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  1. Homemade tachometer build

    The schematic is essential. A photo will go a long way for some less experienced to get an idea as to where to place the parts and the cleanest way to put everything together.
  2. Homemade tachometer build

    A good photo of both sides of the board Would be a tremendous help.
  3. 414-8 Milky Dipstick & gassy smell?

    Milky oil is cause by water or condensation. Gas will simply dilute the oil it will not change the color. It would take a lot of condensation to cause this. Don't buy an oil pump if you don't smell gas in the oil. When the pump leaks gas into the crankcase, it really leaks a lot and the crankcase will overfill quickly.
  4. Homemade tachometer build

    What happened to the rest of the project?????
  5. its it just me or has geno retired lol

    Not sure if this is allowed here but yes Geno has built a forum to service his customers and anyone else who wants to join in. http://www.wheelhorsestables.com/index/ Today is the official opening of the forum and his new business.
  6. Black positive, red negative

    Question in my mind would be is this a positive ground circuit? I believe that Chrysler products had a positive ground setup back in the 1940s.
  7. its it just me or has geno retired lol

    I don't see that Geno is going to hurt the rest of us who do this as a hobby. Yes he will drive hundreds of miles to buy tractors. but when he does he buys a collection of five or more. Sometimes as many as 30 at one time. For him it is not profitable to drive 50 to a hundred miles for one tractor. For me I will drive two hundred miles to get one if it is something I want. He could not survive doing that. The good thing for me is I just made a great deal for a 520-H with 60 in deck and he is going to hold it for me till I can get it. And the price was exactly what I thought it was worth to me. Of course I really am a hobbyist. I buy a Wheel Horse and I restore it. That's why I buy it. The fun of doing the work is what I get out of it. I would never sell one to make any money for any reason. My belief is that if you do this and then resell them, you are in fact running a part time business. Now before anyone gets their panties in a knot, I personally don't care one way or another what the other guy does. I am sure we all love what we do with these wonderful machines. If anything I am jealous of Geno. He has a beautiful wife who supports him in everything he does and has turned his hobby into a business that he gets to work right alongside his wife in. If is was a bit younger I might try that myself. Can it get any better than that?
  8. Outstanding job and remarkable innovation. As usual you go way beyond the simple and engineer a spectacular project.
  9. Fixing Bad Previous Owner's Bad Fixes

    I don't care hoe bad the previous owner treated it, if the price was anywhere near reasonable, I would have bought it and then had fun redoing the whole thing. That looks like it is not in very bad condition. A little fixing will make a big difference.
  10. Well let me see here. You have a C161. They made them in 1978 and 1979. So that old Briggs and Stratton lasted some 35 years. I'd say someone got their money's worth. I don't know why folks are so down on them. I have several that are still going strong and would not hesitate to rebuild one if it was in a tractor I wanted to keep and use.
  11. Added to the Stable!

    Jack's usually ships within one day if they have the part in stock. Sometimes parts must be ordered and are hard to find. I did have to wait a few weeks for one part I ordered from them but they sent me an email telling me why. Glad you are finally on the last leg of this journey.
  12. Electrical Connection Question

    This looks like someone's jury rig.
  13. No Electrical power

    When you say you have no power, what do you mean? When turning the key do any of the gages move. Do the lights work?
  14. New Decals

    I put that same set on my 416-H and they really set it off. Terry is the man and always gets it right. I liked them so much I bought two more sets for other tractors I have to refurbish.
  15. wiring a 418-A 3 prong solonoid

    It is always good to hear about successful conclusion to a problem. The folks on this forum are always willing to pitch in and lend a helping hand when needed. I have often added a ground wire to one of the bolts holding the solenoid to the frame.