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    1998 314-8
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  1. 520-8 Clutch Damper Kit

    throw away the damper and use a clutch return spring only, much more smooth, but you have to be more careful in letting out your clutch or you will pop a wheelie
  2. Blizzard 2013 before and after pictures

    I dont know how ya'll do it, wow
  3. my commando8 is finished (almost)

    looks like show room quality
  4. Best Penetrating PB or Kroil

    kroil because its made here in Nashville, TN
  5. 314-8 won't stay at full throttle

    I didnt state it but thats what I did , drilled out the revit and use a 1/4 bolt and lock nut , that fixed the problem
  6. Then and Now

    Today for Easter we had a gathering at Dad's house with an Easter egg hunt and a ride behind the mower for the grand kids and great grand kids , while we had the mower out I thought it would be a good time for a re-make "Then" I was 2 , sister 5 and Dad 29 Now I am 42 , sister 45 and Dad 69
  7. Can we just skip to "Spring"?

    AGREE :thumbs:
  8. very cool show , thanks for sharing :)
  9. Can anyone ID this tractor?

    is it an old sears?
  10. rj35 lives again

    looks like new money , very nice
  11. Ditch embankment mower

    that is cool
  12. New Layout For RS

    Very Nice set up Thanks to Who ever is responsible
  13. Picked this little tractor up

    cool little ride , looks like your seat spring should be turned around for a smoother ride :dunno:
  14. great fab , you should sell them :dunno:
  15. date and post time

    that was it , thanks :dunno: