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  1. April Tractor of the Month Contest- 1958 & 1959 RJ

    I'll enter this one I recently finished. Haven't filled with fluids yet, trying to convince the wife it would be a nice center piece.
  2. rj25?

    That RJ 25 hood is interesting. I always thought the RJ 25 was discontinued in 56, the embossed nose was added in 57, that could prove the RJ 25 was offered in 57, at least early 57. Also the Mentone RJ 25 looks to have a two qt. tank. Only the 3qt. was used with that upper bracket,the smaller tank won't allow the bottom bracket to line up. It looks as though the bottom tank bracket is missing, the tank must have been replaced with the 2qt.
  3. RJ 58 engine

    That looks like the one setting on my work bench, only now it has the correct filter. I'll part with the under size filter if anyone has a need.
  4. Is this an rj58?

    That is a RJ58 for sure. Nice find !!
  5. Picked up a RJ35 550 and half of a RJ58

    If you get the hood off, it would be great to have some pics of throttle, govenor linkage set up. PO of mine pulled the carb and missed placed the linkage. Thanks in advance.
  6. paint over spray

    Try Graffiti remover at Lowes, be gentle and wash often, with soap and water.
  7. rj35 half steering wheel

    Heres a ad clip for the RJ25 & 35 with the 1/2 steering wheel, I thought it to be a prototype pic, also note the Schnacke recoil on the Briggs. I'll be posting more pic's of my RJ25 clone with a 1/2 wheel when it stops raining.
  8. Cecil Pond Passed Away Yesterday 12/30/2011

    Rest in Peace Mr. Pond. The vision of you and your father have created a passion like non other for me. For that I am grateful.
  9. Anyone in the Memphis area?

    I'm in North GA and you won't see much. I've been to Wisconsin, Iowa, and all places in between this year to get what I wanted. Good Luck with your search.
  10. rj35 pulley question

    I had to redo the one on my 56. Went to Tractor Supply and got the 6" pulley and the correct shaft insert, had the insert modified at the local machine shop to match the original, then welded the insert into the pulley. Looks just like the original. If u don't have the original, do a dry fit lining up the pulley's to determine how much the insert needs to be cut down. Hope this helps.
  11. surburban 400 question

    A few of the 400's, and 401's did have B1290, I have a 401 w/ one. As I understand it Kohler was on strike in 1960 I believe and the K91 were head to get. I have copies of two diffrent service memo's 1962, and 1964 that list these two tractors w/ the Clinton B1290, and the K91. The seat should be soild on the 400, but it could be a late one and got the 401 seat. Who knows for sure.
  12. my new RJ-58

    To restore or leave as is, is a question I battle w/ on some of my tractors. If you have to chase down parts to complete a tractor, it's real difficult to fined parts in the original condition to match your aged tractor. My feeling is the more you have to locate to have a complete tractor the hard I lean toward a total restoration. Some times you get lucky and run up on a complete one like this early 58 ( s# 1789 ) I found on CL. Nailed it down in two hours and the next morning drove 1000m RT to retreive it. It's an older restoration so I'll be leaving it as it it is. Hope the pics work
  13. my new RJ-58

    Nice looking RJ. I see it has the S# sticker on the frame, can you read the # stamped into the lower half? Also there may be a # on the top of the transmission case next to the shift lever, it should start w/ a letter. Post this info and it will tell you appox. when it was manufactured.
  14. RJ35

    I would have thought there were more original RJ35 than this. I believe there holding out on ya.
  15. Got The One I Wanted

    IMO I'd leave it as rustic as you can. The hood on my 55 some one painted green, then tried to grind it off, I striped it did a minimal repair, primered w/ red oxide, a thin coat of AC orange, then a thin coat of valspar IH red, misted it w/ red primer, all this while wet, let it dry then went over it w/ fine steel wool. Not perfect but close. I'd try it on a small part 1st. Just my two cents.