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  1. Kohler K engine versus Magnum ?

    Best of both. Magnum, plug and play.
  2. ID these attachments?

    I have both and they fit my 1960 Suburban 400.
  3. Parts supplier info

    While you can find some parts cheaper, you can actually talk to Norm about any problems you may have, great guy.
  4. Timming marks

  5. NOS Kohler M8 cushman??

    A couple of years ago I got this NOS M8 from a guy who bought out all the stock from a small motorcycle shop that was going out of business. It came with a new salsbury drive clutch. According to the Spec No. the engine was a cushman replacement engine. The engine has a 15amp charging system, I thought I might use it on my B-80 that the K181 is going south on. Never got around to swapping it out, maybe one day. Anybody here a cushman guy? I'm thinking since it has the round air cleaner cover instead of the plastic cover it may have been for something where the engine would be exposed, more original looking. Anybody got an idea as to what cushman this set up may fit? The clutch is a salsbury 700 series, I see they fit the older artic cat snowmobile.
  6. Do you prefer catfish or bass

    If you've never had a plate of southern fried catfish, cheese grits, and a couple of cathead biscuits, then you have missed one of the great joys in life. I like mine with a couple of dashes of hot sauce on the fish and the grits. There is a certain higher edumucation establishment in Tuscaloosa that service them with a couple of eggs on the side, I guess that would make it the breakfast of CHAMPIONS .
  7. When cutting 7 acres the hustler is a no brainer. If the hustler has been maintained you will not be disappointed. Deck size being equal, the hustler will easily cut the same amount of grass, 3.5 times faster. Now as far as seat time enjoyment the WH is hands down the winner. Get the hustler, then you have plenty of time to find a nice WH at the right price, you do live in the land of plenty.
  8. Pump it up!

    I've been slowly making my '88 312-8 my ground implement tractor. Last week I removed the seat pan, the shift plate, and instrument plate. I got height adjustment assembly and the right shift plate and instrument plate from A&Z Tractors. I also got new decals for the plates from Terry and rear rock shaft assembly from Lowell. While I had everything off I decided to put a marine hand pump on the fuel line. I had one in the boat box stuff. Cut 6" off the fuel line, put it on, gave it about three squeezes, started the tractor which hadn't been started in about 4 weeks. With choke on, it started within 3 seconds. I think it is going to work fine. Just have to lift the seat and give it a couple of squeezes. Also, moved the seat back an inch and raised it an inch, sure helps with the bad knee. The vendors on this site are some really great people to deal with.
  9. Advice on rustproofing

    Back in the late 70's early 80's you could still drive on some of the beaches down here. You needed a 4 wheel drive vehicle on the super fine sand and salt, this stuff would get in ever crack and crevice under the vehicle. If you didn't thoroughly and I mean thoroughly rinse the under side after you had it on the beach, you could expect some serious rust within a year or two. Now sometimes after a day in the sun and a fair amount of certain liquids, you were not in the mood or shape to spray the under side of your vehicle. On those occasions we would put an oscillating sprinkler under the rear differential for a hour or two and then under the middle, then the front. This worked amazingly well, even after a day of muddying. Not sure this would work well in 32 degrees and below weather.
  10. Richard, I have some questions about the show in June. You can call me, or PM me, I do much better with the phone though, anytime I'm retired.

    Chris 850-380-2598

  11. 37" deck refurb

    Once you've got it cleaned, check around all your bolts that hold the deck to the cradle especially the fronts. These 37" decks can have cracking issues in those area.
  12. Now days year is not as important as it use to be, especially if it been somewhat cared for. So your looking at a vehicle that has been driven less than 2900 miles a year, in great shape and the guy that's selling it is the owner. You said you found some 5 years newer ones with 3x the mileage for the same price. I'm not seeing what the problem is, go get it.
  13. Booked, Wed-Sat. Now hopefully I can sell my '97 416-8, down here to help finance the trip.
  14. My $100 CL find

    I sometimes lose traction on my Simplicity Sov. when tilling or dragging my box blade. These are probably going on the Simplicity, although I'm in the process of turning my 312-8 into my ground engagement tractor, they may end up on it. Craig you need more than weights for traction in sugar beach sand .
  15. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Well maybe one is . Also the reason we can't drive in the snow and ice is because we never had to .