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  1. Grand Daughters

    Looks like Big, Red Fred, got a bit of a soft spot. Not so sure about not costing any money, but damn sure worth every penny .
  2. Lawn Vac Hose

    Try this site. Their clear hose is cheap. Their yellow hose is a bit expensive but much better. https://www.universalhoseandfittings.com/category_s/1833.htm
  3. Happy Birthday Racin Bob!

    Enjoy your day, Bob.
  4. 312-8

    If it's the part in the picture with the two nuts for adjustment, it's the early version of the clutch engagement damper. About a year ago I was putting my 312-8 back together and couldn't remember where it went. I put a picture of it on RS, everybody said leave it off, so I did, haven't missed it yet.
  5. 314 no start

    Don't let anything sit with ethanol gas without some sort of fuel stabilizer in it for more than 45 days.This stuff is deadly on the entire fuel system on small engines !!!
  6. What have you done on your WH today?

    Looks like a mount for a Cyclone Rake.
  7. Dial-a-Height Broke Today

    A-Z has got what you need, bought the whole Dial-a-height from him last month.
  8. Come on down, we have three seasons, Warm, Hot, and DAMN.
  9. Chrome and Stainless Hubcap project

    What part did the salt and pepper shakers play?
  10. Kohler 8 hp part

    Lincoln, at A-Z tractor can probably hook you up. He's in the vendor section here.
  11. Electric Fuel Pump?

    I plan to take the rear rock shaft of the 416-8 and put it on the 312-8. while I have the rear pan off I think I'll put a elec fuel pump on the 312. I have both the Facet cube and a cylinder one, both are low pressure. Would like some pic of where you guys put them on your tractors, also exactly how you wired it. Richard are you out there?
  12. Deck idler pulley ?

    Thanks, Jim, the guy goes by greenbrushtrees, here. He sent me two new 111170 pulleys shipped for $47.50 , the cheapest I could find was 60.00 each plus shipping. Yesterday was at my sisters house, B-I-L asked about the deck in the truck bed, told him I was going to get some welding done. He said the old guy down the road does some welding for him, the guy use to fab roll bars and frames for the local short track and drag racers back in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Three hours, a few beer, $20.00, and some great stories, deck looks great. New belt is $52.00, so what looked to be a $200.00 + refurb, ends up $120.00 and a new friend.
  13. Deck idler pulley ?

    Gary, the pulleys are 4-1/4" OD with 3/8" ID bearing. The overall height 1-1/8" with the pulley sitting on the extended end of the bearing. Did a little research, looks like I'm going to have to buy the Toro part. Jack's got them for $60 plus shipping, Killian's $73 plus shipping. Looks like with the two pulleys, a new belt, and some welding I'll be into this things for over $200. Wasn't my plan, but I'm sure it will last another 30 years. The 111170 is the right pulley, there are two of them for this deck. They are both V-idlers.
  14. Deck idler pulley ?

    Garry, thanks, once again your spot on, I need two 111170 pulleys.