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  1. For what it's worth there's a deal on a Toro 5xi Series Hydraulic Service Manual on flea bay now.
  2. Needed to replace the rear wheels on my 48" deck on my 523DXI, so I look them up and find they are part# 95-4102...but.... $37.76 each?. Uh,not today. So after a trip to Graingers I come up with 2 part# 1NWT7 wheels at $10.23 each. The only differences I see...other than about $55...is the hub is about 1/2" wider, the diameter is about 1/8" less than the Toro wheel,and the Grainger wheel has steel bushings where the Toro looks to be bronze.Both wheels are about 6"x2" and are some kind of hard plastic.Got 2 new shoulder bolts and back in business.
  3. The original owner of my 523 DXI paid $9221.99 for it on 4/4/2000. That included a 48" deck and sales tax.
  4. N.C. Show

    Here's some info on a good event. .http://www.foothillsantique.com/Webpages/2014%20show%20flyer.pdf
  5. Had a problem like this on a 211-4....Turned out to be a loose wire/burnt terminal on the IGNITION switch....Hope this helps.
  6. hot transaxle 523Dxi

    The screen is in a verticle round housing about 3 " long which is behind the LEFT lower dash panel which has the 522xi decal on it. After removing the panel,hydraulic lines, and the housing, take the housing apart, and there's the screen. Hope that helps.....
  7. Why Do I Wheel Horse Around

    Tried enlightenment but got tired of all them salads...back on burger diet.....................
  8. Got a 523 DXI and can't say a bad thing about it. Smooth strong mower. Just love it!
  9. Craigslist wheel horse

    Another way to search Craigs by region or nationwide is Allofcraigs.com You can cover a lot of ground quickly thataway......
  10. Charles...bought a 523 DXI last year with 202hrs.on it and I just love it. When I got it the steering was sloppy but setting the toe-end took care of that problem.Besides that only thing I've done to it was change fluids and filters.Good luck with your mowing!
  11. Go to the picture gallery 1985-2007,then check out the 1998 523DXI.Those have a 23hp 3 cylinder Diahatsu diesel. There's one of those on Craigslist now somewhere in Kansas.
  12. Needed an universal hitch to pull my trailer, leafvac, plugger, broadcast spreader, etc. so I made one for my 523DXI. I think I may have this picture posting figured out.After first few attempts tried using a hammer but that didn't seem to help...... :ychain:
  13. Stering issue

    Sorry....may be a little late to this party...but anyway....my 523dxi's steering was sloppy until I set the toe in.Was toed way out for some reason. Hope i'm not too late to help