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  1. Got one of those on my 312 works great. Can handle 300 lb tongue easily, move my power and sail boat around and my 5 x 10 trailer. I have moved my neighbors 24 ft RV with it, tongue was probably 400 +lb, don't know if I would do that often, but it did move the RV easily. The guy also sells front hitches that attach to front after you remove the mule-drive, one is for 2" receiver, I have that one also, but I really like the one that attaches permanently without removing the mule-drive. E-bay/ wheel horse hitches.
  2. 702 dash picture.

    Looking for a picture of an original dash and tower on a 702. Mine has been modified, thinking of putting back to original, mainly key and push button.
  3. 3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    Rotella T1 30 SAE.
  4. We picked up another Suburban yesterday

    Looks good, whats the Hawaiian Punch for?
  5. What do you have for a workbench?

    Nice lift. And what every magic shed should have, a shoplifting mirror.
  6. Sunset cruise

    Craig, sometimes it's all about the Benjamins .
  7. Sunset cruise

    Mary Ann or Ginger?
  8. Sunset cruise

    Looks like a nice cruise. Just be leary of any 3 hr. cruises .
  9. Are you ready for E-15

    On the bright side, well maybe not so bright, because of the many concerns with ethanol gas, more stations are carrying non ethanol now, at least down here. Most of the marinas down here carry non- ethanol .
  10. 3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    The flathead engines tend to burn more oil if it's multi-weight, especially if it has some hours on it. 30 W will work just fine for you, it's all I use down here, year round.
  11. Value of deck

    A couple of years ago there was a tiller on ebay, it was 3.5 hr drive for me so I bid $99.00. Well I was the only bidder so I won it. The older gentlemen was the original owner, the tractor was a '97 416-8 with 200hr on it. Tiller was in great shape he said he used the tiller as as much as he used the deck. I ask about buying the tractor, it was in great shape also, he said he planed on using it to pull the grandkid around the neighborhood, but he'd sell the deck. I end up buying the tiller and deck, he threw in a nice 10" Brinly breaking plow. About a year later he called me and asked if I was interested in the tractor, he bought a golf cart and used it to pull the kid around. He said he had been trying to sell it for a few month and nobody wanted it with out the deck. I didn't really want the tractor ( Onan and lot-o- wires ) but he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. The point to all of this is if he had the deck he could have sold the tractor for much more, than he sold them separately to me.
  12. Blue Ford Explorer and a C-100...who was it??

    Brake lights working, so he's not from down here.
  13. Moving some dirt

    I feel you, Ken, heat index over 106 degrees the last two days up here in Pensacola . I'm also retired, Some day can be a little boring but I struggle though .
  14. Southern Wheel Horse fans

    I'm in Northwest Florida (Pensacola). While Florida is in the south, most of us north Florida people don't consider anything below Gainesville a southern state, more of a state of mind .
  15. Happy Birthday Kevin.

    All those tractors and people, and I see a push reel mower, what the . Looks like you had a great day. Hope Steve, didn't think it was my birthday .