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  1. My brand new 48" rotary mower

    I didn't install it.
  2. 48" mower chute

    I didn't even install the chute on mine. Come to think of it I never had a deck a deck that had one.
  3. My brand new 48" rotary mower

    I pulled that same trigger last month on the same deck. I couldn't believe how quite it is compared to my old one.
  4. Hanging to dry / cure

    This is what I used. It's a good durable paint and I think it looks pretty good. It would've came out better but I messed up the primer coat. And since it was on my daily worker I didn't redo it. Here is a before and after.
  5. D series 3 point hitch????

    I would need everything accept the two vertical pieces that go on the transmission case. I only asked because I have a chance to get a D-180 with an Onan motor at a real good price. The only thing is that it comes with no attachments at all.
  6. Can you go to Tractor Supply and buy off the shelf 3 point hitch parts and use them on a D series tractor?
  7. Dad & Daughter

    That's awsome!! Looks like you both are having a great time.
  8. Raider 14 With Johnson Loader

    Thanks for the pics. That gives me some good ideas.
  9. Raider 14 With Johnson Loader

    That looks great. I have a johnson loader as well but still haven't mounted it. I'm still working out where to mount the pump. Any chance you could get a few close up pics of how you mounted yours? Thanks. And again, nice job.
  10. Will a tiller for a 5xi work on my C-175 without having to do any modifications?
  11. Nice find. I wouldn't pass it up either, that is if I had the money.
  12. look how shiny! !!

    I'm going to API later to get some por 15 for the spindle housings. I haven't heard of waxing the underside of the deck. I've heard everything from using pam cooking spray, wd40, and dry silicone spray. You would think that by now someone would've come up with a deck design that was completely smooth on the underside. Even the carriage bolt heads are enough to start a grass build up.
  13. look how shiny! !!

    That's how I was looking at it. Since I rebuilt my C-175 last year I figured if I had a new deck I wouldn't have to worry about fixing or trying to find a used deck for the next 30 + years. Now I just need to start saving for a new engine and what size type I want to repower her with. Maybe I'll go bigger or even with a diesel. A C-220 has a nice ring to it or maybe a C-200 D.
  14. Sandblasting

    Unfortunately I'm in PA. But I would check around for places that do powder coating. Just make sure that they can do body panels. Some places only do heavy gauge steel like frames and equipment.
  15. look how shiny! !!

    Thanks everyone. I wish I would've checked on this thread before I started mowing, I would've painted the spindle housings. I'll just have to clean it all up and do it before I now again. As for the place of purchase, it was from a dealer. The total cost out the door was $1431.00. I know what everyone is thinking, just get a good used one. Well I did get one last spring but it wasn't as good as I had thought. It's still fixable and I will get around to fixing it, I just couldn't wait and/or take the time to do it.