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  1. This has nothing to do with nothing, but you are just as crazy as I am when it comes to fabricating things that the average can't appreciate! I see 2:00am several times a week, due to my thinker! :banghead:
  2. Tiller Help

    The entire black structure is my version of a secondary lifting arm. The long black C-channel coming from the top of the tiller goes up under the operators right elbow w/ a hand grip at the end. Then another piece of C-channel shoots down to the operators right foot (not under the tractor) with a foot peg on the end. So The operator pulls back on the factory lifting lever and pushes forward at the same time with my lever with the right hand and right foot. It made lifting the tiller 50% easier, but not the finished product I am looking for. Thank you for the picture of the spring. A little fuzzy, but looks like .220". :banghead:
  3. Tiller Help

    Awsome! Thank you. Everything sounds good except the .220 wire diameter, but it may be. If it is, gosh damn! :banghead:
  4. Tiller Help

    OK, I know where the spring hooks up now. Does anyone have the dimensions for the assist spring. Overall length, spring outside diameter, and wire diameter? Thank you for directing me to the assembly view, that will be very helpful! :banghead:
  5. Tiller Help

    Here are the photos I have of the tiller and tractor, hopefully you guys can help me identify the model. If you can give me the specs. on that spring I'm sure I can find one somewhere. My brother-in-law works for Grainger if nothing else. I didn't realize how dirty the girl was until I saw her on the computer. She is a working horse. Thanks again fellas, you are a wealth of knowledge!
  6. Tiller Help

    Thank you both very much for responding, I will get signed up with photobucket tonight after the daughter is in bed and get my pictures posted. :banghead:
  7. Tiller Help

    Hello fellas, I brought this problem of mine up back in June and am just now armed with pictures of my fathers tiller. My issue is that I have mated up a much older tiller model to my dads 516H tractor. I functions just fine, but my dad can't quite lift the tiller out of the ground with the lifting lever alone. I fabricated and mounted a secondary lifting arm that comes up under the operators right arm and latter added an extension that allows him to push on the lever with his right foot as well. He can get the job done now, but still isn't the ease of operation I am looking for, for him. I have noticed during my searches for a remedy that there should be a helper spring connected from the tiller to the tractor that will assist in lifting. My hold up is that I have no clue what model of tiller we have and don't come across a manual online that looks like this tiller. If you all could help me identify this tiller or the size specs of this spring and where it mounts on the tiller and the tractor, my dad and I would really appreciate it greatly. Just trying to help my non mechanical father out. Thank you in advance for your knowledge sharing! OK, I am having no luck getting my pictures on this post, can someone tell me how it is done. It tells me that I can't use this type of file on my post. My pictures are in JPEG format if that helps with the diagnosis. :banghead:
  8. my job went by by

    I left a tool and die job in 2006 because I feared the place was changing because of a recent buyout by a foreign company. 1 yr after I left they cut the tool room head count down from 15 to 4. Only the lead men got to stay, I wasn't a lead man. I left that job for a machine maintenance position in an Eaton Transmission assembly plant. I was there for 3 terrible years. They closed the doors 1 week after my first child was born, and now I am a full time student paid for through TAA and am also the soul operator of my very own daddy daycare with one pupil enrolled. It has been quite refreshing to go back to school and learn new tricks. Our situation is a challenging thing to have to go through and figure out, but somehow the pieces seem to just keep falling in the right places. Every day when I am trying to think of good thing that have come out of this bad situation. I got out of a job that I didn't like working with toxic people, and I am one lucky SOB to get to spend this much time with my 8 month old baby girl! Try to think about the good things while you are working out the bad. :D
  9. 516H with 36" tiller

    I can tell you that this tiller has no side skirts and doesn't have the soil leveling hinged sheet metal in the back. Justin :D
  10. 516H with 36" tiller

    I will post a picture as soon as I can. Tractor and tiller live an hour and a half away from me. Thank you for your interest and help guys! Justin :D
  11. First time caller, first time listener. A brief intro. My father inherited a 516H when my grandpa passed away this winter. He was very excited to find a tiller and snow blower for his new machine. We were able to find a tiller on craigs list this spring. It is a much older model than the tractor, but have successfully got it mounted and have tilled plenty with it. I was recently informed that there should be a helper spring mounted between the tractor and the tiller to help lift. I have fabricated a square tubing frame and lifting arm that is mounted to the top of the tiller and the lifting arm comes up under your right arm (lever action). So you pull back on the factory lifting lever and push forward with my fabricated lifting lever. This works with minimal effort for me, but my 63 year old dad just can't do it. Any of your knowledge on this helper spring or other helpful modifications would be greatly appreciated. Pictures of the hookup would be great. Also, this tiller was restored when we bought it, now there is no visible model number. Is there any chance I will be able to figure this out now? Thank you fellas! Justin