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    (753) 1963 7hp
    (312-8). 1987. 12hp
    (commando8) 1968 8hp
    (B-80-8 speed) 1977 8hp. Repower with 16hp

    wh-36in Tiller
    wh-8in moldboard plow
    wh-A frame cultervator
    wh-42inch snow/dozer blad.
    wh-48inch snow/dozer blade
    wh-42inch snow/thrower
    wh-32inch snow/thrower

    NON WH

    30inch briney disc
    cast 50lbs rear wheel weights x2
    cast 25lbs front 8inch weights
    brinley 500lbs yard roller
    brinley areator
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    Commando 8

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    Zanesville oh
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    Auto zone factory parts puller
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    rebuilding engines & restore tractors!

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  1. Need help 1075 belt guard

    Well shoot the hunt begins i guess for a belt guard
  2. Wanted: 1075 wheel-A-matic belt guard

    I need a 1965 wheel horse 1075 belt guard
  3. Need help 1075 belt guard

    So its a one year one model belt guard
  4. Need help 1075 belt guard

  5. Need help 1075 belt guard

    Thanks i think the 875,876,877 will also work not for sure completely i know the all had 8hp engines and the 1075 has a 10 ther different block heights
  6. Need help 1075 belt guard

    I need to know what other tractors use the same belt guard as the 1075 i have a charger 14 hydro belt guard some where will it work
  7. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Need help just bought a 1075 today its missing a belt guard but some where at my moms i have a charger 14 auto belt guard will it fit ir work with the 1057
  8. 36inch Tiller tines help

    I trying to find a good used or new set of tines for my 36in tiller i know i can order them threw wheel horse but for both sides it 648$ thats way to much is there any way to get cheaper ones or a good set of used ones
  9. First snow and 312-8 wont start?

    Got it running to day put a new plug in it went to the dealer ship got me a new throttle cable run perfect now
  10. Wheel horse snow crew

    312-8 with 42inch blower . 1968 commando8 with 42inch blade .1977 b-80 8speed with 48inch blade
  11. First snow and 312-8 wont start?

    Can i use a e3 spark plug and if i can what part number would it be
  12. What am I looking at, 702, 753??

    Hard to tell but just judging but what i can see buy the front axel has a high arch to it its a 702
  13. First snow and 312-8 wont start?

    I never have had a problem starting my 312-8 went to the yard barn to start it with a wind chill of 20below zero throttle cables frozen took a hair dryer every year to un thaw choke and throttle cables tractor would keep cranking but no fire i choked it full and half . Then checked to see if i had spark plenty of spark checked for fuel i am geting plenty of fuel so i took the spark plug out and it was wet i turned engine over with choke off and spark plug out to get it un flooded then took spark plug and wire brushed it and heated it with a lighter to help it combusted the fuel better put the plug back in and still no start i also even ran a hair dryer in the the air filter to get warm air in the combustion chamber still not one fire of the engine i will not use starter fluid because its hard on an engine so what can i do to get it started
  14. Transmmision swap help 312-8

    I was thinking of put the tiller on my b80 like i have all ways done with the 16hp on it and putting a foot control on the hydro