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    collecting wheel horse tractors and pulling every where there's a pull
  1. Anyone running NQS Hot Stock

    stock alterd is the class i run its a little more serious then stock 5000rpm is the limit with a built 16hp kohler and you gotta have pro puller tires that are sharp just 2 be conpetitive :thumbs2:
  2. mr.horsepower is back

    i decided to go up pa and buy my old pulling tractor back cause it was up for sale when i opend the door and seen it after 2 years everything was changed i mean tires were gone aluminum rims were gone and even the 30mm carb and 1inch spacer. header pipe and pullys and belt and seat were gone as well all was left was bare 16hp magnum and the tractor on junk wheels 2 roll around on i was disapointed so i brought her home and with help from mid west super cub and m.e miller tire co that i just spent $600 on parts to put her back 2 gather i will show the complete build up on here when the parts come in :D
  3. Sears Suburban pulling

    yes i have ive built 3 st 16 with the 16 hp ohv tecumpseh i built em 2 the max with kevalar 5/8 belts and aluminum wheels and 26 12 12 lawntec cut tires on one and then i had the stocker i just sold ill post some pics later
  4. 953 getting some action again!

    yes it is hey man were thalkin about langcaster county here that green horse is just rockin some nice colors thats all :hide:
  5. chris11 puller pics

    yea that would be better i renforced it for now its in the back of the shop blocked in until i get the pro stock fixed and out of the way
  6. chris11 puller pics

    looks great but it looks like that command is a lil 2 much for that 5/8s belt u should of adapted a cub rear and drive shaft cuz i run stock alterd and i literly twist clutch arm on my 416 and then the belt snaps haha
  7. 2010 Wheel Horse Show Picture Depository

    i guess i missed alot i was there friday for the wh 1054 parts deals :thumbs:
  8. wheel horse puller FOR SALE

    this all started out as a wheel horse c 121 8 speed i found in a 180 year old farm barn i pulled it on out and brought her home and decided 2 make it a twin puller so it became a over time project puller well my tinker time went down the drain and i ended up painting it and building it in a week anyway here it sits ive puller it once at a local pull and got first its got a onan 18 hp twin with straight pipes and 23-10.5-12 firestone ag tires on back wheeley bars and brackets its ready 2 go for this season im askin $650.00 i see them onan twin go on ebay for like $500 so its well worth it Attached Image
  9. Pulling Green

    boy dont even talk my puller wll yank that d250 backward lol
  10. hey i came up with a name for it when its done......... how about COW PLOP cause that goes with the tractor perfectley :D
  11. My 1989 414-8 Puller

    i agree its real nice looks almost like mine :D
  12. Went to a small pull Saturday.

    i dont care what anyone says them cubs were as nice as mine and they even got a wheel horse hood :D
  13. 1962 Cub Cadet Original

    good job make shore u use automotive hi rise primer on the dash :omg:
  14. Pictures from Farm Fun Day Show 2010

    naa i was goin fast the belt dident shred til 2 run but thank you for all the pictures there great!!!!!! :D
  15. Pictures from Farm Fun Day Show 2010

    hell yea!!!! post that one on here when i was flinging all the dust :omg: