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  1. 42" Rear Discharge Mower Deck

    How are the blades?
  2. 42" Rear Discharge Mower Deck

    If we made a deal, how soon could I pick it up? I'm in Lagrange, Ohio. Thank you!
  3. 60" Mower deck

    Is this a 2nd deck you have for sale? Or is this the same as the one you sold already? I'm interested in a 60" deck. Thank you.
  4. Wheelhorse 520H

    Too little too late. Someone got an amazing deal!!!
  5. Fully Draining rear end fluid

    This post was very helpful, as I know my hydro trans pretty well, but haven't had to do any work on an 8-speed yet. Now I have some dripping from the right side rear axle... Not looking forward to this. Thanks for this post though. I'm going to drain and refill just to double check the leak.
  6. Pic's of the SK486 I picked up last night

    I also own an SK-486. Yours is in better shape than mine, but it runs very well. I posted some pictures on the old forum. It is a great tractor. It runs so strong and that Kohler just pounds out the power. Nice find! The carb on mine needed work when I bought it. $25 for a carb rebuild and life is good. I do love that big fuel tank!
  7. Restoring Dad's 1974 C-120 Auto

    Thanks for the email Dave. I have the toolbox all sandblasted (what did I ever do before I owned this sandblaster?) and will be having some welding done on it this weekend. In other news, last night was a good night for more blasting, grinding, wheeling, and priming. These parts REALLY clean up nice! :thumbs:
  8. Restoring Dad's 1974 C-120 Auto

    The fender and the seat pan have nicely welded and ground down. I took your advice and gave a good look at the tool box... Damn. I hate it when you guys are right! There was so much dead grass and build up on the bottom that I hadn't gotten too yet. It's cracked. Stress cracks much like the fender/seat bolt area. Nothing really big, but enough that I'm going back to my welding buddy for some TLC. I also added a sandblasting cabinet and a parts washer to the garage during this past week. My oh my how I love a blasting cabinet!!! Rust, paint and primer don't stand a chance! And with the parts washer, grease and grime are on the run!!! GOOD STUFF!! I love this project! Having a great time! And as always for your help and advice!!!
  9. Restoring Dad's 1974 C-120 Auto

    Hello fellow lovers. Todays update is fun and exciting, unless you're me. Then it's a real Here's problem one I found today... That's the seat bracket. It's cracked on the bend. The two sections that bend and are welded look good. So I'm having a buddy of mine drop a weld along the inside of that crack so it won't be visable to the outside of the tractor. Since I can't seem to even have just one thing wrong, here's 4 more... If you haven's figured it out yet, that's the fender where the seat springs attach. All 4 of the mounting holes are cracked. I realize that the springs attach to the top and I think my dad may have added (bolted) some steel plates to the bottom to further distribute the weight. Is this something I should try and fix? Should I try bolting MORE holes in addition to the 4 already there? The fender is otherwise in good shape as seen here... Otherwise, it's business as usual. The workbench is setup in the garage, and everything is now covered with a nice layer of fine Wheel Horse red paint and rust Here are some pieces that have been primed await the 2nd sanding and top coat... and the rest of the pile (including the hood) awaiting the wire wheel, grinder, sandpaper phase... and of course the frame awaiting it's turn!!! That's where I'm at today. I'm really pleased with how well the primer is setting and how smooth everything is. There will be some wetsanding on the belt cover, fender, and hood I need the workout that comes with wetsanding. The pain is worth it for the final product. Thanks again guys! :D
  10. Restoring Dad's 1974 C-120 Auto

    As far as pictures go, I may be too late... I have this thing really torn apart and not a whole lot of pictures. I just get going and I forget to stop. This is a habit that I must break! Thankfully there are a lot of great references out on the web for these tractors. I think I can get her back together again. It seems the order of operations is very important in dis/reassembly. Live and learn. lol I'm off all of next week and I don't really have any plans. Time for some hard core work on the Horse!
  11. Let the restoration begin

    I envy you. I envy your project. I envy your patience. Hats off to you neighbor. That is one fine looking I salute you and the work that you have done. I salute you for all that you have learned. I appreciate the thought and effort you put in to your posts telling the story. Thank you for sharing. Job well done! Another Horse saved! :thumbs:
  12. Restoring Dad's 1974 C-120 Auto

    I was out in the garage a few times this weekend continuing the stripping and wire wheel process. The frame and rear end are still connected and I'm not sure if I really need to break them down. What do you guys think? I also bought paint. PPG IH RED. There were 2 variations and I opted for the one without the orange in it.
  13. Back on his Feet

    Fixed that for ya Looking good!
  14. Restoring Dad's 1974 C-120 Auto

    I would encourage you to just make time and do it. Our lives get so busy and regrets come too quickly. Set aside the time and make it happen. That's what I'm trying to do as well. My dad is in good health, but I want to make sure that he's in good health when he comes up to the house in the next few months. Getting some pictures of him, my son, and my daughter on that means the world to me. I also can't stress enough how much so many of you here at RedSquare have taught and inspired me to do this project. I have read so many of your stories and followed many of your projects. It really is a great place you have here and I'm glad that you share what you do with others! :thumbs:
  15. Looks really nice. Great job on those welds!!! I like the EH-14 as well. Goes with the flow! Dave Lagrange, Ohio