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  1. New here from Greencastle IN

    Hi Marsha and
  2. The time has come.

    Prayers just sent your way Jim.
  3. Happy Birthday Mike

    Hope it's a great one.
  4. That's a Christmas gift he will never forget.
  5. Scored a wheel horse snow cab!

    A snow cab is what I need. These old bones can't take the cold.
  6. 10-11-1960

    Really neat info. Thanks for sharing Richard.
  7. Happy Birthday Deadguy!

    Hope it's a great one.
  8. WOW !! That engine sounds great. Congrats, great job !! Thanks for the video.
  9. Fuel Pump Location?

    I agree, mount near the fuel tank.
  10. Happy Birthday 19richie66

    Hope it's a great one.
  11. I don't really understand the meaning of that post. Maybe I'm just old.
  12. Kohler M14S Fuel Pump

    The fuel pumps I have are Facet brand ( 1 to 3 P.S.I. ) Sorry but I don't have the model number.
  13. Bring on the leaves!!!

    Really nice setup. Thanks for the photos.
  14. Happy Birthday Stormin

    Hope it's the best one ever.
  15. Quality Product!

    Terry's the best. I have his decals on my tractors and I have received many compliments on them.