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  1. Top 5 tractors!!!!!!!

    Gt14 855 16 310 854
  2. backfiring upon shutdown

    My k341 also has this issue. Good question!!!! :handgestures-thumbupright:
  3. Would you support a RedSquare show?

    I`d love to see a show!!! Count me in if its not too far from R.I.!!!!
  4. RJ-58 question

    Seen that one earlier and its chopped. Think hes asking too much!!!
  5. Definitely Not a Looker

    Lol seems like a great deal to me!!!
  6. Picked up a little Bolens today

    That thing is sweet!!! I`d tell my brother (hes a Bolens fan) but I dont wanna hear it!! Hes a got ht-20 with a loader. That thing is a beast also!!! :snooty:
  7. Orange Ma, Engine and steam show June 22-24

    Im gonna try and make it also!!
  8. New Wheel Horse (ish) still being made

    Never be in my herd!! :deadhorse:
  9. RJ-58

    Nice meeting u Steve!!! Good luck and I`ll keep my eyes out for stuff and call u if I find anything!! Glad she found a good home!!
  10. He's Back..... Roadtrip Today for a Senior !!

    OMG!!!! What a find!!! :bow-blue:
  11. New wheelhorses

    I believe there is a fairly inexpensive kit that is sold on Ebay!! Good luck!
  12. RJ-58

    Thanx I am pretty tough!!! :teasing-poke:
  13. RJ-58

    I dunno I`m tempted to grab it!!!
  14. My wife likes it????

    Love the arm rests!! Very clean and mean machine!! :bow-blue: