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  1. Engine Oil Recommendations

    35 years ago my local WH mechanic told me it's all about the oil in this small air cooled flathead engines. Heat, low oil, and dirty oil, are the main reasons they wear out or go bang way sooner than they should, he said 30w, keep it full, and change it often. Down here my stuff gets used mostly in temps 75* to 95*, I use Rotella 40w in every thing that is air cooled, twins, filters, no filters, OHVs, and as the man said I keep them full and change them often. Now days I will add one more thing to keeping these things running the way they were designed to do, DON'T USE ETHANOL GAS !! Distilled corn works well in a mason jar, not in a carburetor .
  2. It"s Florida, what the ****

    My only real complaint is after standing outside for five minutes in my shorts waiting on the dogs, I had to pee sitting down .
  3. Got up around 04:45 this morning to let the dogs out, 38* outside ! This maybe Northwest Florida, but it's still Florida, I got mater plants a foot and a half tall.
  4. Measure and thread of alternator nuts

    When I walk back in the shop, and ask myself am I here for a tool or a beer, the answer is a no brainier. That"s why the fridge is closer to the door than the tool box .
  5. Anybody got one of the HF 500# lift tables, if so whats your thoughts? Got a 25% off coupon. Chris
  6. I'm still debating if I'm going to make the show, that time of June, those big nasty things tend to develop in the Gulf quickly, not sure I want to be that far from the house if something pops up. Wife says just go, just don't take the truck,. I've all ready got the room booked, show if I do come and take the truck I could bring something to sell to help pay for the trip. Here what I'm thinking of bringing: 1997 416-8, Onan, second owner, 225 hr, 36 in rd deck. rear rock shaft, clevis hitch, new tires, new seat, fresh tune up, and oil change. $1000.00 Will try to get pictures this weekend, my flip phone doesn't do well. Chris.
  7. k series kohler repair manuals

    Rich, their saying a low of 44* Sunday night here in Pcola .
  8. A Little Trip.......7 Screws and a Plate Later

    Jim, Bob, and Richard, I don't know how comforting this is, but at least you know you can get some of your parts thru McMaster Carrs catalog or your local Ace hardware .
  9. Towing with 314-8

    It will pull 4500lb, but like like the guys say any incline, downgrade, grass, your just going to loss traction. Also I have one of the front hitches on ebay, guy says it will hold 300#, I'm not sure if I would put any more than 300# on mine, I'm thinking a 4500# piece of equipments tongue weight is way more than 300#s, don't think I would do it .
  10. New to me truck

    168,000 on my 2004 Tundra, other than the regular wearable parts, and maintenance nothings been done to it. Love this truck, owned it since 31,500 miles, 11 years, plan to drive it till it dies. Only down side is the MPG, 13-14 in town 16 Hwy, put a load in it or pull a trailer, forget about. Pull a 3300 Lb boat now and then, Hwy 9 mpg, in town not worth checking . Still wouldn't trade it for my last two Chevy's, and I'm a Chevy guy.
  11. Airborne Commando Wheel Horse

    Was there a tractor in that picture?
  12. Ah, those mysterious ethanol gas crystals .
  13. Wondering what these are?

    Two 1960 suburban in better than average condition, probably $800.00 + in parts, if parted out.
  14. '76 B-60 spindles

    My 77 B-80 has snap rings. Original.