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    (753) 1963 7hp
    (312-8). 1987. 12hp
    (commando8) 1968 8hp
    (B-80-8 speed) 1977 8hp. Repower with 16hp

    wh-36in Tiller
    wh-8in moldboard plow
    wh-A frame cultervator
    wh-42inch snow/dozer blad.
    wh-48inch snow/dozer blade
    wh-42inch snow/thrower
    wh-32inch snow/thrower

    NON WH

    30inch briney disc
    cast 50lbs rear wheel weights x2
    cast 25lbs front 8inch weights
    brinley 500lbs yard roller
    brinley areator
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    Commando 8

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    Zanesville oh
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    Auto zone factory parts puller
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    rebuilding engines & restore tractors!
  1. 36inch Tiller tines help

    I trying to find a good used or new set of tines for my 36in tiller i know i can order them threw wheel horse but for both sides it 648$ thats way to much is there any way to get cheaper ones or a good set of used ones
  2. First snow and 312-8 wont start?

    Got it running to day put a new plug in it went to the dealer ship got me a new throttle cable run perfect now
  3. Wheel horse snow crew

    312-8 with 42inch blower . 1968 commando8 with 42inch blade .1977 b-80 8speed with 48inch blade
  4. First snow and 312-8 wont start?

    Can i use a e3 spark plug and if i can what part number would it be
  5. What am I looking at, 702, 753??

    Hard to tell but just judging but what i can see buy the front axel has a high arch to it its a 702
  6. First snow and 312-8 wont start?

    I never have had a problem starting my 312-8 went to the yard barn to start it with a wind chill of 20below zero throttle cables frozen took a hair dryer every year to un thaw choke and throttle cables tractor would keep cranking but no fire i choked it full and half . Then checked to see if i had spark plenty of spark checked for fuel i am geting plenty of fuel so i took the spark plug out and it was wet i turned engine over with choke off and spark plug out to get it un flooded then took spark plug and wire brushed it and heated it with a lighter to help it combusted the fuel better put the plug back in and still no start i also even ran a hair dryer in the the air filter to get warm air in the combustion chamber still not one fire of the engine i will not use starter fluid because its hard on an engine so what can i do to get it started
  7. Transmmision swap help 312-8

    I was thinking of put the tiller on my b80 like i have all ways done with the 16hp on it and putting a foot control on the hydro
  8. 753 steering wheel wanted

    I know i should post this in wanted adds admin can move it i sorry i need a 753 steering i need this to finsh all the parts needed to restore this project so i can suprise my grandpa he got alhiemers and before he gets to bad i want him to rember the tractor the way it was when he had one years ago i thought if i posted it on wheel horse tractors insted of wanted add more people would see it administers ... If any one has one in ohio that would be great
  9. Transmmision swap help 312-8

  10. Transmmision swap help 312-8

    I like a challenge so i decided to do the swap i going to do a mild restore of the 312-8 and the eaton 1100 i need to know what should i do to service the eaton 1100 has an old filter and fluid on the dip stick looks clean but level at the middle of low and full should i add oil or drain it and change it and the filter looks like no one every paid no mind to matinance on the tractor
  11. Transmmision swap help 312-8

    Right in front of transmission plate with the 4 bolts
  12. Transmmision swap help 312-8

    Lol front weights not for sale going to my personal collection. Buy the way i paid 120$ for the tractor came with the deck 42inch blade rear weights and the front wheel horse weights the frame on the tractor is twisted and broke thats why i want to use my 312 8 frame i just decided to switch transmission and restore the 312-8 to a 312-H. I just want to know what parts will i have to change buy the way snow blade for sale . I going to make these a project restoration i post pics of it as i start it i calling it project 312-8 / H conversion
  13. Transmmision swap help 312-8

    Kinda low budget build here but i hate to tear my 312-8 apart
  14. Transmmision swap help 312-8

    I get pics when i go to pick it up but i checked it out i did not see any thing missing other then the engine and the seat the fender pan and hood was all attached this a full complete tractor the guy i bought it from just wanted the engine for a golf cart he is leaving me the pto and drive pully belt and gauards
  15. Transmmision swap help 312-8

    But can it be done with out mod-factions