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  1. Better gas available?

    I get 91 octane ethanol free gas for $2.99 per gallon. I only have to drive about 15 miles. I know it's pretty expensive but I like to feed my horses good.
  2. Guys, hope it's the best one ever.
  3. 56" D blade leveling

    I have the same thing with my 48" blade. I don't know what the fix is.
  4. Decmber 7th, Pearl Harbor, NEVER FORGET

    God bless all those who died on that tragic day. Today is my daughter's birthday but I would remember Pearl Harbor anyway. I grew up hearing about it all the time. My uncle died in WW 2 as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  5. Great photos, thanks for sharing.
  6. Happy Birthday Craftsman

    Hope it's a great one.
  7. Key switch

  8. Happy Birthday Racin Bob!

    It's your day bob, hope it's a great one.
  9. Cub Fire

    WOW !! That's a scary site. I cut grass with a 312-8 and after I installed an electric fuel pump on it, I mounted a small fire extinguisher on the fender. Hope I never need it but you never know.
  10. Fisherman

  11. Brian, Hope it's a great one.
  12. WOW !! That's is one nice Deer Ed. When I first saw your post I thought I would open it and see a 312 pulling a big green tractor.

    Hope it's a great one.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Don't talk bad about a farmer with your mouth full. Happy Thanksgiving.