindles. But . . . It has a very nice plow, and wheel weights. Engine runs strong with no smoke or unusual noise. He told be he'd have to get 450.00 out of it, but it has a bad pump. : ( 5 minutes later, I told him I'd stop by occasionally to see if he'd softened up on it at all. Then he said to make him an offer. So . . . I offered him 300.00, with the contingency, and he said "uhhh . . . OK." Now here's the thing that'l make or break it for me. I have a brand new rebuilt pump. Haven't picked it up yet, but I will in the next week or so. It's from a D series. Do they use the same pump exactly, but a different hydro drive motor? I'd like to have the C to use especially with my big snow thrower, (keep that left bicep the same size as the right) but if the pump doesn't work, I'd end up with more than I want to have in it. Appreciate the help.
  11. D 180 pump issue . . .

    Good point. I don't know what went wrong with that first pump, but I swapped it out without doing anything to the motor. I have a spare motor that I'll get off and take a peek at. What steps would you take to "refresh" it? And since I have the ears of all y'all "Dysfunctional D family members" . . . I really need a PTO pulley. Also . . . it was mentioned that the D pumps are a bit whiny. Is that a completely different Sunstrand than the one in my GT 14? Because it never whines. Other than about not getting used enough. Next year I'm going to have a 1/2 acre garden. It'l get used plenty.
  12. D 180 pump issue . . .

    Thanks Guys for all the info. and advise. I've been a little sideways for the last, ahhh, who's kidding who . . .I'm always a little sideways. Since I switched out the bad pump I haven't had much of a chance to mess with it. The old pump was definitely shot. It'd move around for a few minutes, then it just stopped. The fact that the whining is somewhat normal is a little troubling. The new pump, which is used, isn't altogether shot, that's for certain. It does whine though, and slows way down on a hill. If I kick up the throttle it and further engage the forward lever, it whines like crazy, but slowly pulls the hill. this can't be right. I do have a brand new rebuilt pump on the way though, (Thanks Jo Jo) and I'm sure it's going to make a huge difference. I understand that some slowing under a load might be expected, but I'm sure this one is weak. No one would have bought one if this is how they performed. I'll check the pressure coming out of this one before I replace it. What I guess I need to do now, since I have 2 bad ones, is gather any and all the info I can find, and learn how to rebuild these two. Is the info available here in the manuals enough to tackle these rebuilds. Thanks again guys. Good lookin' out!
  13. D 180 pump issue . . .

    I was told that someone here had posted a way to check to see if the pump is putting out the right pressure. Mine goes fine on flat ground but slows down considerably on hills. Also starts to whine which can't be a good sign. Could the problem possibly be in the motor that's on the left side of the rear axle, or would you say it's definitely the pump? Thanks.
  14. D series PTO pulley

    I tried to figure out how to post in classifieds . . . thinking this should go in the wanted section. Anyway, I'm looking for the pulley for the PTO shaft for a D series. Located near Youngstown Oh. Thanks.
  15. What Blade number for GT14?

    I was really happy to find this thread. I bought a plow for the 69 GT 14, but I don't have the proper mounting bracket. I was pumped up and looking forward to moving a few piles of nice topsoil around. Been awhile since I've been able to mess with the WH stuff. So I'm hoping someone might help me find a line on that mounting bracket. # 4 and 12-16. Been a couple years since I've visited the site regularly. Lots of cool changes. Thanks.