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  1. Hi WheelHorse Steve,


    I own a 1967 857 with an 8 HP Kohler (K181S) and would like to do a valve adjustment, points, condenser and carb adjustment/cleaning on her.


    I live in Newtown too, and would rather learn how to do the above myself as opposed to taking her to Newtown Power or L&R in Monroe.


    Looking for your recommendation on where to find this information on this site or on-line guides/tutorials which would walk me through the process.  


    Appreciate any insight you can provide!



  2. Horse Stable Build (Mini Version)

    Awesome, Steve! Love it!
  3. Kohler Backfiring... But Why?

    Good leads everyone -- we're going to give these things a try. Some more info here: It has gotten progressively worse over the last few seasons. On start up there is a puff of blue/white smoke -- my bet is oil that has seeped into the combustion chamber (worn rings, cylinder, valves, etc.). Apparently it's a Kohler SINGLE -- I stand corrected (edited original post to reflect that). Anything else that we should be looking at? This circa-2000 engine... it must not have points and yes, it is electric start (w/ battery).
  4. Kohler Backfiring... But Why?

    Hello -- My friend has a 16HP Kohler vertical shaft on his Craftsman lawn tractor that has started to do something odd that I'm hoping the experts here on Red Square have some ideas on. Here's what he described: On start up, while cranking, it is backfiring (through the exhaust) while the throttle is medium to high. It is not catching. He can eventually get it to catch / run if he starts it at idle, and the engine runs fair to okay. The other odd phenomena which I'm not certain is related here -- when the gas level in the tank gets to the half-way point it starts running poorly... so he tops it off frequently to avoid that. Both of these problems are relatively new, and the machine is 13 years old w/ as many mowing seasons on it (~750 hrs). What do you think might be the problem here? RE: the backfiring I suggested some sort of valve problem / dirty head, but the fuel level bit is odd... perhaps it's totally separate. Thanks in advance for any advice you might have! -Steve
  5. Wheel Weight Question

    Yup! I have them on both tractors... they are awesome. 65 or so pounds on the inside of each wheel... which means I could easily top 120 lbs / wheel if I ran outside weights too. For the hub to fit you may need to do a little bit of grinding on the casting imperfections... it doesn't take much, but smooth out the inside to ensure you don't have interference. It's a tight fit!
  6. Update on NyLyon (Dad)

    Praying for you Karl and your family! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  7. 2013 - February Wheel Horse of the month

    Stiff competition! They all look great!
  8. How To - Renew Cylinder Head Gasket Sealing Surface

    This is wonderful! (excellent tutorial!) Question -- what do you guys do about the block side of things? (how do you clean the surface there) I see marks from the head gasket... leftover gasket material, I believe. Your advice is appreciated, as always!
  9. Electric Log Splitter Evaluation

    I was thinking the same thing RE: entangled grained wood. I just split a bunch of swamp maple with my hydraulic splitter and boy is that stuff tightly grained and entangled. On the other hand, woods like red oak can be a total snap to split. I really enjoyed the video and learning about that technique! Despite the hydraulic splitter to make it easier (maybe not faster) I do want to give it a try... very, very cool!
  10. My New Horse Hauler... Enclosed 6x12

    Pays for a LOT of tolls! (the savings!!) Great find, Steve!
  11. New England Blizzard!!!

    Oh, and I'm wondering if I should try the roller chain trick with the Vredestein V61s... putting it in between a pair of the ribs. I found that I *did* slide sideways despite weight in the front and these ribbed tires. What roller chain do you guys use? (and exactly how wide is it?) If it doesn't fit in the groove in between the ribs I don't know that it is going to work. I've never had problems plowing w/ this combination until now, but given the storms we've had in the past 3 years I think it's time to be ready for more extreme weather like this in the future.
  12. New England Blizzard!!!

    x2 here. We got 24" where I live in Newtown and it was a much heavier variety than the fluffy 24" we got back in January 2011. I used the Honda 2-stage and it was a similar experience as what Matt posted... moving along fairly slowly and snow topping over it. The nice thing about the snow that topped over it... I got to plow it with the C160! That said, I've never before heard the K341 come to almost a dead stall. I was pushing some serious snow by the end of the 600' driveway and it did it but boy did it work hard. As far as straight plowing 24" of this with the 15" tall plow of the C160? Forget it! As Matt said, many pickup plows couldn't handle this. This was snowblower snow all the way... or loader!
  13. My New Horse Hauler... Enclosed 6x12

    I found out the hard way that you pay a LOT more in tolls with 2 axles on the trailer than 1. Not sure if this is your rationale here Ken but I can definitely see where this would be a consideration for cross-state towing. I like that trailer, SteveBo! Doubles as a shed... which is great. How much do you guys pay for these used enclosed trailers? I was considering making another shed/shelter but now am thinking of following suit, here. It's like a shed on wheels! :thumbs:
  14. Stihl Chainsaws

    I have been trying to find a 026/260 pro but they are hard to find in good shape and very expensive when you do. The new 261 has almost as much power than the 290 farm boss but cuts faster because it runs at higher rpms with the exception of the bar being buried, but the 026 also weighs like 10.4lbs for just the power head. And you reminded me! I also have a Stihl HT101 Pole Saw and one of the biggest baddest weed wacker out there, the Stihl FS250R. It has 2.2 horse power! Funny you should say that... the 026 Pro cost me about the same as the 036 Pro. It's a very light but surprisingly powerful saw... am still deciding which one I like better. You definitely get less tired on the 026 when sawing for hours... but the additional power of the 036 is nice. I can only imagine what the 044/46 and up are like... great for the big wood I'm sure.