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  1. pulling

    has any one used a three speed trans for pulling if so how are they given lim ited gear choices
  2. wheel horse c-165

    for a long life set of points get the chevy points and cover to go with them from mid west super cub :banghead:
  3. HH100 Losing Power When Hot

    :WRS: is the carburetor fixed or adjustable jet if you have a fixed jet carb there are holes in the bowl nut that have a small clog causing a lean run if it is an adj jet try one and a half turns out and se if it clears the problem if not you will need to soak or use spray cleaner in every possible spot in the carb these tec carbs are very very very sensitive to even the finest dirt if all checks out in the fuel system start checking ign componets. also loose valves wont effect warm running conditions in this case it will be the tight valves that will swell and create to much valve lift resulting in loss of power and compression but i thnk mostly you have a fuel problem. hope this helps :disgust:
  4. Kohler Points

    the chevy points are the way to go used them pulling an have got a set on a generator that runs a week at a time during most storms i my area.
  5. filter query

    i think you are talking about the anti drain back some filters have so after the engine is off the filter does not empty out causing a pressure spike when the engine re starts the filter wont blow off.
  6. What motor is this?

    no doubt its an onan i think either 17 or tenty horse most likley out of an old champion motor home from the late 70s :thumbs:
  7. engine trouble

    ok i gave it a shot of carb cleaner as it sstarted to die it did not help it was dark out when i done it sounded like it started loosing power and started to show fire coming out the muffler and then got lots of fire as it died sounded like something would when a valve hangs or a seat pops loose just loseses comp . this happens a mid range or full throttle. tried the following new fuel pump fresh gas new points condenser plug plug wire checked valves de carboned did vac test checked acr lift height it reads .031 within spec i am now suspecting a weak spring on the ex side valve no blocked gas cap thanks for input also cleaned and rebuilt carb. :thumbs:
  8. engine trouble

    ill give it try thanks rick
  9. V-twin Desiel or gas?

    as being a diesel mechanic i can say and it has been proven that you will always get more horsepower hours per gallon than gasoline and usually be able to run at lower rpms on light projects than you can with a gasser.
  10. engine trouble

    ok ive been working on kohlers for 15 years now have never had the trouble of the engine running well at idle and full throttle except that at full throttle it will only run for about 2 minuets then sounds like it looses compression and dies does not loose fire or fuel when this happens will idle all day i checked the valves crankcase vacum and also measured the acr lift distance on the ex valve it reads .033 which is with in spec kohler says up to .042 replaced fuel pump coil points condenser spark plug . so my question is does any one agree with me when i say that there may be a a problem wit the acr mechanism when engine is at full throttle for a short time that it activates and opens the ex valve and shuts down . the odd thing is that imediatly after shut down it will re start and do it all over again but prior to shut down it has good power will run the hydro and mower well. also cleaned and rebuilt carb. any insight would be awsome thanks :thumbs:
  11. C Series differences

    the only thing i have to say is if you are going to do heavy work stay away from the hydro but they are awsome for mowing blowing and snow plowing. :omg:
  12. raider 8

    if you have the kind of drive on your starter that has a rubber under the metal gear dont put lube around it if you do the lube will get between the rubber and metal and will slip kohler does not recomend lube in this area. if this is what is happening youll probably have to replace the drive which is around 60.00 from kohler stens may sell them cheaper but i dont have my book here. :omg:
  13. Engine assembly lube

    I build ford small block race engines and i use lucas oil stabilzer works so good i dont even prime the engines when i start them any more. get it at your local wal mart or auto store. :D
  14. clinton tecumseh

    hey guys my wifes grandpa gave me a box of clinton and tecumseh parts some nos some used items tec parts included a conn rod rings valves points condenser and more . 1 set fairbanks morse points. clinton points, gaskets some partial sets, valves,. a jacobsen piston with rings new,. there are more items if anyone is interested please send pm for pat numbers :omg:
  15. Coil on D series

    is that an onan if it is ihave seen the voltage regulator go bad and send to much to the coil not sure why the coil was affected in this way. the engine was on a pump on a fire engine not a may check your voltage if thats not it make sure there isnt a ground wire problem or the points arent out causing to much resistance or maybe it just gave up due to age :D