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  1. How many show their tractors?

    here is a bunch of my horse's at a local show.i take anywhere from 12 to 20+ horse's to the local shows
  2. i now have a complete rear pto for my d200. is there a difference what end of the tractor i start the shaft and carrier bearings from.
  3. what is it? wheel horse or not.

    thanks guys,i can now put it on the pile of stuff to bring to the big show.somebody might need it.
  4. i picked this up with a lot of wheel horse tractors and parts,not sure what this is for.
  5. Is this REALLY original?? 1973 8 4 speed

    i bought the very same tractor for my nephew and it had the same rear rims.
  6. i had my 8 pinion rear in my pulling tractor locked for a couple of pulls and the traction was great,but it was a real bear to turn if you did not have much room.i ended up unlocking it.
  7. Do You Recognize this Guy??

    yes it was and thanks for the help.and like you i am anxiously awaiting June's arrival
  8. Do You Recognize this Guy??

    since i cannot seem to find this guy or anyone who knows him,it seems i have a new project tractor.i do know what he paid for it and i would have bought it for that price.i do hope he will be at the show next year so i can make things right with him.
  9. Do You Recognize this Guy??

    i was able to get a pic of the tractor,i believe it is a 1969 workhorse 700.this is the way he bought it.
  10. Do You Recognize this Guy??

    i have no idea who the seller was.
  11. Do You Recognize this Guy??

    he bought the tractor from someone else,i just agreed to haul it to my place so he could pick it up in a couple of weeks.either he lost my number and address or something else happened.
  12. i need to talk to a vendor that sets up a couple tables in the one building closest to the parade track.he came to the show in a small car with everything packed into it.if anyone knows chuck tell him to call me,i have something that belongs to him. 814 591 5428 thanks guys.
  13. Wheel Horse “Generational” Survey

    i am the third generation owner a rj58 and all its original attachments.a lot of good memories with my little horse.
  14. your tractor is at my place and i have not heard from you yet. not sure if you lost my number, so hoping you will see this post and send me a pm.
  15. wheel horse trailblazer 7

    Changed Status to Closed