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  1. Thanks guys, I'm glad you like the issue. I'm doing my best to do well by the WH brand. Now that I have the hang of this, Ill be taking full advantage of the big show in June to fill up my queue for future articles. I have two more already on deck, then need some new material thereafter. More to come!
  2. Other brands that used Wheel Horse parts?

    My 1961 Tiger tractor uses a Wheel Horse transmission steering wheel and seat and seat spring.
  3. WANTED: 953/1054 Mesh Grille Insert

    PM sent. Ill take it
  4. WANTED: 953/1054 Mesh Grille Insert

    If anyone has a mesh grille insert for 953 or 1054, please let me know. Thanks in advance, Matt
  5. Wheel Horse 655

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. Wheel Horse 655

  7. Wheel Horse 655

    Complete 655 Wheel Horse with mower deck. Deck is very solid and clean. Never ran the tractor. Never tried. Seat is ripped. Will need a muffler. $275 obo
  8. Raider 12 Pulling Tractor

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. Wheelhorse tractor setup for pulling. Motor was professionally built. Very high compression. Unbelievably loud. I didn't build it and bought it pretty much as you see it. Don't have many details on engine internals but happy to answer any questions I can. Hasn't been run in a few years. I had it running a few weeks ago and it ran spectacular. I took the carb apart and fully cleaned it. I have not run it since. Will need a high torq starter as the Kohler starter struggles to crank it with the high compression. Has three weight racks. Dick Cepek tires still have the hairs.
  10. Tim from Knoxville IA. says hi and Thanks

  11. 2017 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE !!

    953 rims and tires. Rims are real clean and nice. Tires are checked and cracked. One is a bit worse off than the other. Both are tubed and hold air. SOLD
  12. 2017 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE !!

    I have these 12" wide turf tires on widened rims. Standard 5 lug bolt pattern. SOLD!!!
  13. 2017 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE !!

    I will have repro light kits for the 953/1054 or any other WH you want to bolt one to. I have a nice, brand new, jeweled light, or NOS originals. Also have brand new stamped steel mounting brackets with mounting hardware. - jeweled light with bracket and hardware: $40 - NOS light with bracket and hardware: $50