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  1. T.A.S.! 876

    Nice find! I got a Suburban 551 from a friend that sat in a barn for around 20 years. The tranny was locked up so I had to buy one on ebay. :omg:
  2. 656 - good or bad?

    I have a suburban 551 with a 5.5 lauson/tecumseh that i just rebuilt and it runs great. Need to get a starter and paint my deck up. :omg:
  3. 702 dirt video.

    Nice 702. (nice hubcaps too.) :omg:
  4. Anybody made a rear sleeve hitch attachment?

    I'm going to make a rear plow with tines for my suburban 551. :omg:

    I had one of the older 3-part transaxles. It had water damage and I bought a new one on eBay for $51.00 and $46.00 to ship. I had to switch the side cover because the brake band opened when the clutch/brake pedal was pressed. I tried it yesterday and it works great. :D
  6. Little Spring Clean Up

    nice loader :omg:
  7. Joes Out door Power

    I've bought an ignition coil from him and had no problems.
  8. Today's haul

    Nice find. I just got my 551 running yesterday. :omg:
  9. Is this even Legal in any state??

    You're right.
  10. Need some advice for buying an RJ35

    Nice buy :omg:
  11. Can I Get A Show Of Hands????

    I was going to paint my suburban 551 IH red valspar myself :omg: