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    Wheel horse makes it kohler shakes it!!!!!
  • Birthday 05/05/1991

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    (753) 1963 7hp
    (312-8). 1987. 12hp
    (commando8) 1968 8hp
    (B-80-8 speed) 1977 8hp. Repower with 16hp

    wh-36in Tiller
    wh-8in moldboard plow
    wh-A frame cultervator
    wh-42inch snow/dozer blad.
    wh-48inch snow/dozer blade
    wh-42inch snow/thrower
    wh-32inch snow/thrower

    NON WH

    30inch briney disc
    cast 50lbs rear wheel weights x2
    cast 25lbs front 8inch weights
    brinley 500lbs yard roller
    brinley areator
  • favoritemodel
    Commando 8

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    Zanesville oh
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    Auto zone factory parts puller
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    rebuilding engines & restore tractors!

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