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    My interests are Older farm machinery. In my collection i have Oldest to newest 1949 Farmall super A 1970 cub cadet 107, 1972 john deere 110 hydro lift, 1974, allis chalmers 710, 1978 wheel horse C81, 1979 wheelhorse C81 , 1996 50th anniversary 416h, and
  1. The Right to disagree

    Hey chaz, What right is right dude. I stand up for what i i belive in. sorry i sound like a ranting jackass but hey i want to make sure i get my point across :thumbs:
  2. The Right to disagree

    And further more " Moderators " should have A professional attitude. Not act like pompous control freacks. But i guess i will be the bigger man and just admit i put stress on a structure that wasent up to code anyway. I mean to be suspended for giving my opinion about what a mans tractor was worth, was the most ignorant obtuse thing i ever had the displeasure of experienceing :thumbs:
  3. Unhappy Horse

    Hey dont feel bad my john deere 110 did the same thing to me today. got it running after varnish fuel. She was running great. So i gave it a bath with ivory soap an degreaser. Crank Crank put put. I put differnt needle an seat in Same thing. i think ill check the points an do some coil testing first thing in the am
  4. How often do we really think about the freedom we have ? I, my self just take it for granted most of the time. Recently I got on a thread about a opinion about the amount a tractor was worth . It was for people with a particular viewpoint and whereas I agree with some aspects I don't agree with all of it. So naturally they didn't agree with my viewpoint either. It's a small thing but it got me to thinking of just how great that really is. We each have the right to believe anything we want to. We each have the right to disagree with someone else and they have the very same right to disagree with us. Like I said, it seams like a small thing but to me its true freedom and the basic freedom that this country is built on .. the right to disagree. A lot of people in other countries don't have even this small right. They have to believe what they are told to believe. If they choose not to, then they do that at great risk. Sometimes even their life. YUP! I always loved the Voltaire quote " "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" So suspend me Again "TT"
  5. How much is this mower worth

    Maybe with all the money you saved ya can get some sirens an a badge. Prices vary ive seen tractors in worse shape then all of them going for 500$ from private sales an belive it or not they was firm on there price an actually got it. I dont see how that hurts any of us. You find good deels then you find people who wont budge a knickel. And i bet you wont sell me that horse head seat strait up for 50$ or those hub caps. ive always said its worth what it is to you ive got a 100$ john deere sold for 650$ an the guy loves it
  6. How much is this mower worth

    I seen 314 0r 312 it was hunk of crap had flat tire even an the guy got 550$ for it so if your firm you may be able to get that. Dont listen to the forum police I know your just asking for an opinion. not a blue book value or writen estimate. things can be taken out of contex on here somtimes :thumbs:
  7. 10hp Kohler Mechanical Question/help

    you may have the pump not bolted correctly id check gaskets if it has the right bolts. Thay may be to long tricking you into think there tight when there not or maybe is a fuel line hose clamp Fuel leacks can be a tricky thing good luck
  8. Snow Blower Chute Modification

    Monster garage! pretty good idea there duke!!! :thumbs:
  9. How much is this mower worth

    Oh i dident read the top part. hard to say how good of shape is the deck in any surface rust? i could get tractor like that running no smoke in v.a. 475$ i even seen 16hp one with bagger going for that its hard to say what its worth honestly
  10. How much is this mower worth

    Thats a madder of opinion. With my budget now 100-200$ it looks like its been used an has alot of hours. It sad to say you can get more if you part it out. but if the motor dont smoke id say 275$ hope thats nto insult dont intend it to be just given you my opinion :thumbs:
  11. Gauges?

    Ha i had a auto gauge 5 1/2 inch monster tach on my c81 with shift light it dident last long on there. i got broke and sold it :thumbs:
  12. new to redsquare, but you just may no me!!!

    I got your card bill. i mite be interested in some wheel horse parts maybe i need a tiller for my c81 mid mount blade be nice too
  13. Ralley

    i hear ya its freezen in v.a. to cold to go out side to work on lawn mowers. Cant wait until i build my shop its going to have out door boiler heated floors back up mite even be waste oil. Figure get outdoor wood furnace that way the horses will get work out collecting fire wood
  14. Ralley

    Sounds like a A M F dynamark. They made ralleys as far as tranny being locked up it may not be to hard for you to repair i am asuming its lawn tractor not garden going by 11hp engine The year has me scratching my head if you give me the numbers off the motor i should be able to come up with a year for ya i think your transmission should be square shaped 5 speed with reverse correct? those transmissions do not use fluid they use grease you can take it apart an try an clean everything an put new grease as long as nothing is broken it is a dirty job but i have made more then one of them work that way. worse part is geting wheels off the axles there usally froze
  15. picture

    Dont feel bad loyd it too me awile to figure out how to post pictures. i like your black hood!