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  1. Horse Huntin'?

    Rick said there are plenty of WH in the midwest... but they are mostly in his garage!! lol I need to go to the Lake and visit him! lol Joe, in central MO.
  2. cool wh link i found

    I went to the site and searched GT-14 and read the following... " The GT-14 Wheel Horse tractor with 14-horsepower, a large frame, vertical shaft engine and input transaxle is a much sought after tractor that is even more difficult to obtain than some of the newer models." I hope this was just an honest mistake, I KNOW my GT-14`s all have a HORIZONTAL 14hp Kohler. Mis-information is a bad thing...
  3. Just a thought... about putting PB in the set-screw hole on the hub. What if you made a fitting to thread into the hole part way and be airtight on the threads. Then using compressed air, inject PB or other solvent into the set-screw hole? If it holds the pressure, maybe close a valve to hold the solvent and pressure in, dissconnect the air and drive it a little. Just a thought, (Not responsible for accidents!) lol Joe

    Great informational post and great pics too! Now... who wants to do a tutorial with my... their GT-14 hydraustat ? Joe
  5. GT-14 trans

    Thanks Burly, but the problem IS, I don`t know what they need. It`s been a few years now since I was into one, so I don`t remember all the parts now. Can you estimate what it would take to make one "not feasable to repair"? Joe
  6. GT-14 trans

    Thanks all. I used my best GT-14 for 4-5 years before it "gave-up". I know what they can do! It mowed grass very nicely!! I picked-up a couple more about the same time for parts, but they are complete enough that I hate to tear them apart. I`m not sure what to try next. Where do you get parts for these trannys? Joe
  7. GT-14 trans

    I have 3 GT-14`s that all have the same trouble. the hydro is weak. I`ve explored inside them and found broken springs in valves, and I re-surfaced the swash-plate in one and shimmed it back to original. I just can`t make them useable anymore. Someone suggested the overhaul shop, but they want about $1,000.00 to make it work. What have you guys done to fix these old machines? A neighbor suggested that if I`m out of ideas, I could try some 50 weight racing oil instead of trans fluid... A couple years ago, I switched the pump/motor from a Bronco-14 onto a GT-14, but lost one direction (forward? or reverse?). Can that switch be made successfully? Joe