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  1. C-160 Restore

    Sounds good, thanks!
  2. C-160 Restore

    My son now works for a shop that does blasting and powder coating and I'm thinking about having all parts except the engine done. Does anyone have experience with powder coat?
  3. C-160 Restore

    Well, after almost 7 years I am finally able to get back to this project!
  4. What did you use to zinc plate your hardware? Wonderful Job!! I have a C-160 that is completly torn down and ready for paint and reassembly, I am inspired by your great job.
  5. What did you use on the carb and fuel pump? Looks amazing!!
  6. That's looking like a 1st class job! Right now you my inspiration to keep pluggin along :D
  7. C-160 Restore

    Well, I am probably making a much bigger deal out of this than it really is, but here goes....At first I had no doubt that I would use the TSC Resto primer and paint. The color is not perfect but still just fine with me. (solved) I painted a few small items with a spray bomb and noticed it was very soft, so...not really a problem because I intend to use the spray gun with hardner. Only problem is I haven't seen the finished product, is it really that much harder? (still to be decided) I have read some of the post here and other places and thought maybe acrylic enamel was the way to go for durability, and better finish. I understand the TSC is an alkyd enamel that will fade and chalk after some time. Then I confused myself even further by listening to a "pro"...now we have acrylic urathane and expoxy primer in the mix. Then I read that most of it is toxic and will kill you. So...after all that...can anybody tell me if the TSC Resto Series is in fact reasonably durable and safe to use or should I go for the acrylic enamel (urathane is out) AND can it be applies over the TSC primer? :D
  8. C-160 Restore

    I could load it all up in boxes!!!
  9. C-160 Restore

    I think I'm ok with getting the dents out, just a little unsure about pulling the right side back out. I was thinking about bolting it down to something solid so I can use a little leverage to pull it back up, then go at it with the hammer and dolly...hope I don't make it worse..
  10. C-160 Restore

    Got the parts back from the sandblasting guy.... But he bent my seat pan. I guess it's my fault, I left the tail light on and he couldn't get the bolt off one side, sooo, he just pryed it off! Anybody have some advice for getting it straight again?
  11. lawn mower junk yard

    Thanks Bob, I'll let you know. I hope to get down there later this week and look around.
  12. lawn mower junk yard

    Will do !
  13. lawn mower junk yard

    They are 10 Min. from my house, thinking about riding over to see if I can find a dash panel for for my C-160. :D
  14. New Member

    Hi Mike, I will be needing one of those rebuild kits. Thanks!
  15. C-160 Restore

    The steering wheel is off!!! I soaked with Kroil (http://www.kanolabs.com) for several days and roll pin came right out. The wheel itself had to be coaxed a bit in the opposite direction but came off clean. :D