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  1. RJ 58

    The tires are 23x8.50x12 They extended the frame and cut the hood in half so I can only assume they had a big engine. There was also a 2" pipe that connected the front to the rear.
  2. RJ 58

    Yeah it is, when Emily isnt home. She agreed to let me do a tractor a winter. :thumbs:
  3. freebie 416

    Incredible haul. Looks clean. The only freebie ive ever gotten was a 1980s rusted out MTD.
  4. RJ 58

    23x8.50x12 I cant believe my wife aggread to it either. My kids have enjoyed it to. Its in the TV room now and my son site on it and watched tv. He was pushing it around the other day.
  5. RJ 58

    I know the thing on the hitch is backwards but I forgot to install them while I was building the hitch. The plow is as far up as it goes but seem low in the up position. The thing is heavy - real heavy. Electric lift will be going on this as soon as I have the motor to fab with.
  6. RJ 58

    Im horrible at painting wheels. When I paint htem the correct way ill definitely pull the tires off. When painting this I wondered how the seat pan got bent. I found out how once I installed the hitch.
  7. I got this tractor a few months ago and have been working on it. The PO did more stuff to this tractor than ive ever thought about doing to mine. Ive cobbled(hehe) this on together to make it drivable with and parts I had laying around. Ive got a K181 and a Freshly built B1290 coming for it in the near future. Im still undecided which one ill use. This tractor lived its previous life as a puller. Anyone know why they would add 2" to the overall length? I threw the rear hitch together with scraps just messing around but it seems to be good. This is just a rattle can job. We are moving at some point this year and next winter I plan on tearing it back down and giving it a correct paint job and replaced the worn stuff I didn't get this time. Some much has been cut up I dont plan on doing a full restore.
  8. Kentucky Tractor Club is having a Plow day in Georgetown Ky on April 11th. All brands are welcome and I look for a great turn out. Email me if your interested
  9. Are you getting any kind of error message?
  10. c-175 flywheel

    :thumbs: I tired to get mine off by lightly tapping it with a hammer(hoping for good luck) i ended up using a puller and it worked well. Id go that route if it doesn't just pop off.
  11. sandblast cabinet

    Im sure ive missed it in all these threads but what are you all using for your nozzels? Nice size cabinet.
  12. shipping weight

    The bus company? I will now be sending this bigboy to Fort Wayne, IN via the VP of my company, then it will catch a ride to our South Bend store and The guy will have his delivery drive pick it up there.
  13. My RJ needs a ride

    Is there anyone that is coming through KY or Cincinnati in June for the Wheel Horse show? If so do you have room for a RJ? Much Appreciated David
  14. got the rj58 out

    thats interesting too fireman
  15. got the rj58 out

    interesting - thanks guys