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  1. Winter prep

    Ah the old 3 fur deal. I do plan on selling the 416-8, I really don't need any more of these thing, got a nice 312-8, just need a nice hydro, knee and shoulder about shot . My be putting the 416-8 in the classifieds soon, If your interested PM me, like I said I'm at least 1200 mile south.
  2. Winter prep

    Not that old 1974, far sure. I've got the brother of the 416-H, it's a '97 416-8 with 220 Hrs, that I don't use that I would trade you for that wore out C160 , the problem is like always your 1200 miles north of me.
  3. My 701 journey

    Welcome to Red Square, members in Florida are rare, a 701 in Florida even rarer .
  4. Changing Mower Blades

    There are two of these wrenches on ebay right now, go to ebay and type in wheel horse wrench. one guy is selling new ones for $35.00 shipped, the other one is used $30.00 shipped. Both are a little pricey, but there not making them any more, and they do a great job of doing what they were designed to do. They also work good for removing most trailer hitch balls. Get Ya one.
  5. 1977 B80 won't turn over, no spark

    More than once .
  6. Clevis Hitch

    It depends on what you are going to be lifting with the clevis hitch. I have one on my B80, and my 312, neither have the rear rock shaft, it will lift any attachments that weigh less than 75# with easy. You really need the rock shaft when you are trying to lift heavy attachments such as the tiller, my tiller is on my 416 with the rock shaft, easy to lift, I put the tiller on my 312 . If you don't get the rock shaft, make sure you get the right cable.
  7. Turning Radius with Cyclone Rake

    First I would call woodland power products and make sure the mower deck adapter (MDA) mounting plate is the right one for your deck. It looks like it may be a problem even after you cut the MDA to fit, you may want to send them a few pic. You are going to have to cut the MDA to fit the deck properly, you should have gotten instruction on how to measure and cut it with your package. I'll try to get some pic of my MDAs, one that fits my JD, and the one that came with it I believe for a craftsman, nether or on the tractor, but my help. It will be this evening before I can send the pic. Hang in there once you get it to fit right your going to be very happy you bough it .
  8. Turning Radius with Cyclone Rake

    Is this a new CR or is it off of another tractor?
  9. Happy Birthday 19richie66

    Work = - Birthday = enjoy the day.
  10. 36 rd deck?

    When did they stop using three hole D blades with the dome washer on the 36 rd?
  11. front spindle swap?

    I'm thinking of putting the 8" tires and rims on my '88 312-8, it has the 6" on them now. I know the 37" deck won't fit then but I have a 36" RD. I know I need the spindles for the 8" rims, I have a '77 B-80 with the 8" rim and spindles is it a direct swap?
  12. Bring on the leaves!!!

    Thanks, for the pics, can I ask what the hitch cost, and how long is the hose from the MDA to the blower. I have a CR that is used on my JD been thinking about using it on my 312. also you will not be disappointed with the CR, thing's a beast.
  13. Bring on the leaves!!!

    Can we get a couple of pics of the hitch to tractor set up?
  14. Few years back I was driving down my road, a nice red CJ with a bikini top is coming the other way. Kid driving throws a big fast food bag in the ditch, I turn around and follow him, he pulls in the drive way of a very nice home at the golf course down the road. I go back and pick up the mess and put it back in the bag and drive back to his place and dump it in his front seat. It"s good to be an old fart some times .
  15. 520 club members!

    There you go again Ed with that #FAKEDATA!