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  1. cluch

    would someone tell me how to adjust cluch? if i just get my foot close to the peddle it slips. it has no slak peddle. i have a new belt on it. double checked if it is the right one for it.the tractor is a c 101 high/low. thanks so much. jim
  2. roll pin

    thanks so much for the help. i think now i can fix it. i had never seen one like this. again thanks jim
  3. roll pin

    on my c101 the collar at the bottom of the shife lever has a pin that holds the collar in place had broken and it moves around. after getting the set screw out that some had broke off. the pin looks like none i have seen. it looks like rolled up metal. i can not find one. my question is would a regular roll pin work and does the set screw extend into the collar to hold it in place. does someone know where i can get 1 or 2 of them. thanks so much. jim
  4. help

    yes i am from centrial ohio. thanks so much
  5. help

    i have a c101 and would like to put a snow blade on it. i can not find out what one fits it. is there a model no for that . thanks. jim
  6. commando 800

    i am having some trouble wiring my wh commando 800. would some one send me in the right direction please. thanks so much. jim
  7. need kit with all parts

    where would be the best place to go for a carb uretor or a kit. mine is on a k241AS- carter model N- 3527 S - venture 26 . thanks jim
  8. Snow plow info

    hello. is there a place a person could go to see what attachments fit there tractor. i have a c 101 and do not know what to look for. thank you jim
  9. Tractor seats

    would the v 3500 fit a commando 800. i need one bad. thank you jim :omg: