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  1. Grass/ concrete I would definitely keep it below 70mph.
  2. C101 tran drain

    Had a C-81, Kohler k181, 10w30 smoked, 30w no smoke.
  3. New Horse Hauler

    My, that is a big one.
  4. Tiller Help!

    It can be a bit of a pain by your shelf, the manual definitely helps. I put my tiller on one of those small roll around dollies from harbor fright, makes it a bit easier to put on and off, and to store.
  5. Oil seal ?

    Thanks, Bob. The trans is off a 2003 314-8 with less than 600hr I'm assuming the seal are original, I didn't change the seal when I installed it on the 312.
  6. Oil seal ?

    My trans on my 1988 312-8 is from a 2003 314-8, it has the 1-1/8 axles. Last year when I installed it I flushed it and put new oil in it, after it would leak a little around both seals. I figured it some residual diesel leaking, so I just used it and keep a rag under it. It eventually stop leaking, now after a few hours of tilling the right side is leaking again not much just a small spot on the floor this morning. From what I've found the seal is #10043, and there are two on each side, is this correct? Also this is the first time I've used it since last summer, maybe still a little diesel still leaking I'm going to keep a rag under it for awhile and see, it has less then 600hrs on it. Just checking if the number and quantities are correct.

    Guys, you keep this up and his head will be so large we'll have to have Steve on a Post next time .
  8. Looking at a 522xi

    Kohler make an access panel kit for the command, Kohler # 2574420-S. You have to pull the engine and remove the blower cover, a good time to really blow out the whole block. You have to cut the housing and drill some holes in it, not that difficult, and then bolt the panels on. You can then remove the panels without having to remove the engine, then use an air compressor to blow everything out. I put a set on one of my commands a few years ago, works great .
  9. Fishing Derby

    (Teach a man to fish and --------)
  10. Looking at a 522xi

    Once you get hooked, you my find yourself having to lay next to one all night sometimes, and not voluntarily.
  11. WH 246-8 ?

    There is a 246-H for sale locally, well an hour away but down here that's local. Guy says its a 2012 model, I'm not interested in it but I have a neighbor that's looking for something cheap but reliable, to cut his yard, he's not interested in a garden tractor. He asked me to keep eye out for one. I know very little about these vertical shaft Horses, this one has the Briggs V twin Vanguard, and looks to be in good shape. Guy says it has a 48 inch deck and has always been garaged. Thoughts?
  12. Gas stabilizer.

    I've been storing gas during hurricane season for the past 14 years. During that time I've experimented with a few small cans of different gases, high octane, low octane, ethanol, non ethanol, with stabilizer and without. After 8 months they all looked and smell a little funky with out stabilizer, the octane didn't seem to matter much but the ethanol sure did. The ethanol, was just plane nasty, the non ethanol was much better but still looked and smelled worse than a fresh jar of non ethanol. All the gases with stabilizer did far better. Pour some ethanol gas in a jar and set it somewhere safe opened, after a few day take a look at it then check it after 30 day, I guarantee you don't want that s**t sitting in you tank or worse your carb. If you use ethanol gas and your not going to completely use it up in 30 days please use some type of stabilizer, what ever kind you like are can find, I would appreciate it, I might be buying that tractor from you one day .
  13. Gas stabilizer.

    I used SeaFoam in all my outboards, and inboards from the early 70s thru the 90s, then switched to STA-BIL. After hurricane Ivan in 2004 I went back to SeaFoam, used it in any gas that was not going to be used in 30 days, then I switched to PRI/G 8 years ago. I think SeaFoam is great stuff, Lord know on this site and many others it's considered the Love Potion #9 for the internal combustion engine . After 8 years of using it I think this stuff does everything SeaFoam does and is far cheaper, cheaper being the optimum word. An ounce of seafoam treats a gallon of gas, an ounce of PRI/G treats 16 gallons, their both 16 ounce bottles. So it would take 16 bottles of seafoam to treat what one bottle of pri/g does, 16 x $7.00 = $112.00 vs $30.00. If you only going to treat 20 or 30 gallons of gas a year, then seafoam is cheaper. I don't know what the shelf life is for PRI/G but I'm on my second bottle after 8 years and it still works great. I just thought I would give everybody another option when it comes to stabilizers. A couple of years ago I talked to a customer service rep at the company, I told him that if they made smaller size bottles, 8 oz, or even 4 oz, and sold them in small engine shop, it would definitely increase sale, he said they did't have plans at that time to go to smaller bottles. Don, as far as the tropical storm goes, like most of these early in the season storms once they start to hit dry air they have to work harder,so they just start to peter out, kind of like a Tecumseh .
  14. 702 Engine