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  1. Saving a Motor

    He filled it oil and put the dipstick back in it. It starts and runs, just seems to be lacking on power. If I flush it with diesel, do I start it or just let it sit overnight or what. I haven't ever do this before. Thanks.
  2. Saving a Motor

    My neihbor has a Cub, not sure of the model at this time, it is a LT series with a 25 HP i think. Anyways he stoped me yesterday and said that he had ran it out of oil unknowinly, said I could have it if I wanted it. Is there any "easy" way to try and fix it, ie run some kerosene or sea foam through it and get some of the power back. Not sure if I want to spend 2500.00 on a new motor for a machine that already has 663 hours on it. Thanks for any help.
  3. C Series differences

    I am wondering what the differences are between the C series, like C-120 and C-121. I would like to get a C series and was just wanting to know if one is heavier duty than another one. Thanks, Dustin
  4. New Carburator

    I would love to do this but I don't know what whelch plugs are and I am absolutly no good with setting carbs up. I don't understand how they work or what to adjust. All the shops that we have taken it to can't do any better that what I have done. I have been unable to find any diagrams or intructions on how to do this. If anybody can provide some help I would really appricate it.
  5. New Carburator

    My dad has a 69 Workhorse 700. I have had the carb rebuilt but it still won't run correctly. Where can I get a newer version. I don't have the engine model with me right now. any help would be great. Thanks.
  6. 36" Mower Deck

    Can somebody please tell me if the P/N: 101849 pulley will work on my 36" RD Deck. The 101849 is listed for a 1975 36" SD Deck. Mine is a 1973 36" RD Deck. I would like to get this bought off of ebay before the auction ends. Thanks, Dustin
  7. Where are my post going?

    Ok, sorry about that, but can anybody tell me if the other pulley will fit or not?
  8. Where are my post going?

    I posted on Friday about my 36" rd deck and now I can't find it. Anyway, I need a center deck pulley, there was the correct pulley on ebay friday but now it is gone, auction is over. It was part number 103156, but there is one for a 36" sd deck p/n 101849, will it work? If somebody could let me know I would appricate it, I am going to buy it today if it will work. Thanks, Dustin
  9. 36" Mower Deck

    Sorry that I didn't explain very well. The pulley isn't bent, the center hole is worn out, I think. I don't know if the hole is worn out or if the shaft is worn. The pulley that is currently on it is an aftermarket one. The other question that I have is that there is one on ebay of P/N: 103156 which is what mine calls for, I also found one with a P/N: 101849 which is a 1975 deck 36" side discharge, will it also work? Thanks, Dustin
  10. 36" Mower Deck

    Gentlemen, I have a 36" Deck that is on a 73 10 Automatic. The center pulley has a slight wobble to it. I was wonder if there was another way to fix it other than buying a new pulley. If I do have to buy a new pulley should I replace the shaft while I am at it? Thanks, Dustin
  11. Hey guys, I was mowing last weekend and noticed that the deck was making some noise. So I started investigating and the front center pulley is wabbling around a bit. I took everything apart and I am not sure if it is the pulley or the shaft that goes through to the blade. Can somebody help me out here and let me know how to fix this or what I need to do. Thanks, Dustin
  12. Just wondering, it doesn't state what it is, it looks like a maybe a c-series. http://springfield.craigslist.org/grd/1128997612.html
  13. Which Horse should I use?

    Well thanks for all of the info guys it is very useful and helpful. I was going to build my FEL if I can find some pictures as to how they are mounted to the tractor. I have been designing and building equipment for about the last 14 yrs where I work. Don't think this would be that difficult. Again Thanks, Dustin
  14. I am wanting to find a horse to put a FEL on but which one would be the best choice?
  15. Help with starting issues

    Thanks for the reply gary. Cleaned mag and tightened the battery cables and it took off. Problem solved. :omg: